So, check out … I have spent almost half of my life as a TVXQ member. TVXQ’s Changmin recently discussed his Korean solo debut and his bond with Yunho! On the April 7 broadcast of MBC FM4U’s “Good Morning FM With Jang Sung Kyu,” TVXQ’s Changmin appeared as a guest following the release of his first Korean solo mini album, “Chocolate.”, During the show, Changmin spoke about his bandmate Yunho. The 32-year-old South Korean superstar and member of pop duo TVXQ confirmed the … I carefully requested it through our agencies and she thankfully accepted, so our song came out well. It's the idol star's first ever drama appearance since he was discharged from the army last April, and as the leading actor of the drama, he attended the press conference and gave his thoughts on his appearance in the drama. Are you lacking passion when it comes to dating?” Yunho answered, “No, I’ve worked hard to meet people and have dated before.” About secretly dating, Yunho explained, “It’s easy for the woman who dates me to get exposed. On the April 7 broadcast of MBC FM4U’s “Good Morning FM With Jang Sung Kyu,” TVXQ… Approximately 17 years have passed since I debuted as a singer. After reading from the book, Yunho said, “Hanbi was a fictitious character that was about 70 percent based on personal experience,” said the TVXQ member. "Changmin will be getting married to his girlfriend on September 5. When Kang Ho Dong asked, “You’ve never had a dating scandal before. The member has confirmed he will be tying the knot with his girlfriend in September this year. There is something I want to tell fans myself, so I am taking the courage to write this letter. Changmin will continue to show great activities as a TVXQ member and artist. TVXQ Fandom Name: Cassiopeia TVXQ Official Fan Color: Pearl Red TVXQ […] He commented, “Rather than getting married very late, I want to get married at a good time when my soulmate appears.”, Changmin additionally commented on growing up with his fans, saying, “We have fans who were students and are now office workers and mothers. Their debut single was “Hug”. Therefore, I will do my best in every moment and with every task I’m given more properly, and I will work to be the head of a household and also TVXQ’s Changmin who can give back more to everyone who supports and encourages me. In 2006, Yunho was given orange juice with super glue mixed into it by an anti-fan who disguised herself as a fan. Despite that, I believe that the people who always believe in you are family.”, He continued, “If you think of TVXQ like a family, we are like a married couple. If I get to meet her in person, I’d like to thank her.