Apparently, Marcy hasn’t really briefed David about her current status beyond her vague statements at the end of the last episode, and, of course, the kiss. Vincent, apparently, has full control of Grant’s phone, displaying a message on its screen, reading: “LEAVE THE PHONE”. Multiple transfers.”. So it had to be someone else’s’ doing. in the end of season 12 grant says fuck not those coords where is that. He introduces himself to Mac as traveler 4112. David won’t look at Marcy, who replies with “We can get through this!”, but David, looking down, says “I don’t think so”. Pretty insane, and pretty terrible for our Traveler friends. That issue was sidetracked when Grant became host to a Traveler consciousness himself, but it shows that detection by law enforcement has been somewhat inevitable from the start, and that the Travelers aren’t nearly as sneaky as they think they are. Artificial Intelligence isn’t supposed to be capable of taking a life that isn’t about to end. After seeing Simon’s future-themed Traveler artwork at the charity auction, Vincent gains access to Simon in the mental institution, and we finally see Dr. Carroll for the first time. Dr. Perrow is picked up by one of Vincent’s goons in (you guessed it) a black SUV. … 8. We have now seen numerous instances of the Director neglecting to tell any Travelers anything about Vincent. Grace sneaks into Trevor’s hospital room to share her medical nanites. It’s no wonder everyone noticed something was wrong with her. Sure, it’s possible (even likely) that Vincent equips all his goons and vehicles with Director-deterring devices, but the Team is pretty aware of that possibility, and is equipped to combat it (as seen in Season 2, Ep. Travelers

At Ops, we briefly see a somber Philip looking at the clock. Either way, it’s too late to do anything about any of this now. As soon as the Director was reset in Season 2. He must be viewed as a very sinister character in the future. Vincent, manipulative as usual, reminds Simon that all of this is being done ‘for him’. Simon is petrified, but Philip enters, carrying a glass of water for him, interrupting the intimidating Vincent hallucination.

Nothing ground-breaking was revealed here that adds much to the information we received in the last episode. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Plus they’ve discovered that Charlotte murdered the rest of her family. The goons return to the room with Grace,  this time with Dr. Perrow along for the trip. So when Vincent says “The Director shouldn’t have risked it”, he’s not saying the Director made a bad judgement call, but that the Director’s own parameters should have made doing that impossible in the first place. The Director attempted to use Irene to convey a message, and it killed her. Ray got Philip out of this legal trouble with the help of some historical information leading to winning horse-race bets. Wakefield tells Grant that someone has obtained information on the Travelers and is sending it to “all the major news outlets”. Within seconds, we hear the static sound of the Director, and Vincent jumps in his chair. As far as I’ve been able to sort out the end of season 1, the Director wanted the frame destroyed, and the Faction, and/or Vincent, wanted MacLaren and the team assassinated. Marcy hasn’t had a chance to brief the Team on everything she’s remembered from her ice bath experience, possibly not even having digested all of it herself yet. Thanks to the very kind Julia Graff (Music Editor for this episode), I have now located the song. With that, Vincent walks away, leaving a speechless Dr. Carroll staring into space. Forbes, who is not a traveler, tells MacLaren that Ellis is dead, and Grace and Trevor are in the hospital. Prepare yourself for the longest recap ever. Glad you’re finding some of the episodes improving with re-watches! Back at Ops, the Team has come together to deal with the discovery of Simon, who has joined them there. I’m not sure what Vincent’s plan is, here. It also heats his house. So this brings up a very important question: Which “present” determines the other? An impatient Simon, in the interest of time, finishes Vincent’s sentence for him: Lavender and Chamomile Cleansing Oil/Makeup Remover, Shop Now, “It’s that we didn’t believe in ourselves.”. This is interesting. If any of them would know, it would be the historian. Anyway, David and Kathryn introduce themselves to each other, and Kathryn asks David if he knows any of the three still-unconscious members of the captive group.