Daniels asks what they can offer White Mike in exchange for his co-operation and Pearlman suggests witness protection seeing as they have the feds involved. Marimow is also unafraid to threaten his subordinates' careers as a means of punishing them for insubordination or similar defiance. member who was a partner of Ellis Carver. He starts this process by returning to the docks to work a simple hard day's labor, and also by talking to the police about the smuggling organization headed by the Greek. Anthony "Tony" Colicchio is a narcotics officer in Sergeant Ellis Carver's drug enforcement unit squad in the Western District of Baltimore. Complex and subtle, the series offers a look at police procedure more realistic than any show on television. Meanwhile Fitz faxes a record of the meeting in to the FBI headquarters.

The FBI storm into the union offices in force. She was a key member of the Major Crimes Unit and proved herself on both the Barksdale and Sobotka investigations. He asks his son to explain what happened and Ziggy says that he was tired of always being a punchline.

The title refers to the way that Frank's hopes to rejuvenate the docks by becoming involved with crime have had dire consequences for him and his family. Mike "Sanny" Santangelo is an Italian American officer responsible for driving the district arrest van in the Western District. Brown was later present with Sergeant Ellis Carver to both warn and arrest Namond Brice for selling drugs on a pre-indicted corner. Frank is dismayed and as Bruce leaves he tells him that the problem with their country is that they used to make things but now they just put their hands in the next man's pocket.
Stanfield then seizes on Cheese's feud with Hungry Man to convince Cheese to betray his uncle. [4][5][6], The episode was submitted to the American Film Institute for consideration in their TV programs of the year award.

Former Baltimore Police Department Major who was featured homicide unit shift lieutenant in David Simon's Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets. Joseph Stewart, better known as "Proposition Joe" or "Prop Joe", is a fictional character on the HBO drama The Wire, played by actor Robert F. Chew.

D'Angelo's death was suspicious. Stringer Bell. He tells the shift supervisor, Phil, that he and Little Big Roy are essentially the same - bald and Polish. Joe also offers Stanfield advice on how to deal with a police surveillance camera, discovers the identity of the unit investigating Stanfield, and tries to encourage Stanfield's transition into being less violent and more business-minded. Joe is unaware that Stanfield is using the money to pay tribute to The Greek and is plotting to usurp Joe's supply connection. Holley ends Season 4 assisting Crutchfield, Norris, and Bunk in the investigations of murders caused by Marlo Stanfield's crew. Lester Freamon – Clarke Peters (Notting Hill, London Spy, John Wick, Chance, The Tunnel, Jessica Jones, Show Me a Hero, Midsomer Murders, Treme, People of Earth) Her diligent work manning wiretaps earned the respect of Lester Freamon when she was part of his successful undercover operation to supply pre-wiretapped phones to the Barksdale organization.

Omar Little meets with Stringer Bell at Butchie's bar. Valchek – Al Brown Joe meets with Stanfield's advisor Vinson to try to negotiate a settlement, but Stanfield is unwilling to back out of the war, believing that Barksdale is weak. Greggs and Russell follow Vondas into a multistory parking garage and Russell begins her first foot pursuit with some advice from Greggs. Rawls had him transferred out of homicide at the end of season one, although he did return in Season Five.

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Frank tries to reassure Louis that Nick is only involved in some theft.