Ironclad is a lot less reliable since he has much less cycle and energy manipulation, which makes his defensive builds weaker, and when he goes for a offensive-build he can get beaten down and killed fast against 3+ enemy packs with bad draws. Ironclad Exhaust Builds. True Grit is a common exhaust card that you want 2-3 of in every deck. Along with just being a free Ironclad card (0 cost bludgeon/shockwave/impervious? Prioritize energy because free cards makes energy the bottleneck. But as you progress, you’ll need to get more rigid and particular. Android port coming soon! Choosing who you want to enter a run with will impact every decision you make. The game is pure RNG. The Ironclad is perfect for you. Just because the Ironclad is the "Default" class in Slay the Spire does not mean that it is dummy mode. I beat asc. You want to exhaust down to your Limit Break or Spot Weakness, your strength scaling card and some block cards. I think it is more consistent to get high value cards that are independently good early then specialize later when you have a better idea of relics / rare card availability. Even if you don't get Corruption, you can get lots of exhaust cards like Warcry, Ghostly Armor, Pummel or Exhume.

Introduction. YouWin.

I just had a fight where Hexaghost did 2 inflames in the first cycle and 2 inflames in the second cycle. If you don't have a bomb choice when adding a card to your deck, just Shrug It Off. This makes cards such as Limit Break and Spot Weakness key to many of the most powerful builds.

What are your top card picks, favourite relics, shop picks, best neow's blessing. The Defect, the Silent, and the Ironclad classes all play very differently in Slay the Spire.

If it will save you enough HP, you can consider using a potion (Energy, Block) to help defend on the turn you play the card, or you can even avoid playing it if the encounter is easy enough. Though I have to say I'm having more success as an aggressive player and speed runner, which makes the guide very counter intuitive to me, I really appreciate how you take down so many details from the game and your successful runs! Both of those genres are known for being complex and tough to master, so Slay the Spire …

Also, don't be scared to exhaust cards in fights; the Ironclad will give you a lot of options to help decimate your enemies. Elites are generally tougher with the ironclad imo. ), Ironclad in particular has Headbutt and draw cards like Pommel it Off to play the random chance game again and again.

I never take more than one, but i'm usually happy to have the first one. Jordan has been gaming and geeking since he was a wee lad. He is a freelance writer and content creator, contributing to SVG, Looper, and Feast Magazine, among others. Check out his stuff on YouTube: and Twitch: This guide will have you racking up win streaks with Slay the Spire's default class, the Ironclad, going over the basics and offering deck building tips. Best Indie Games to Buy During the 2020 Steam Summer Sale, Board Game Adjacent: Top 12 Steam Games For Tabletop Fans, Top 20 Minecraft 1.16.4 Seeds for November 2020. Some cards are useless on their own, but become OP when combined with a few other cards. Currently available on Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and iOS. Then, you can you use one of two types of finishers for the build. Keep a cycle card or Double Tap in your win-con hand to let you play Rampage multiple times a turn.

The reapers made sure I always had high health so I could keep upgrading cards like metalicize. Hi, I'm a bot for linking direct images of albums with only 1 image, Source | Why? If not any attack cards can win since Entrench will eventually give block way faster than any enemy can kill you. Finally, if I take a curse, then I have to spend removal on it that I would rather use on a Strike. He does fine without any synergies if you take good cards in isolation, but he definitely has a few main archetypes that you can TRY to build towards. If I can't get Shrug it off, I basically has little to no block, and the damage I deal is just not fast enough, any suggestion to this? I think you've nailed it here. I really like demon form as well, carried a lot of my runs. what I did, was going crazy on his strengh, like that power that gives you + 2 strengh each turn. When given a choice, relics are usually the best reward you can get. 6) On level 1 and 2, my priority order is generally Elite (If I can survive), Bonfire, Mystery, Shop, Encounter.

All you need to do is draft a couple of either exhaust cards and you get so much value from the free "card draw" you can beat most normal enemies. You also want to cycle cards to go through your deck quickly with cards like Pommel Strike, Shrug it Off, Offering, Battle Trance, and Warcry. Demon Form allows you to sit back, and block any damage that comes your way, before unleashing absolute destruction on your enemies. Check and check again. Not to mention that the card has good versatility in general, allowing you to get extra copies of whatever card you might want/need. As new players come to check out this hybrid deckbuilder/roguelike, they will undoubtedly want to know some effective strategies to conquering the tower. So I manage to win consistently using The Silent (by draw power and playing defensive while using poison or shiv as main source of damage). What are your top card picks, favourite relics, shop picks, best neow's blessing. There are also many viable strategies and cards that work in multiple builds, so being adaptive is important.