Geophysically precession is simply the slow wobble of the Earth’s axis, and it gives us the 12 ages of the zodiac, the Age of Aquarius and the Age of Pisces being the most current and most famous.

But the gift to the world is that once this process of growth is complete, the house placement of Sedna is where the person can assist the planet and humanity in a time of great change by doing their bit to be the caretaker of humanity. How in the world does that fit into this nice little schema of inner and outer planets? Trines and sextiles (and no oppositions and squares) to Sedna predispose one to the easier circumstances. Halfway points in the conventional 25,770-year-long cycle (about 12,885 years) and quarter cycle points (about 6,442 years) are also considered highly significant points of evolutionary change for humanity in this cyclic view. In. May I respectfully suggest you dust off your copy and reread it. Questions such as what was the state of humanity 12,000 years ago (the halfway point of the current Great Year) and 25,000 years ago (the beginning of the current Great Year) spring up without emperical answers, which at present leaves us little choice but to mine the wealth of ancient legends available, an investigation beyond the scope of this website. Shakti – Hindu primordial cosmic energy, Great Divine Mother. Sedna is also known as Arnakuagsak or Arnaqquassaaq (Greenland) and Sassuma Arnaa ("Mother of the Deep", West Greenland) and Nerrivik ("Table", northern Greenland) or Nuliajuk (District of Keewatin, Northwest Territories, Canada).

Many songs are sung to this powerful goddess and in new seasons, pieces of the liver of the first-killed sea mammal are returned to the waters, imploring Sedna to release her bounty to the hunters so that they might feed their families.

At this unevolved level, a person can either be a victim or a victimizer. She controls the balance between the sea creatures who wish to live and the people ashore who also wish to live and thus must hunt and eat those sea creatures. All times for the Northern Hemisphere are given in Chicago, Illinois, USA USA Central Time Zone (CST) from, March 9 12:47 pm CT  (Chicago, Illinois, USA), Something to Think About by Dawn of the Day, School of Witchcraft – Coven Membership Information, Coven Membership Application and Information, Printable Coloring Pages for Children and Adults, Some Pet Tips For This Holiday Season - Part 1, Blessed Samhain to Our Southern Hemisphere Readers, Some Pet Tips For This Holiday Season – Part 1, Zodiac Sign Is Scorpio for the Birthday Horoscope Of People Born On November 3, 3 November Southern Hemisphere Custom Planetary Positions, 2 November Southwestern Hemisphere Custom Planetary Positions, November 2 Northwestern Hemisphere Custom Planetary Positions, 2 November Southeastern Hemisphere Custom Planetary Positions, Good Whatever Time It is Where You Live Sisters, Brothers, and Guests, Magickal Spell of the Day – Dragon Spell for A New Start Under Difficult Circumstances. We would also expect that other planets transiting the natal Sedna will activiate the Sedna energy (for better or worse). At the intermediate level, the energy represented by Sedna both follows Rudhyar’s schema but also departs from it. Other versions of the legend depict Sedna as a beautiful maiden who rejects marriage proposals from the hunters of her village. We have just been lurched out of a rut.

My experience with any of the new planets is that the hard Jupiter transits (conjunction, square, opposition) will magnify the effect of the new planet, and make it easy to observe. The difference between being victimized in a job (6th house) or a career (10th house) has not been singularly evident. By examining, step by step, the unique astronomy of Sedna, the mythology of Sedna, and the analytical tools given to us by Dane Rudhyar, we can pinpoint the Sedna archetype and how it works in the natal chart. Each category has its own unique characteristics.

Many songs are sung to this powerful goddess and in new seasons, pieces of the liver of the first-killed sea mammal are returned to the waters, imploring Sedna to release her bounty to the hunters so that … However, my third house Moon in Aries demands a label, so for the purposes of our discussion here I’m going call Sedna the first of the Great Year planets . Chiron conveniently bridges the gap between the inner and out planets. She was eventually reconciled with her father, who lives with her now, but hers is a solitary, moody existence. Sedna is also known as Arnakuagsak or Arnaqquassaaq ( Greenland ) and Sassuma Arnaa ("Mother of the Deep", West Greenland ) and Nerrivik ("Table", northern Greenland) or Nuliajuk ( District of Keewatin , Northwest Territories, …

are better than others for each planet. However, here is a very brief summary. Please share your observations in the New Planet Forum on this website so that others may also learn from your experiences. The Three degrees of Correllian Wicca either for information or for Clergy application, requirements are the same as listed above. (Please don't email me on this one. The creature, enraged by her disappearance, calls to a spirit of the sea to help him. She is known as Sanna, Nerrivik, Nuliajuq, or Arnarquagssaq. Rudhyar speaks clearly that the end of a cycle, however long, is simultaneously the beginning of a new cycle. When an unknown hunter appears, Sedna's father agrees to give her to him as wife in return for fish. Rudhyar doesn’t actually describe the journey, but anyone acquainted with Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey, knows the plot line. He lived in isolation in a desolate landscape under very primitive conditions and was abusive to Sedna, keeping her prisoner.

Please understand this does not mean anyone is going to die. More Information about Goddess Sedna. Just what sort of victimization was going on for you as Jupiter was transiting your natal Sedna? Sedna’s placement in the natal chart is not so much a mystery as a revelation of a new aspect of ourselves which each of us as individuals must now learn to integrate into our conscious being: the caretaker of humanity and this planet. In, Houston, James, "The Goddess of the Sea: The Story of Sedna". Sedna has long, thick, wet hair that tangles and mats easily. We stand at the end of a 25,770-year cycle of evolution of humanity, and if today’s newspaper is any indication, things are a mess.

The legend of how Sedna became a sea goddess is told throughout the Arctic.

On their way home a storm rises, threatening to capsize the overloaded boat. This is significant, for the Great Year, the precession of the equinoxes, is on a cycle of approximately 25,770 years according to the calculations of modern mainstream science, although alternative science buffs claim different figures, some as low as 24,000 years. All Gatherings & Open Chats Will Be Held In Heart's Spirit Coven's Chat Room The individual just gets dumped on. His final book, The Astrology of Transformation, is the basis of my work in karmic astrology, and it is not my intention to summarize his work here. Our astrological forebears studied them for millennia, and quite properly we still put great emphasis on them today. At that point my view was brief and theoretical only. Full stop. In terror, her father pushed her overboard. She is generally considered a vengeful goddess, and hunters must placate and pray to her to release the sea animals from the ocean depths for their hunt. In desperation, Sedna's father throws her into the raging sea. It’s the house that counts. Now we have Sedna, the first of what promises to be a collection of planets whose orbits are 10,000 years plus/minus around the Sun. To soothe Sedna, to coax her to release that life-saving harvest of sea animals, the shaman must approach her and calmly, gently comb out those painful knots and tangles.

Sedna's father gives Sedna a sleeping potion and gives her to the hunter who takes her to a large nest on a cliff, revealing his true form: a great bird-spirit (variously described as a raven, a fulmar or a Kokksaut/petrel-spirit).