You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Ah. It is inexpensive (especially if you buy an almost identical used one), simple to repair and a blast to race. It’s not that the YZ250 powerband isn’t good enough; it’s just that it could be so much better from the factory. I own both......(5' 10" 218#) I raced the 2002- 250F for one full season, loved the bike was competitive on it as well... the 250F is the BEST Bike EVER built, why, because its user freindly, very easy to ride........ it does give up power, but its turns quicker than ALL bikes..... Now the 03 450F, when I bought this bike it was a BEAST!!!!!!!!! I weigh 215 by the way. By It got an N3EW needle and oversized bars in 2007. Each machine features revised suspension settings, an 18-inch rear wheel, a wide-ratio transmission, and engine tweaks for off-road riding. To be honest, the 250f will be the easiest to ride. I personally love the two stroke...and will vote for it, but all in all the entire yamaha line is pretty good these days. Its Monocross rear suspension also contributes to its excellent performance. How Much Power Does the 2020 KTM 200 Duke Make? I ride mostly woods,sandpits, and high tension lines with the occasional home built motox track in ill be at sea level and riding in all kinds of weather. My '03 450 was raced by my kid and myself last year and this winter I didn't even have to adjust the valves. The 450 has more than enough power, infact it is the first new bike I've ever had that I'm trying to slow down with a flywheel weight and 47t rear sprocket. The 450F IMO is much easier to ride than the 250T. Its good looks are complemented by side-panel plastics. A real plus for dead engine starts. Thanks everybody for your responses and the time you took to do so....... WOW......seems to really be an individual preference from what I am reading. Heres a little info about me: Im 25 years old about 185lbs and 58ish. This is what I have rode, I have rode a 2006 rmz250, 2004 crf250r, 2005 crf450r, 2006 yz250 and my 1998 cr250r. Thread starter Choppa; ... 06 RMZ 250, 07 YZ 250F, 07 YZ450F)...currently 2007 YZ 450F and 05 RM 250 (2-stroke). The excellent design of the aluminium frame offers durability while still maintaining a light weight. Separate turning and acceration as much as you can. Ease of operation and absolute power put them ahead of the crowd. With its gear-shift system it is easy to see why racers choose to find a Yamaha YZ450 for sale. Dang near rips your arms out of the sockets if not expecting it. Gobs of torque right off idle. I would really appreciate it! If you want to beat guys on 4 strokes, or ride anything technical or just ride faster for longer, then: 1. Yeah. I dont like 450's in the trails because they are like 25 lbs heavier than a 2t and I could deff feel it. Changing a top end on a two-stroke is cheap and easy compared to a four-stroke, made all the more affordable by the fact that you can do it yourself. Heres a little info about me: Im 25 years old about 185lbs and 5'8ish. For 2011, it got a 75mm-longer silencer and less compression. When you dig deeper, though, you’ll find that the 450FX and 250X are actually purpose-built for the rigors of off-road riding. Because the upshift from second to third needs help.

Only recreational riding, although I do love going to the local tracks and riding on practice days from time to time. I am 200+ lbs and haven't changed the suspension springs on either end, just had them revalved. If you MX only then the 4t is probably best, but if you trail ride, or do a lot of off road type riding I think the 2t has some advantages. For years, Yamaha has placed a heavy focus on motocross; however, 2016 marks a change, as the Blue Crew has released a pair of hard-core enduro machines: the four-stroke 450FX model and two-stroke 250X. Knowing this, I really miss and regret selling my 250F (4-stroke). Then the X arrived in 2016, and the stubborn two … For 2018, the YZ250’s black rims turned blue. I pretty much started riding on a 450, and it was uh, interesting. I like racing my 250F more. Nothing I have ridden jumps like the 2t, I love it. The YZ450F is a culmination of years of experience and it offers bikers the ultimate ride. Once you find a YZ250 for sale you can start improving your riding skills. Depending on what type of riding you do, a closer look at the 2t might be worth while. The orange deuce-and-a-half has a low-to-mid powerband, while the YZ250 has a mid-to-top powerband. The current crop of 250f's are amazing bikes. Do the new 4strokes have that holy crap snap your neck throttle response? I can go wide open everywhere. Even being a recreational rider, imagine going up a nice big hill, would you either have, A. not enough power, having to downshift and working a bike to make it up the incline. With a four stroke you have to worry about valves and cam(s) that a 2 stroke doesnt have. Ill prob go with a yz250 since they are very popular and plentiful and parts are easy to get. As far as power the 450f has good bottom end grunt about like a 250 2t , they are close on bottom end but from like 3rd on up left me in the dust.

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Its hard to be in the wrong gear on a 450, but the torque is a double edged sword. I love my two strokes, but this extra low end torque does not suck. Its not like you need his stuff every 2 rides, and it would probably last a long time with the type of riding you do. The 2006 or newer YZ250 would be a great option for you. I am pretty big.....6'2" and weigh about 215.....I have ridden 2-stroke 250's in the past. A lover of good music and a connoisseur of all things awesome. In 2013, the YZ250 received a  white rear fender. The power delivery is the most forgiving of the three bikes and for a novice to intermediate rider they work really well. The saving grace for the Yamaha YZ250 engine in comparison to the KTM engine is that it has a broader, more manageable and easier-to-use power delivery than the KTM. The 2020 YZ250 still uses the small 22mm rear axle and has the rear shock linkage pivot bolt routed through the swingarm, while the Yamaha four-strokes use an under-slung shock linkage, 25mm rear axle, and a swingarm that is 4 percent less rigid vertically, 5 percent less rigid in twist, 8 percent more rigid horizontally and 12.2 ounces lighter. Shift operations are smooth and effortless. Simply point and shoot. First, you will find occasionally that they don't have enough power. Kia Optima: A fusion blend of bold styling and inducing performance, Mercedes Benz GLC: A small, light SUV to overcome challenging terrain, KTM takes it to the next level with these bikes, 2016 Harley Davidson Collection – The stuff Legends are made of, Get your adrenaline fix with a KTM Super Duke, Liquid-cooled, 2-stroke, reed valve with YPVS. (10) Common sense. Time and time again the YZ250 has proved its extraordinary capabilities. The 2t really shines in this type of race. Wicked0ne, August 9, 2011 in What Motorcycle Should I Buy?