What are your core classes? This course allows students to explore different types of media tools including images, text, sound, and visuals. Classics 2300 Richard Ivey School of Business.

im not aeo, taking 2257 and biz law 2275a/76b, and thats not considered 2.0 from the bmos module even though from accounting specialization its stated that it is? The course presents the material in a very digestible way and its very manageable to attain a good mark by participating in class. Online. :thumright. So maybe history, or there's a sci-fi or fantasy half-course which is fun. I took two separate essay courses first year: earth science 1086 and anthro 1025 (i think.

UWO is home to some of the most spirited and hard-working students.It is one of the most welcoming campuses with classes for everyone.

Classics 2200 I'm inclined to agree with the adviser.

(unless MOS 2180, Psychology 2060 or Sociology 2160 was completed prior to September 2011) required for admission to the HBA Program and are discouraged for those students continuing on to the Display posts from previous: All postsLast dayLast 7 daysLast 2 weeksLast monthLast 3 months6 MonthsLast year, Sort by AuthorPost time

I heard rumours that earth science 2240: catastropic events in earth's history would be an easy course.

And 2257 actually doesn't count as 1.0 from the BMOS module since all pre-Ivey kids have to take it. Theres a Classical Studies essay course called "Engineering in Antiquity" or something like that. RedFlagDeals for iOS and Android makes it easy to stay on top of the latest Canadian deals, flyers and freebies from wherever you are! Students will examine the relationship between the mind and body and understand how to develop improvisation skills in different contexts. I'll start.

I’d also keep in mind that humanities courses are typically graded a little differently than science courses. in first year i took business, econ, russian, math 0100 and 1228, and history of biz (essay). I've never taken it myself, but I know a lot of people who have. I'll start. As for taking 1.0 or two 0.5's..

PSYC 2020 revolves around drugs that are often abused such as alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, inhalants, and stimulants, among many others.

1.0 MOS 2275A/B (Business Law I) and @rocket61 wrotebmos accounting. You're talking about BMOS's required courses in general (for a non-AEO). Naturally this history course had a lot to do with Canadian economics and was much easier for me than the philosophy course.

Post your easy electives for UWO here.

i'll never understand threads like this....whats easy for me isn't necessarily easy for you and vis versa... i'll never understand threads like this....whats easy for me isn't necessarily easy for you and vis versa... kind of essay course doesn't have essays.

Visit TESTBANKS. I didn’t do my undergrad at Western, but I took English and in my department you had to be near perfect to get a 90, they very rarely gave higher than a 90 and 100% on an essay was virtually unheard of. @waitaminute wrote^ I don't think it matters if you're AEO or not. Really? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. More Western University Articles: 10 Reasons Why Western is Better Than Queen’s 10 Fun Facts About UWO 12 Awesome Jobs for UWO Students. ^ I don't think it matters if you're AEO or not. thanks for the response. Assessments Breadth Requirements.

I'm thinking of probably taking a history or philosophy course to get an essay credit in my first year. I took Russian History, it was pretty interesting and I did reasonably well, The prof who teaches it however has an old school teaching style(stright up oral lecture not online notes etc.) If you don't take at least 2.0 courses from your module you aren't proving that to them.

Otherwise you CAN'T get into Ivey. Also, you're likely to get a higher mark in law 2101 as opposed to philosophy of law, and it is very similar material.

CS 2301 - Crime and Punishment in Ancient Greece and Rome, 10 Reasons Why Western is Better Than Queen’s. Psychology 2820E (Research Methods and Statistical Analysis in Psychology)

Highway to Health at Western U revolves around the determinants of health such as the personal and social, providing students with an overview of what ‘Health’ means and what aspects influence it. Easiest Classes. University is a great place to practise and become a good/great writer and those skills are important.

2257 doesn't count as 1.0 towards BMOS – trust me, I know because I was in BMOS and I tried taking only 2257 and another MOS course and Ivey told me I had to take an additional 1.0 when I emailed to confirm it was okay. The prof that I had explained concepts very well in class and I ended up with an 80+ as opposed to my friends who got lower 70s when taking the online version.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This is what Ivey told me last year (and what I was trying to tell waitaminute). But as a AEO student, Ivey's requirement is "Enroll in a module and take a minimum of 2.0 of the required courses for that module plus Business Administration 2257 in Year 2" This wording means that for AEOs in BMOS, you need 2.0 AND 2257, not 2.0 including 2257. anybbody know anything about Lamari's classics 2700?

The course is very hands-on and will be an easy-fit for students who are creative and love making things instead of just studying texts. caThe University of Western Ontario; Most Popular Courses.

The marks don't come easy and whoever got an 80+ in that course should consider it as a miracle. These courses also give you the chance to explore a topic outside your major or study area and meet peers from across faculties. Law 2101, Philo 2080 and Biz 2257 are electives (except Biz for BMOS).


Economics 2122A/B (Econometrics I) and 2123A/B (Econometrics II)

That said I found it interesting but I enjoy history so ymmv. WORST advice ever. I did BMOS Finance. in year three prior to enrolling in MOS courses for which these courses are the prerequisite. Your email address will not be published.

just looked up 2300…it only has one time and day slot and thats already filled with philo of law for me. Both were half credits. I'm also like the biggest retard when it comes to writing essays so I thoroughly enjoyed mine!