pic.twitter.com/RA3iKAgMOs, PewDiePie and Marzia met through the internet, of course! Likewise, for critics and fans who value inclusivity—and among outside observers who view [Kjellberg]'s conduct as inexplicably frequent in the news—[Kjellberg] represents all that is wrong and alienating about games culture.

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[172], Along with T-Series, the PewDiePie channel is one of only two on YouTube to receive all five tiers of YouTube Creator Awards: Silver, Gold, Diamond, Custom, and Red Diamond Creator. [12] He then went on to pursue a degree in industrial economics and technology management at Chalmers University of Technology, but left the university in 2011.

[28] In July 2015, the Swedish newspaper Expressen reported that Kjellberg's production company, PewDie Productions AB, reported earnings of 63.7 million SEK ($7.5 million) in 2014.

[27] Swedish magazine Icon noted his use of the Adobe Premiere Pro editing software. PewDiePie Is Hiring", "Why YouTube's biggest stars keep quitting", "YouTube's top creators are burning out and breaking down en masse", "Gamertube: PewDiePie and the YouTube Commentary Revolution", "YouTube star PewDiePie responds to 'haters' over $7.4m annual earnings", "Pewdiepie Video Game Youtuber Reaches 2,000,000 Subscribers", "He Screams at Gaming's Most Terrifying Moments So You Can Laugh", "CHRONICLE Therefore Pewdiepie Sweden's hottest Internet Star", "Nonick Bilbao this week becomes the European capital of Gaming", "PewDiePie: Pewdie. The Swedish version was broadcast on 9 August 2014 in Sveriges Radio P1, and when the broadcast started the English version was published online. Aww ... isn't that sweet? [90] He followed that video with one asking his viewers to have the video reach 1 million dislikes. [318][319] Kjellberg and his wife Marzia launched Tsuki, a unisex clothing brand which they announced in a YouTube video. "[141][160][161] Access to the music videos on YouTube was later blocked in India. [127] Topics covered by Kjellberg on Pew News included culture war topics he previously avoided. He expressed that he was advised to donate to the ADL, and did not hand-pick an organization that he was passionate about, as he had done with previous donations. "[28], Eventually, Kjellberg began to work with more brands, stating that he wanted to have genuine relationship with brands, and added he was lucky to not be dependent on working with them to support his career. [131], In a video uploaded in early December, Kjellberg promoted several small content creators on YouTube, recommending his viewers to subscribe to them.

These awards are earned upon surpassing the 100,000; 1 million; 10 million; 50 million; and 100 million subscriber milestones, respectively. [77] He stated in a later video that disabling comments made him happier. [20][237], When reviewing Kjellberg's early video game commentary content, Swedish columnist Lars Lindström commented positively, stating that "Felix Kjellberg [having] a comic talent is indisputable. Needless to say, fans were expecting a tragic announcement and were overwhelmingly relieved.

"[209], In regards to his early Let's Play content, Swedish columnist Lars Lindstrom commented positively, stating that "Felix Kjellberg [having] a comic talent is indisputable. PewDiePie might have over 99 million YouTube subscribers, but when it comes to his and Marzia's special day, the guest list was much smaller. [222] Forbes still included Kjellberg in the gaming category of their June 2017 "Top Influencers" list. He has also been cited by various publications as largely influential for digital content creation and Internet culture, particularly relating to video gaming subcultures. [230] Likewise, media outlets also adopted the name when referring to Kjellberg's fan base. 50% Upvoted. no comments yet. "[17], Kjellberg's oldest video available for viewing is titled "Minecraft Multiplayer Fun". PewDiePie announces he will be going on hiatus, in addition to reviewing memes from his subreddit. [129] Alinity stated that her reaction was caused by "the rampant sexism in online communities", arguing that Kjellberg's comments degraded women; she refused to accept Kjellberg's apology. [149], On 15 March, the perpetrator of the live-streamed Christchurch mosque shootings said "remember lads, subscribe to PewDiePie" before carrying out the attacks. [37], On 18 February 2013, Kjellberg's channel reached 5 million subscribers,[33] and in April, he was covered in The New York Times after surpassing 6 million subscribers. [301] Kjellberg has previously spoken on the topic of mental health, including his struggles with his own, and as part of the UK's Mental Health Awareness Week in 2017, he highlighted various resources to help one's mental health in a video. [111] In another video, Kjellberg featured two paid individuals on Fiverr, asked to hold a sign that read "Death to all Jews". Let's take a look at the truth behind PewDiePie and Marzia's relationship. [292] Kjellberg had the stated goal of raising US$250,000, but at the end of the drive, the amount raised was $446,612. One thing is sure: Marzia really appreciates PewDiePie's romance. Daily Mail said that, since the couple got married on a Monday, they probably paid the reduced rate of £21,000.

Kotaku wrote: "Instead of limiting himself to horror games, Pewdiepie is now actively playing more things that interest him. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

[153] On 31 March, Kjellberg posted another diss track music video, titled "Congratulations", ironically congratulating T-Series for obtaining the title. [15] Unlike conventional walkthroughs, Kjellberg devoted his Let's Play videos to communicating more personally with his audience. Hello everybody, and welcome to r/Markiplier! [307][308], On 31 October 2019, Kjellberg donated $69,420 to Team Trees, a fundraising drive taking action against deforestation by pledging to plant one tree for every dollar donated. [296] In an interview with the Swedish magazine Icon, he has expressed desire to continue these drives as time goes on, and also credited John and Hank Green as two individuals who gave him the idea of making unique videos for charity.

According to Business Insider, he makes $3,319.71 per minute of video, and earned a total of $15.5 million in 2018. Marzia also has a brand of handcrafted pottery, home accents, and jewelry called Maì.

[182] In June 2013, Tubefilter began a monthly listing of the most viewed YouTube channels. [127] Pew News parodies both mainstream news channels, such as CNN, and YouTube news channels, such as DramaAlert. "[12] In a 2019 interview with the New York Times, Kjellberg commented on his influence stating, "it's weird for me to be in this position because I don't really want to be in this position.

[226] In a Rolling Stone article, Kjellberg admitted to being shocked by his fame; he recalled a gaming event near his hometown, stating "I remember there were five security guards yelling at a crowd to back up – it was out of control. "I have this feeling that it is time for me to try something new in my life," she said in her "Goodbye YouTube" video.

I wasn't seeking any friendship, and I was just finding comfort in my own little bubble on YouTube.". He expressed that, in general, leaving university to pursue a YouTube career would be "fucking stupid". No agent, press release, or any other intermediary. [286] In 2019, he was a guest on the Cold Ones YouTube podcast.

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[168] Polygon also noted that in the wake of Kjellberg's focus on Minecraft, YouTubers focused on Fortnite began to shift towards making Minecraft videos instead. The Basics collection also features a skincare kit and some household items. [206] In 2016, Douglas Holt of Harvard Business Review wrote of Kjellberg as "YouTube's greatest success", and regarded him, about gaming subcultures, "the star of this digital art world—just as Jean-Michel Basquiat and Patti Smith had done in urban art worlds back in the analog days". He begins each video introducing himself in a high-pitched, goofy voice, drawing out the vowels of his YouTube moniker, then delves into the videos. share. Over time, his style of content diversified to include vlogs, comedy shorts, formatted shows, and music videos. It raised over $630,000, surpassing a $250,000 goal.

", "Pewdiepie Is Teaching His Audience that Women Are Asking For It", "PewDiePie 'sorry' for meme mocking Demi Lovato", "PewDiePie gives shout out to hateful, anti-Semitic YouTube channel", "YouTube's most popular user amplified anti-Semitic rhetoric. ", "Pewdiepie's Premium YouTube Show Is Trashy, But Entertaining", "PewDiePie makes $50K donation to ADL sparking cries of a conspiracy from fans", "PewDiePie changes mind on $50K donation to ADL, says it was a mistake", "Gaming Channels With The Most Subscribers: The Top 10 Gaming Channels On YouTube", "Jake Paul, a Reality Villain for the YouTube Generation", "YouTuber PewDiePie posts last video, leaves 102mn subscribers to take a break", "Pewdiepie hits 50m subscribers, claims he'll delete channel today", "PewDiePie Announces He's Taking a Break From YouTube in 2020", "Teens' favorite people to follow on social media in 2020 include fashion icons, established YouTubers, and Charli D'Amelio", "Can Copyright Law Bring Down PewDiePie? The first part, titled "#REHASH" aired on 3 December, while the second part, titled "#HappyHolograms", aired on 10 December. [15] Conversely, during an informal Twitter poll conducted by one Kotaku reporter, respondents described him as "annoying" and an "obnoxious waste of time. In 2016, Time magazine named him one of the world's 100 most influential people. [97] One video cited as being representative of this change featured Kjellberg reading erotic fan fiction about characters from the Disney film Frozen.

[132] In December 2018, Vox reported that "E;R" also contained white supremacist messaging.

[‡ 4][36] Kjellberg stated that the ability to make videos was more important to him than a prestigious career.

In February 2018, Felix posted a video where seems like Marzia is perfectly capable of reading Japanese, while PewDiePie only has a superficial knowledge of the language. "[241], In 2019, Kjellberg's Minecraft videos led a surge of interest towards the game, which saw an increase in players. Within months of the start of their relationship, Marzia abandoned her studies to join Felix in Sweden.

[45] Kjellberg expressed feeling neglected by Machinima, and frustrated with their treatment, he hired a lawyer to free him from his contract with the network. [‡ 28], Aside from his own YouTube channel, Kjellberg has made appearances in the videos of other YouTube creators.