As you upgrade the rings and necklaces on your hero or heroine, consider donating these items to your pet—especially if those trinkets offer high elemental resistances. Right-Click on the hotbar - than you can see all your things u can put in it. We’ve integrated the ModDrop mod manager, making it easy to download and install mods with just one click. In Torchlight I you have your choice of two pets (dog and cat) or up to four pets in the retail version: The difference between the four basic pets is purely cosmetic.

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That's what my pet's thoughts must look like for that's what it does. I was just wondering how smart the pet is when using spells.. All rights reserved.

There are at least ten base pet types in Torchlight II, of which eight were available upon the game's release. they cast available spells on cooldown or requirement met. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Mr. Poopskies. / Except the ones who are dead. That and, does it matter what it's stance is when using the spell ie. odd, my pet too, though he's always on agressive mode (i like him to tank), everyone in this world is good for something. Runic defines these as two separate things, and why the passive spells are called Tomes. "We're in town, I better heal my master as he's shopping for items. One should note that abilities granted to one's pet are timed and that the countdown time is active even during quest giver text events. nvm. In Torchlight II, pets not only carry items back to town to sell, they can also buy certain items from stores. I have no memory of the above post and will flatly deny anything I may have said prior to or after the date as stamped on the left.

Whats the maximum stat? You and your pet have a total of 8 slots to use.

Even the worst human being is the BEST example of what NOT to be, it would be cool if the pet has an ai option like dragon age or ff12 :D, I arise every morning torn between the desire to save the world and the desire to savor the world. but back to the barter spell.

Pets are the player's constant companion, and one of the key features of Torchlight. Does it use the spell when your character gets injured, or does it use it when you're almost dead? Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. I'm mostly wondering what passive spells actually work on pets, I'm having trouble telling.

aggressive, defensive, passive. To teach a pet a spell, left-click the Spells tab above your inventory (press the "I" key to access your Inventory) and then left click and drag the spell into one of the two spell slots. My pet has a higher auto attack dps, which makes their summons much more effective as of right now, but according to the wiki, the cooldown is twice as long, but Heal All 2 on me, and Heal All 3 on my pet both had a thirty second cooldown, so I can't tell. For the pet: Definitely Heal All and at least one summon spell (not the archers).