She is constantly curious and wants to live a life beyond the confines of her cave.

to be drowned by tar, Belt stays with him. "[34], Keith Staskiewicz of Entertainment Weekly gave the film a C+, and wrote in his review, "A handful of adrenalizing sequences of animated anarchy can't save this story from feeling overly primitive. And the filmmakers have a hoot playing with the Croods' encounters with, as well as their misunderstandings of, all things new. Dawn Betterman; Phil Betterman; Hope Betterman; Sash; Croods. The Croods is a 2013 American computer-animated adventure comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by 20th Century Fox. [32], Claudia Puig of USA Today gave the film two and a half stars out of four, saying, "A visually dazzling animated adventure with a well chosen voice cast is hampered by lackluster humor and a meandering story. Wikis.

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The Smart Guy: No pun intended, but he is more intellectual than the Croods.

Site design © 2010-2020 Neon Sky Creative MediaNeon Sky Creative Media [9] The Croods received generally positive reviews and proved to be a box office success, earning more than $587 million on a budget of $135–175 million.

Eep goes with Guy to hunt, while the others fight among themselves. He apologizes to them all and promises to never be so overbearing again. 445 Pages.

He reveals to Grug, while they're in a tarpit, that his family died when he was younger. [93], Production continued remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic with on-site work at the DreamWorks lot suspended.[94].

[49], Alan Silvestri, who previously worked with Sanders on Lilo & Stitch (2002), composed the film's original score, which was released digitally on March 15, 2013, by Relativity Music Group,[68] and on CD on March 26, 2013, by Sony Classical.

Near the end, he learns that trying new things aren't necessarily dangerous and he shouldn't just let fear keep him from trying them. [18] Aardman, however, continued experimenting with the idea of a Stone Age-themed story into Early Man which would eventually be released in 2018. Official Sites

Encountering a "Macawnivore", a brightly colored feline who is afraid of the dark that Eep's grandmother Gran dubs "Chunky", the family flees him until he is scared off by swarms of piranhakeets that devour a ground whale.

[93], Production continued remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic with on-site work at the DreamWorks lot suspended.[94]. Games Movies TV Video. [90] On October 5, 2018, it was announced that Peter Dinklage had joined the cast to voice Phil Betterman. [92] On October 29, 2019, DreamWorks announced that Kelly Marie Tran had replaced Dennings as Dawn while Mann was still confirmed to be part of the cast. This enrages Grug, who places blame on Guy and tries to beat the answer out of him, but they both end up in a tar flow where Grug learns that Guy's family had perished in one. It became the second highest grossing original DreamWorks Animation film, behind Kung Fu Panda. [25] It was also the first film in China to be distributed by Oriental DreamWorks, a film production and distribution company founded in 2012 by DreamWorks Animation and Chinese investment companies. [69], A video game based on the film, titled The Croods: Prehistoric Party!, was released on March 19, 2013. Film review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, it has an approval rating of 71% based on 143 reviews, with an average score of 6.54/10. "[33] Tom Russo of The Boston Globe gave the film two and a half out of four, saying, "Had the movie figured out a way to stay the less clichéd course, it might have helped the DreamWorks oeuvre take steps toward Pixar's emotional resonance.

A lovable but easily scared, and not all that intelligent boy.

"[79], On September 9, 2013, it had been confirmed that Cage, Stone, and Reynolds would reprise their roles in the sequel. The film was announced in May 2005, under the working title Crood Awakening,[13] originally a stop motion film being made by Aardman Animations[14] as a part of a "five film deal" with DreamWorks Animation.

| The impetuous and rebellious daughter of Grug and Ugga. New images and character descriptions for DreamWorks Animation's THE CROODS, featuring the voices of Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone and Nicolas Cage. [4] Deadline Hollywood calculated the net profit of the film to be $106.5 million, when factoring together all expenses and revenues. [7] It was released in the United States on March 22, 2013. [16] They chose a basic story idea about two cavemen on the run, an inventor and a luddite,[16] and wrote the first few drafts of the script. The Croods cook the bird, and Guy is tied up with a root chain on his left leg.

"[39] Laremy Legel of gave the film a B, saying "How to Train Your Dragon and Lilo & Stitch are completely indicative of the experience you'll have with The Croods, which is to say a supremely positive one. Using a ribcage and the Piranhakeets to fashion a simple airship, Grug manages to send themselves, and several animals the family had encountered during their journey, across the chasm, reuniting with his family once again.

[85], On November 11, 2016, DreamWorks announced that production for the sequel was cancelled.

After dinner, Grug tells them a story, which is based on a true story, about a tiger who is similar to Eep and embarrasses Eep.

"[38] Lisa Kennedy of The Denver Post gave the film three and a half stars out of four, saying "It captures the wonder (and more gently, the anxiety) of discovery time and time again. A nomad who has been on his own for a long time. [45] It opened at number one in 54 countries,[10] with the biggest openings achieved in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Malta ($8.08 million), Russia and the CIS ($7.82 million), China ($6.34 million), and Mexico ($4.37 million). The Croods: A New Age. [80] On June 12, 2014, it was announced that the sequel would be released on November 3, 2017. 1 In 2013 With $1.2B Global Take, Best Gross for Marvel/Walt Disney Studios which Tops $3B For First Time; Fox International Down 14% In 2013 But Still Grosses $2.33B; 'Hunger Games' Heading Over $400M", "Complete list of 2013 Annie Award nominees for animation", "BMI Congratulates the 41st Annual ANNIE Awards Nominees | News", "Cinema Audio Society Unveils Nominations For The 50th Annual CAS Awards", "Cinema Audio Society Awards: 'Gravity', 'Frozen' Take Film Honors", "19TH ANNUAL CRITICS' CHOICE MOVIE AWARDS NOMINATIONS", "Golden Globe Awards Nominations: '12 Years A Slave' & 'American Hustle' Lead Pack", "Nominations for Theatrical Motion Picture, Animated Theatrical Motion Picture and Long-Form TV",, "Toronto film critics name Coen brothers movie the best of 2013", "Toronto critics pick Inside Llewyn Davis", "The Croods (Music from the Motion Picture)", "Compete in a Survival of the Crood-est in The Croods: Prehistoric Party! [22] In March 2011, the film got another delay, being pushed back a year to March 1, 2013,[23] and finally settled at March 22. [30], The Croods received mostly positive reviews from critics.

Later, the Croods have settled on a vast beach, where every day they can follow the light to "Tomorrow". The bird captures the puppet with Guy in it and throws him up in the sky until he lands on the log. [21] The film's final title, The Croods, was revealed in May 2009, along with new co-director, Kirk DeMicco. Reaching the mountain, Grug tries to force his family to hide out in a cave, but they resist, telling him that they can't live in caves anymore, that they don't want to survive but to live. [84] On August 23, 2016, it was announced that The Lego Movie and Hotel Transylvania co-writers Kevin and Dan Hageman will rewrite the script. Cheerfully throws his family across the ravine near the end of the film, knowing he couldn't follow them and that he was basically left alone on an exploding continent. The bird steps on the trap and is thrown up in the sky until it crash-lands on the ground. ...when he hears one of them blowing their shell (which they have used throughout the film as a call for help), he wastes no time in inventing. It was also confirmed that Keener and Duke would also reprise their roles. Category:Female | The Croods Wiki | Fandom. [21] The film's final title, The Croods, was revealed in May 2009, along with new co-director, Kirk DeMicco. "[37], Tirdad Derakhshani of The Philadelphia Inquirer gave the film two and a half stars out of four, saying, "The movie is well edited and lean, a fast paced, action filled bit of froth that manages to be diverting and surprisingly fun. [9] The Croods received generally positive reviews and proved to be a box office success, earning more than $587 million on a budget of $135–175 million. Guy wants Eep to stop, so he asks her hunt with him. Touched by that tragic story, Grug has a change of heart and realizes that Guy's method of survival is better for his family, and so decides to work with him, and they lure Chunky into a trap to free themselves. The only one who questions the family's sheltered life is his teenaged daughter Eep, who frequently disobeys her father's orders out of curiosity, which he finds dangerous.

The Croods: A New Age.

After a great deal of confusion regarding their first contact with fire, Grug imprisons Guy in a log until he can guide them somewhere safe. The family reunites, then flees a massive cataclysm as the land begins to violently rip apart.

Grug and Ugga's son.

then at the very end, when the Croods are looking over a whole new land and Grug says they should go, Thunk is the. (Wii U) Review", "Review: The Croods: Prehistoric Party!