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Instead, I will do whatever it takes to destroy every last one of them. George has booked them into a luxury hotel, and Amber’s sister is babysitting.

While waiting for a subway after a job interview, she witnesses a man falling onto the subway track and dying.

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en 3 de noviembre, 2020.

In Chicago, John makes the unlikeliest of allies: a Mogadorian named Adam, who has switched sides.

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You know we have been betrayed. Where would you go? They are, in order: The Time Machine, The War of the Worlds, The First Men in the Moon and The Island of Doctor Moreau.

They have infiltrated your government. Narrated by Neil Kaplan, Marisol Ramirez, and Devon Sorvari.

Now all of that has changed.

The last half of the book was pretty action packed too. Denzil Meyrick, Narrated by:

Taylor, Kopano, and Nigel return to the Academy with Nine, but nothing is the same.

Kate Tempest, By: He has also worked extensively in audiobook narration, reading titles for authors like Pittacus Lore and Brad Taylor. Nora dreads seeing her beloved grandmother's possessions go, but she's determined that item by item, memory by memory, she will find the perfect new owners. Jasper Fforde, Narrated by:

Davy has always been alone. When she opens The Memory Shop in the front of her grandmother's house, the community is gradually drawn inside, and Nora begins transforming the lives of those around her through the objects she pairs them with.

Hackers have struck gold by unleashing REAMDE, a virus that encrypts all of a player’s electronic files and holds them for ransom.

It is the tale of a pair of young scholars investigating the lives of two Victorian poets.

Stream or download thousands of included titles. The desert's plan for them has been decades in the making. Together, we are much more powerful. ". ", " Great action packed book! Now we're looking for the others—including John.
Cent has a secret.

The Human Garde Academy was created in the aftermath of an alien invasion of Earth. Try Google Play Audiobooks today!

They will hunt you down.

", " I'm not a huge sci-fi fan, but although this series is good, it had its slow moments that I kinda just sped through. You know we're waiting for our day to come. And so they set about brainwashing him and conditioning him.

After the battle in Switzerland, the Fugitive Six find their allegiances torn, dividing them into two factions.

But even with their... Read more ». We cannot let this happen again.". Adam knows the Mogs... Read more ». we meet a couple new numbers this time and theres all kinds of good action.


Michael Bay, director of Transformers, raved: “Number Four is a hero for this generation.” This epic young adult series is perfect for fans of action-packed science fiction like The Fifth Wave series by Rick Yancey, The Maze Runner series by James Dashner, and Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game.

Great book.

©2012 Pittacus Lore (P)2012 HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.

They are complete and unabridged and narrated by Greg Wagland.

The fifth book of the #1 New York Times bestselling I Am Number Four series! During a dangerous mission at a Mog base in West Virginia, John found and rescued the brutish Nine. I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Zero Hour is the fifth collection of action-packed novellas from Pittacus Lore. Jon begins to put the pieces together concerning Magnolia, Luther receives an unsettling phone call, and the station gets a late-night visitor. We hope it chose well. The Garde didn’t start this war, but they’ll do whatever it takes to end it once and for all. Lost Files: #4: The Search for Sam... Read more ».

Jeffrey Archer, Narrated by:

Bill Bryson, Narrated by:

The characters are starting to lose their charm and are becoming a but silly.

Sarah Pekkanen, Once again, the rapidly-changing perspective from different characters; writing in this style does make the experience more memorable overall. They do not know the truth.

Could not put this book done, very eager for the next one, the fall of five!

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You can fight back. ", " unraveled a bit towards the end but it was a great read all-in-all. But when she was mysteriously abducted, her friends broke every rule in the book to save her.

Narrado por Neil Kaplan. Here is more action and you get to meet the new characters.

He has been on Earth preparing for the war that will decide Earth’s fate.

So our heroes will have no choice but to rebel.

We have a secret weapon. Simon Vance.

After facing off with the Mogadorian ruler and almost being killed, the Garde realize they are drastically unprepared. too much unbelievable things happening during fight scenes.

Humanity welcomed the Olyix and their utopian technology.

Marisol Ramirez, Narrated by:

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Some characters I like more than others and the POV changes between several characters.

$14.95 a month after 30 day trial. You must discover why.

This book would have been a good ending.

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When the snow and ice thundered down on her, she suddenly found herself in her own bedroom. But they’ll still do whatever it takes to protect these teens. What teen (or anyone for that matter) WOULDN'T dream of the powers of invisibility, teleportation, and strength (among others)? The series isn't necessarily a favorite of mine books aren't especially profound or incredibly life-changing. But in order to save her mother's life, will she have to sacrifice her own? ", " I can't suspend my disbelief long enough to enjoy this series. PJ Roscoe, By:

An extract of the unabridged, downloadable audiobook edition of The Rise of Nine by Pittacus Lore, read by Neil Kaplan, Devon Sorvari and Marisol Ramirez.

What would you do?Davy can teleport. Most of the teen would-be saviors of Lorien have finally teamed up to battle the evil Mogadorians and save Earth on the way to reclaim their own planet.

LJ Ross, By: Liam Aiken, Narrated by:

But in order to win, our alien allies known as the Garde unleashed their Loric energy that spread throughout the globe. They want to finish what they started. Ochlan, Narrated by:

Or thought about how we can weigh the earth? We were training and getting stronger every day. Their... Read more ».