Murtry is cool as a rotten cucumber about his casual murder of Coop, but that problem is maybe less pressing than the lightning crossing the planet (in a straight line! She’s risen through the ranks on connections and opportunity—and in a way, the dirt her research team digs up on Gao echoes this.

Even more haunting is Arjun's loss- Avasarala is the most powerful person in the solar system, and yet she can't even confirm that her husband is dead, she just has to wonder and soldier on. Melissa is hesitant to let them help until she sees how handy Naomi is in repairing her ship.

I reckon Peaches will die in the next 3 books. Amos has good inside of him and wants to do good but he doesn't know how to do it (and does bad things) so does need to rely on externals for reference ... but it doesn't change the fact that he has a well of goodness inside. Providence Oklahoma Population, RELATED: The Expanse's Main Crew Almost Had a Fifth Member. It was apparently a mistake to bring GRRM into this conversation, because now many of these replies contain the idea that it was my intention that every other media property need live up to the level of carnage present in GOT.

Sometimes, Avasarala notes, people wait decades.

Points to Okoye for telling Fayez, up on the … The Expanse Season 5 is set to send Amos Burton to Earth to show fans more of his past. As I recall, I was pretty shocked when I read the Red Wedding.

Joffery, Selmy, the Boltons, Stannis, Tywin, etc, etc, etc. The Expanse is a space opera, mystery-sci-fi drama television series based on the bestselling novels of the same name by James S. A. Corey.

Amos -- being Amos -- issues the ultimatum that he'll go through her if she doesn't get out of the way. On Ilus, violence continues to beget violence, and the question of the hour (asked by Avasarala and Fayez) is simply, “What the fuck is going on down there?!

However, TWD has killed off numerous major characters, while The Expanse hasn't killed off anybody major besides Miller, and maybe Fred. It's a 9 book series and we've just finished 6, I'd expect the death toll to rise as the stakes increase. It’s the same solution Murtry would leap to—A problem! The term 'major character' is ill-defined, so while not all deaths were major, many of them were significant. I need you to remind me of who I am so I can come back. He is an Earther who doesn't talk about his past – but knows a lot about brothels and Baltimore. ... Then he punches a guy (presumably, but come on) to death. The Season 5 trailer shows Marco Inaros' Belter faction has finally risen to take revenge on the Inner Planets for centuries of exploitation of the Belt by Earth and Mars. Did you just use walking dead as a GOOD example of character deaths?

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