Directors: Action, History. Four detectives, each with supernatural powers, dedicate their unique and special skills to solving crimes and apprehending powerful criminals. Michelle Yeoh, A discovery made by a kung fu obsessed American teen sends him on an adventure to China, where he joins up with a band of martial arts warriors in order to free the imprisoned Monkey King. Stars: Director: Stars: Xun Zhou, | | | | Gross: Peter Ho-Sun Chan | | Action, Adventure, Family. Director: Chien Sheng, Absolutely beautiful sets and costumes. | Jackie Chan,

Honglei Sun, Not Rated | Xiaoming Huang, Raymond Lee, Action, Thriller, This big hit at the Sundance Film Festival had audiences cheering. Stars: Elaine Lui, R Action, Crime, Fantasy. Maggie Cheung, Not Rated Kei Gambit, | Chih-Hung Kuei Michelle Yeoh, | Though villagers are forbidden from teaching outsiders, Yang becomes their best hope for survival when a man arrives with a plan to build a railroad through the village. 114 min Chih-Ching Yang, Jackie Chan The history of Hong Kong martial arts cinema and its influence. | Chao Deng, Xueqi Wang, Jet Li, 2,089 117 min | Gross:

Pai Wei, Ziyi Meng, 13,664

$0.17M. Action, Adventure, Comedy. Director: Set three years after Dragon Inn, innkeeper Jade has disappeared and a new inn has risen from the ashes - one that's staffed by marauders masquerading as law-abiding citizens, who hope to unearth the fabled lost city buried in the desert. Xueqi Wang, Xiaogang Feng | 72,335

Shih-Chieh King, During this trip, he becomes distracted by a mural and enters into the fantasy land depicted therein.

| | Gross: Li Sun, Anthony Chau-Sang Wong, | Now his control over his dominion is complete, including the royal family itself. 96 min Li Sun, During China's Tang dynasty the emperor has taken the princess of a neighboring province as wife. Donnie Yen, Not Rated Collin Chou, Unrated 4,645 The ambitious one rises up to be a powerful military commander, while his betrayed friend resorts to learn the calm ways of Tai Chi. Ziyi Zhang, Votes: Wuershan Drizzle/Zeng Jing tries to start a new life after she had betrayed her gang and hid the remains of monk.

Siu-Tung Ching, 90 min Stars: Xiaodong Guo, Votes: Director: King Hu Weilong Song, Chao Deng, Man Cheung, R Yun-Fat Chow, 8,382 Director: | | Yoon-seok Kim, $11.05M, PG-13 Director: Continuous riots sweep the land ruled by a corrupted government. 2018/2019 Upcoming Chinese Wuxia/Fantasy Shows. | Action, History, Thriller. Shengyi Huang, Kiichi Nakai, They thought wrong. Action, Drama. Andy On, A Chinese emissary is sent to the Gobi desert to execute a renegade soldier. | Li Gong, Gwei Lun-Mei, Votes: | | Even though the CG in Asian cinema appears to be about 20 years behind Hollywood, the use of CG in this film absolutely amazing. 98 min Action, Crime, Fantasy. Action, Adventure, Fantasy. Stars: Kun Chen, Collin Chou, PG-13 Qi Shu, This time she uses kung fu to defeat them. | Bingbing Li, $0.61M, PG-13 Felix Chong, Wei Zhao, TV-14 Director:

Ronald Cheng, 118 min

Xiaodong Guo, Votes: Action, Comedy, Drama. Zhang Wen, |

Cool wire work, and 100% badass Wushu. Lan Qin, Not Rated His foster brother betrays him and Su barely survives.

Stars: Jason Piao Pai, | Gross: My all time favorite wuxia movies, in no particular order. Director: Tony Ka Fai Leung, Wei Zhao, Bingbing Li, Votes: Jang-Lee Hwang, 95 min In a world governed by strength and power, Xiao Yan's lack of talent is an embarrassment to his family. Its great on so many levels, cool story, good actors, brilliant use of cgi, badass wushu, it has Anime level action sequences. Action, Adventure. | | Ni Yan, | 3,411 Set three years after Dragon Inn, innkeeper Jade has disappeared and a new inn has risen from the ashes - one that's staffed by marauders masquerading as law-abiding citizens, who hope to unearth the fabled lost city buried in the desert. |

Director: A group of bandits kidnaps the governor's son and demands their imprisoned leader to be set free in exchange. Gwei Lun-Mei, Votes: | Director: | Satoshi Tsumabuki, Votes: Hark Tsui 103 min He develops complex feelings for Miss Duan, the demon hunter who repeatedly helps him, and finally quests to meet the legendary Monkey King. 98 min Action, Fantasy. 5,895 | | Movies. | Gross: $128.08M, PG-13 |

| | | Director: After a botched first assignment for the group, ... See full summary », Director: A female assassin receives a dangerous mission to kill a political leader in eighth-century China.

Director: Seven warriors come together to protect a village from a diabolical General. I've waited my whole life for a film like this. Hark Tsui

An army detachment is sent to recover it. |

His former companions must now forget their ... See full summary », Director: $24.63M, R Hark Tsui | Gross: Serge Ou Director: Ekin Cheng, Directors: | | Chao Deng, Stars: Stars: Drama, The story is set during the Jin-Song Wars. | Stephen Fung Action, Adventure, Fantasy, From his humble beginnings, the street wise Yang Guo (Xiaoming Huang) gets passed around from one prestigious master to another but none of them will teach him any kung fu. Gordon Chan, Stars: Barbie Hsu, PG-13 |

Action, Adventure, Drama. Hark Tsui Biao Yuen, Ching Lee, $0.17M, Not Rated

Chung-Hsin Huang, Chen Chang, Votes: The story of legendary Guan Yu crossing five passes & slaying six generals. Action, Drama, History.

| Gross: Stars: Honglei Sun, Xiao Yan is a genius child who suddenly loses all his powers.

Donnie Yen, A government department known as the Six Panels appoints their best officer to infiltrate a special force called the Divine Constabulary, to ensure their way in stopping the circulation of counterfeit coin currency in the capital. The fighting doesn't end here. 118 min Raised to take revenge on each other they soon find themselves becoming good friends. Man Cheung,

Donnie Yen, Stars: 111 min Action, Adventure, History. Stars: | Winston Chao,

| Woo-sung Jung,