Prashna Horoscope Analysis (Horary Astrology) using cowrie shells was done on 19.8.2020 at 11:07 Am in the kalahora of Mars. This is not a “fun” time for him. You can have a powerful astrology chart, but if the current time is against you then you cannot win despite a very powerful astrology chart. But I have also mentioned in my article that starting Feb / March 2019 Donald Trump is going to enter the most difficult and challenging period, and this is possible only if there is some change in power on November 6th this year. Trump has alienated the independent and undecided voters yesterday night. The Trump – Russia investigation is not going away even if Donald Trump fires special prosecutor Robert Mueller. People had to work 2 or 3 jobs to pay their monthly bills. The Bhukti period of Saturn which started on 10-05-2018 & will run till 24-11-2020. Former Vice President Joe Biden has a very powerful astrology chart, and I wish him the best in his 2020 Presidential Campaign. I will be posting a new Trump Astrology Update this Sunday. This is Donald Trump’s campaign strategy for the 2020 Presidential Election. From now onwards the Trump Presidency will be in a downward spiral. The COVID-19 attack is not Donald Trump’s fault, but the way Donald Trump responded to the COVID-19 attack, raises many eyebrows. I have given this prediction in my September 15, 2018 update as well.

Biden will widen his lead over Trump in October / November before the election. But if we consider all other investigations such as Russia Collusion, Russia Business ties etc., then we are looking at 2019 for impeachment. Trump’s impeachment / resignation is imminent after June 2019.

Vice President Joe Biden is maintaining a very steady big lead over Donald Trump nationally, and in many battleground states for many, many months now. The October 22 astrology update is my final astrology prediction. Below is a chart where the green numbers show home much he is behind (2 days before election day) and the red numbers show how much he is ahead. Saturn oppositions to Biden’s Jupiter (Exalted 5th lord in 9th house = Better) Saturn focuses Biden’s exalted 2nd and 5th lord in the 9th house – elevating his everyman values (and even his speech/stuttering) to something that inspires others. Well, it has already begun now, when 12 Republican Senators crossed the aisle to support the resolution to terminate Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration to build his wall. Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller had also indicated before holidays that the Trump – Russia Investigation will continue through the year 2018. Again, this prediction was given by me almost two years ago on January 20, 2017, when I published this article. But on the last day of JUP/JUP / SATURN period that is May 15th, again Trump is in deep trouble. Trump's presidential campaign is over this month soon after September 24, as predicted by me 6 months ago on April 1, 2020. Donald Trump is in a very good period until September 15. In my opinion Donald Trump is the biggest threat to our Democracy, completely unfit for the position of the President of the United States. I’m not going to feel so good. Trump will continue to find ways to derail his Russia ties investigation. In my 2019 Trump Astrology predictions I had mentioned that Donald Trump and the GOP party will be at loggerheads after June 2019 over some policy issues. Perhaps the only thing that can save Donald Trump from impeachment is war with North Korea.

If we look at the past US history, we had always gone through recession / war when we had a Republican President, and the economy always did better under a Democrat President.

In my opinion, the public support for Donald Trump will collapse in January / February 2020, when the Senate Trial will begin. Donald Trump suffered a major setback this week when he lost both his Supreme Court cases. but more moderate voters are turned off by this. Manafort can still go to prison even if he is found guilty on some counts out of the 18 counts.

So far, Donald Trump had claimed to be a young vibrant man with good health. March 2020 is a difficult month for Trump. Please scroll down to go to the Latest Trump Astrology updates to see the latest astrology updates, after the date this article is published. A very disappointing press conference by the AG Barr, he acted more like the cheerleader for Donald Trump rather than the Attorney General of the United States. Donald Trump is threatening to send Federal Law Enforcement Forces to more cities across the country. Congress need full unredacted Mueller Report and Trump’s tax returns for the past 6 years at the earliest. But it may help to “fire up” his base even more and turn out the vote. Now the sixty four thousand dollar question is will Republicans still put party over the country? In my opinion 2019 will be a dangerous year for the whole world. Many people have asked me what I mean by this message “CHOSEN BY GOD TO MAKE DONALD TRUMP IMPEACHMENT ASTROLOGY PREDICTION” that I posted few days ago. The sixty-four-thousand-dollar question is, what percentage of the full Mueller Report will be redacted. In my 2019 Trump astrology predictions I had indicated that the problem will start in February / March 2019, when Ketu and Saturn conjunction will begin. Biden should definitely do the next 2 presidential debates, because Biden will win both debates easily. In my 2017 astrology predictions for Donald Trump I had mentioned the following. Four Americans lost their lives in an incident which was thoroughly tragic but not the least bit scandalous. “I am sorry for being impolite. The press is making it seem much more likely that Trump can make up 5-10 point deficits in 10 states (where Trump has NEVER led) than Biden can overcome a 2 point lead in states where has ALREADY BEEN AHEAD! Of course, from Trump’s perspective, he would prefer the south node to eclipse his 7th house opponent (Joe Biden), and this must also be factored into any astrological predictions of who will win the election. Steve Bannon will return to Breitbart after leaving the White House and can become a problem for Trump. Former Vice President Joe Biden will defeat Donald Trump by a landslide in electoral college and popular votes. Mars is also Trump’s 3rd level Dasa planet until right before the election. We have several twists and turns that occur after the election that might make things very interesting. We may have to wait until the beginning of 2019, if the Mueller Report is not released by end of August this year.

I said the following about Julian Assange 6 years ago when I published the astrology article. I do not see Republican Congress ready to impeach Trump this year. 2019 is a very difficult and challenging year for the country, we will be dealing with next recession, Trump impeachment and possibility of war, all at same time. But these are the reasons why Trump may survive impeachment this year, although the time until October 24th is very difficult and challenging for Donald Trump. Steve Bannon is out, and today being his last day at the White House. Attorney General Jeff Sessions dodged questions in his testimony this afternoon, said “I do not recall” number of times during his testimony. Donald Trump is about to enter the most difficult and challenging phase of his life between June 2019 and April 2020, as predicted by me more than two years ago. But Republican Establishment will not hesitate to impeach Trump, if they feel Trump can harm their chances of victory in the 2018 mid-term election. I would have never thought I would have to write these things. I had indicated in the beginning of my 2017 Astrology Predictions for Donald Trump in this article, that many important events in President Trump’s first term will take place in the months of March, July and November. Michael Avenatti is a Virgo rising according to Vedic Astrology, with his ascendant at 28 degrees 18 minutes. Either way, I think it will be over by Friday, November 6 – when the Moon passes over Trump’s Saturn / Venus and Biden’s exalted Jupiter – and hits aspect/opposition with Saturn. However, there are no formal dates regarding the establishment of Democratic and Republican. The chances of impeachment are very high by August / September this year, because Republicans will need a full year to recover before the 2018 mid-term election. But I have also mentioned in my article that starting Feb / March 2019 Donald Trump is going to enter the most difficult and challenging period, and this is possible only if there is some change in power on November 6th this year. Thanks a lot, sir for a detailed write-up, so much to learn in Astrology. His Jupiter/Rahu began as soon as he was (suddenly) nominated in the Democratic primary.

So, this is very important they ask the right questions in the Robert Mueller public testimony, since the time is going to be very limited, just 5 minutes for each Congressmen. It is very hard to predict Nancy Pelosi’s next move, because we do not know Pelosi’s birth time details, so any astrology prediction for Pelosi is almost impossible.

Of course, he could do it, but at some point, if someone has NEVER LEAD, it is hard to see where or how he suddenly gets the voters. Donald Trump may be impeached second time in July this year or Nancy Pelosi may keep the new articles of impeachment to be reviewed by the new Senate after November 2020. Trump has no good options as we move forward into year 2019. I received numerous requests from people to write about Democrat Presidential Candidates. I had also indicated that his Presidential Term will mostly be consumed by number of investigations, law suits, protests and may be war as well, that will leave him with a very little time to accomplish anything positive for the country or “Make America Great Again”. Robert Mueller investigation is making rapid progress, Manafort and Flynn are most likely going to face indictment. Many people are thinking that Trump COVID-19 is a hoax, it is a distraction from the main issues. The August 11 Solar Eclipse fell in Donald Trump’s 12th house, proved to be devastating for Trump. Harry ‘reluctantly' attended Trump state visit to 'pay back Melania', Pollster who predicted 2016 claims 'Donald Trump will win again'. The damage is already done. During this time transit Saturn will be in last 10 degrees in Sagittarius sign, and aspects the natal position of Jupiter in Virgo sign in Trump’s astrology chart very powerfully by its 10th aspect.

Mitt Romney is back in Senate as Utah’s new GOP Senator. This election is over, and the country is raw.

In my opinion Trump will again go through challenging time in June, July and August this year, but there is no chance of impeachment /removal from office before summer of 2019.

We never had any major problem for long time in the country, all races, religions, and cultures were living peacefully. Biden’s Jupiter/Rahu has been very good with a sudden rise. I will be publishing the 2020 Presidential Election Astrology Predictions on April 1, 2020. Many cabinet team members will voluntarily resign from their positions during Trump’s first term because they will find it difficult to work for him. Also transit Jupiter in Virgo sign on natal Jupiter and its aspect on natal Sun in Taurus sign in Trump’s chart during past 12 months was a blessing.

This is sad, the country is so divided under Donald Trump.

Many astrologers, psychics are predicting Trump impeachment by August / September this year. Now when Democrats take control of the House in early 2019, one of the first things they are likely to go after is Donald Trump's tax returns. The voter fraud investigation never took place. My most heartfelt condolences to the McCain family. Trump will get impeached in the House for sure, as I had predicted in my astrology article 3 years ago and also in my previous updates.

Ju/Ra/Ju shows a lot of grace – as Jupiter is exalted in his 9th house in the natal chart. Seeing my country's democracy being torn up, hurts. The Obama Administration investigations by Bill Barr did not yield any indictments, so disappointing for Trump. Rahu will transit natal Jupiter in United States astrology chart in December 2019 and January 2020, a very sensitive time.

Trump does not fire special prosecutor Robert Mueller. In general though, comparing Mars retrograde for Biden and Trump, it favors Biden much more and is not as destructive.