When he isn’t drafting light plots, he’s playing guitar and writing music. [4] Due to the unconventional filming process and storytelling mode, Kentis felt he was making an "experimental film. About Silent House Productions is a global award-winning design agency that operates as a hub for creative excellence. [4] The house used in the film was found by directors Kentis and Lau entirely empty, and was wallpapered and filled with props and furniture by the production design. As his back is turned, Sarah bludgeons his head with a sledgehammer, killing him. She tries to leave the house but all exits are blocked, and she hides from an unknown perpetrator. [21] Some publications, such as The Daily Telegraph, applauded Olsen's performance, calling it "brilliantly nervy and detailed",[22] while Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian said Olsen "isn't as interesting as she was in Martha Marcy May Marlene", and said the film, despite being atmospheric, "feels like a copy". Frightened, Sarah flees and runs into Sophia.

His design vision combines musicality with an appreciation of form and function. The website's critics consensus reads: "Silent House is more technically proficient and ambitious than most fright-fests, but it also suffers from a disappointing payoff. She enjoys every stage of the creative problem solving process from initial sketch to finished product. The plot focuses on a young woman who is terrorized in her family vacation home while cleaning the property with her father and uncle. Peter tries to stop him but John mocks Peter's pleas. "[25] Jonathan Crocker of Total Film described the camera as "gliding with impressive agility, the queasy HD lensing closes in tight and tracks Olsen’s petrified face, room to room", and, although critical of the film's ending, called the film "brutally effective" and "a fun campfire horror tale". "[29] Roger Ebert awarded the film two out of four stars, writing: "My attention was held for the first act or so. "[28] The staff of The A.V. Sophia also turns out to be a figment of her imagination. Since filming was carried out in 12-15 minute takes, there were several occurrences where entire sequences had to be thrown out and re-done repeatedly due to lighting problems or missed cues. English:The Silent House),[3] which was allegedly based on an actual incident that occurred in a village in Uruguay in the 1940s. The power returns to reveal Peter missing. John convinces Sarah to untie him, then whips her with his belt. [17], The film opened at number 5 at the United States box office, earning $6,661,234 during its opening weekend, showing on 2,124 screens. Club named it one of the worst movies of 2012, noting its "mediocrity takes a downward turn in a final act that hinges on an icky, exploitative twist. [2] It would go on to show in theaters until late April 2012, grossing a total of $12,754,783 domestically. [16], The world premiere of the film was at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, as part of the "Park City at Midnight" program;[3] Kentis, Lau, and Olsen also appeared. She assaults John and Peter in her "intruder" mode while simultaneously wandering the house as a victim trying to escape. He studied architecture at Carleton University and worked in movies for 16 years as a set designer and illustrator before joining Silent House.      Silent House Productions is a global award-winning design agency that operates as a hub for creative excellence. She finds a bed and other evidence that someone else has been living there, possibly squatters. [14], Directors Kentis and Lau stated that they were inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's Rope (1948) and Russian Ark (2002), both purported single take films, as well as the home invasion thriller The Strangers (2008). According to Lau, she saw the original film twice and wrote the script for the remake based on the viewings rather than adapting it from paper. The Star Tribune described the film as "a psychotic episode come to life", and that it "follows the form of a Gothic novel", applauding it as being "impressive and oppressive". Sarah tries to shoot one of the men with Peter's gun, then hides in her room and begins to show signs of paranoia and psychosis. [19] The film received a harsh reception from audiences, earning an "F" grade from CinemaScore surveys (only the second movie of the year to receive the failing grade along with The Devil Inside); as of April 2020[update], it is one of only 19 films to receive such a rating. He is on our Forbes Top 10 list for sure. [34], "Long Shot: The filmmakers behind Silent House create a one-take movie with Canon EOS 5D Mark IIs", "Sundance Film Festival Adds 'Silent House' to Lineup", "Sundance '11 Interview: The 'Silent House' Team Chris Kentis and Laura Lau", "Chris Kentis & Laura Lau - Silent House Interview", "Arts: Elizabeth Olsen on Silent House, Sundance, and why she'll never co-star with Mary-Kate and Ashley", "Silent House Sets March 2012 Release Date", "Is an "F" from CinemaScore Actually a Good Thing?