^^^ How far is the car out of MP. I am in the process of putting a used engine in mine (23k) and proactively doing a rod bearing kit before I put it in the car. The rod bearing replacement procedure includes fully draining and replacing the engine oil and filter, power steering fluid, and coolant. © 2020 HG Performance | Powered by smartboost. If everything checks out, I’d still budget for a rod bearing replacement in the future, just so you have the procedure finished.

It is our opinion that the newer oil formulas, plus the extremely long 15,000-mile oil change intervals, work strongly against the long term life of the bearings. After a short time in the engine, these shear down into the 50-weight range and many of them continue to fall into the 40-weight range long before the engine reaches 15,000 miles. Rod bearings continue to be a sore subject among M3, M5, and M6 owners. The oldest E46 M3 engine is now 19 years old and most are over 100,000 miles.

This is why many experts are now seeing better results with a true 5w-50 versus a 10w-60 oil that starts overly thick and eventually becomes overly thin before it is changed out. A high quality oil like Torco’s SR-1R and SR-5R will stay in its original viscosity range through the full oil change interval. (Or do it yourself if you feel up to it).

Be the first to know about sales and special events. So unless you buy from an informed enthusiast, assume they have not been done. PMs don’t work, so if I don’t reply I’m not being rude. But, the problem is much more likely to happen in the S54, S65, and S85 for a few specific reasons.

With the 2008-2010 it is actually very useful and almost completely necessary.

Below is a brief overview of the factors that contribute to premature bearing failure, our recommendations on how to limit bearing wear as much as possible, and some information we have gathered about BMW rod bearings that owners may find interesting. Owners of S54, S65, and S85 BMW engines should change their engine oil every 5,000 miles if they see a lot of high RPM use on the race track and every 10,00 miles at most for cars driven daily. They changed the rod bearings in the 2011 model. The original rod bearings should be replaced every 60-80,000 miles, especially on vehicles which followed BMW’s 15,000-mile oil change recommendation.

The earlier E90 M3s are more susceptible to rod bearing failure as BMW made changes to the S65 engine later in the car's lifespan.

How can I insure that an independent shop installs Real BMW bearings? But, using an engine oil beyond the point where its Phosphorus is depleted means the protective layer will wear away. The problem with waiting until it fails is that it could basically destroy the engine completely. Castrol 10w-60, the newer Shell 10w-60 (BMW’s current supplier for the TwinPower Turbo branded oil) and many other 10w-60 oils that are marketed towards BMW M owners measure at the very bottom end of the SAE 60 viscosity range.

It is quite an involved process, and having a shop do it could cost as much as $3000. Yes & no..they are coating the OEM bearing BUT apparently the bearing is different to the original bearing used! Now I am stressed! I have a shop that does my oil changes and has replaced other parts like the throttle actionators but with the bearings I am worried that it's done right.

There are plenty of dealers in Orange County, CA that I know will do the job but their rates are sky high?

They could do it but said it was a waste of my money, I called Crevier BMW in Santa Ana and talked to a service manager and he said he has never seen the issue.

it can fuck up after a clean report pretty quick. TL;DR I'd look into having them replaced.


What is more likely is that if the bearings go while the car is under plan, then BMW would replace the engine. Heh, then I'm pretty sure they haven't been done.

Pho3niX90 Jansen_Van_Nieuwenhulhu.

Yes. The BMW S54 inline 6, S65 V8, and S85 V10 engines are some of our favorites. For drivers who frequent track or autocross events, Torco SR-5R will significantly reduce oil temperatures and provide an even higher level of protection. It’s certainly possible to do it yourself, but novices need not apply. Zinc levels are not limited, but Zinc alone is ineffective without Phosphorous to bind to.

We recommend SR-5R 5w-50 for engines with original bearings and SR-5R 10w-60 for owners who have upgraded to extra clearance bearings.

The rod bearings in the S65 V8 have been known to fail within 60,000 miles. CURRENT: BMW E36 M3 Coupe PROJECT...plan.. 18" EwingEquips & TURBO.

seems like a bit of a crap shoot. For owners who want to take the proactive step of removing the original bearings, we offer MRF Engineering rod bearings and custom ARP bolts that provide increased clearance to make it easier for oil to flow through, as well as an increased margin of safety. M3 E90'2'3 Rod Bearing Problems And Cost.

why wouldnt they do it if it went in Motorplan? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. the new OEM bearing has more clearance.

The new bearings do not have lead in their construction. Each bearing set is individually tested at MRF before shipping and is marked with a specific torque spec that will ensure proper bearing shape after they are deformed by the installation torque.

I have 76k miles on my '08 and I read this in an article today Is this really an issue? Please check your entries and try again.

Should I replace it before or wait for it to fail?

We have seen these types of failures in a wide variety of engines, from Subaru EJs to newer BMW S63s. There were Technical Service Bulletins about this from BMW and while no formal recalls were issued, this car’s 95,000-mile figure seems to be in prime territory for bearing failure if the fix hasn’t been performed yet. The Castrol 10w-60 motor oil originally used in these engines was chosen for its additive package but has had to be reformulated to meet the needs of newer vehicles and their emissions equipment in order to be compliant to API SM and SN standards. The ZDDP protective layer is a sacrificial barrier, meaning that it is consumed and then replenished as the engine operates. blackstone would be a waste of money to continually do. Get a monthly update of happenings at the shop. Rod bearing replacement is not the kind of job BMW would typically do on Motorplan. What I would do, before buying this or any E90/92/93 M3, would be to ask the dealer to perform a inexpensive Blackstone Labs oil analysis to see if there are any microscopic particulates shearing themselves off over time. Press J to jump to the feed. We maintain several that are nearing 150,000 miles. The rod bearings are responsible for keeping the rod end safe from the pounding it takes as 50-100 horsepower beats down on it from above. There could be a number of reasons for premature failure with a lot of finger-pointing as to the real cause. With that peace of mind documented on paper, you’ll always be able to sell the car on for more than any other example with a questionable rod bearing history, so it’s certainly worth the not-inconsiderable cost.

These motors were designed at a time when API SL-compliant oils were the industry standard. This design relies on a particular set of properties in the engine oil, allowing it to flow well enough to reliably get between a 1/1000 of an inch gap, but with a high enough viscosity to keep the metals separated.

Ok so my car mplan ends May 2017, 76 k on the clock! Tags: s54 rod bearing shells; Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > 16 May 2017 at 10:06 AM #1. bmw addict On the path. Now, let’s look at some of the factors we mentioned. S54 Rod Bearing Shells replacement cost.

It’ll give you a ton of insight as to the true condition of the engine, which costs a metric ton of cash to replace if it pops. Joined: Apr 5, 2017 Messages: 117 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: 16 Location: Bucks/London What're you driving? Whatever the reason, rod bearings are wearing out sooner than expected and their replacement should be considered a required preventative … My 2008 m3 spun a bearing at 80k a few weeks ago. BMW’s recommendation for the S54, S65, and S85 M engines was for owners to change the engine oil every 15,000 miles with oil that meets the BMW LL-01 specification.

Honestly its wear related to the high RPM redline + tight tolerances the bearings were installed with at the factory. We recommend oils that exceed the API certifications in these engines for better wear protection. I think about it from time to time (changing out the bearings).

Cause I can almost promise you that the bearings weren't done under MP, unless explicitly stated so. These bearings are Calico CT-1 coated to provide an additional layer of protection before metal to metal contact.

We use rod bearings made out of a softer metal than the crankshaft or the rod so that it breaks down first. It is also our opinion that the Castrol 10w-60 was chosen because of the mix of additives it included and not necessarily for its specific viscosity.

The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is. It is a well documented issue.

Connecting rod bearing failure is catastrophic on any engine and will typically leave the vehicle in need of a complete replacement engine.

Zinc dialkyldithiophosphates (ZDDP) are an important group of engine oil additives that form a protective layer when exposed to temperature and pressure, making them ideal for preventing bearings from rubbing together in high performance engines.

This will not show up in the blackstone analysis so i would consider that to be a waste of money. If everything checks out, I’d still budget for a rod bearing replacement in the future, just so you have the procedure finished. Its honestly a gamble, some people have zero issues while some people have engines shit the bed at 20k miles. A tight clearance between the bearings makes it more difficult for oil to flow in between to provide a layer of lubrication and cushioning to prevent the two metals from rubbing together. m3post has a wealth of information!!! If you are looking to keep the car for a while and you have the money, I'd find a good shop who has done this job before and have them replaced. It’s certainly possible to do it yourself, but novices need not apply. He looked up my VIN and said there was no service bulletin on the issue either.

Blackstone lab reports sadly won't really predict this, I've seen people have clean oil reports and eventually have bearings fail anyways.

A four wheel alignment is also included.

In the above models, the clearances between the crankshaft journals and bearings are tighter than usual, especially in relation to the high RPMs that these engines are capable of. Should You Replace Your BMW’s Original Bearings? some on mpost have had engines go at 20k, some (like mine) are sill on original bearings at 120k and going strong. ~ Winston Churchill, When replacing the bearings does the engine have to come out or can it be done from underneath, So with all this ROD BEARING scares and issues I want o know if anyone has a way to find the info of the previous owner so that I can be in contact with him to ask him the relevant questions.