There are already more than 500 distinct cards, and collectors can submit their own original Rare Pepes for consideration. Six foot tall DJ Pepe Sharing the stage at the Rare Digital Art Festival. Literally all they need to be able to do is go to a website and type in the code on the card, like you would do with any gift card. I see there is a NSFW [not-safe-for-work] rule? So the idea is we didn’t want to scare people away. I'm just looking through the rules. DaVinci, the artist, he's Japanese and he has a little shop. It's like people in the art world in these smaller kinds of communities that buy art are kind of trying to impress each other. Submissions must be ORIGINAL. I've never charged artists to put bonus content in the wallet. Jason: Is it fair to say what you are doing with Rare Pepe Wallet could translate to the traditional “non-digital” art world? People have all this money now and they aren't really sure what to do with themselves. We should grab a beer some time given you live not too far from me. And a mirror is not racist, just because a racist is using it.”. The exchange rate of Rare Pepe is $0.019930. Enter: the blockchain.

Rare Pepes. His work has also appeared on,, and the Morning News.

Rare Pepe Wallet is a tool created by developer Joe Looney that makes it possible to buy, sell, trade, edition, gift, and destroy digital artworks. I think it's probably entirely accurate that people like those guys in that article are the reason why some CryptoKitties have sold for over $100,000. Joe Looney, Bitcoin developer and maintainer of Rare Pepe Wallet, a CounterParty assetwallet designed to improve pepecash-based trading UX, announced today on Twitter that has been compromised.

Dogecoin, for example, was just a rebranded Bitcoin running on the same technology.

Is that right or just a good story? We’re a long way from Good Boy Points now. RARE ART LABS 566 views Jason: That's almost like the song or the video game example you gave where it's an auxiliary to the core part which is the coin or the token, right?Joe: Yeah, exactly. But what if there were a way to regulate Pepes and make them impossible to copy? With this news in mind, itt’s important to remember that most web wallets are only as secure as the people hosting them and that keeping your funds on exchanges and web wallets is a bad, risky practice for people holding nontrivial amounts of crypto. I think those guys in that article are probably the ones spending $40,000 for a Rare Pepe. The postRare Pepe Wallet Backdoored In Attempted Frog Heist appeared first on Bitsonline. How did this idea that you can have one-of-a-kind content beyond just the visual card going into games and music and whatnot evolve?

The wallet became compromised via a malicious commit pushed to the wallet’s repository from Looney’s Github account that had been broken into earlier by the attacker(s). And that's way more -- in terms of XCP, it was eight times, so not even just in terms of dollars. Deposit your $RPEPE Earn $KEK Token.

Jason: So it was the first platform that allowed for user-submitted artworks, or trading cards, on the blockchain?Joe: Yeah, that's the way I explain it to people. There's some really, really good ones that people definitely spent a lot of time and are very talented artists. APY--- We have people from Japan, Spain, France, the U.S., Switzerland (myself), Russia, Turkey, South Africa and many other countries. Joe Looney presenting at the Rare Digital Art FestivalPhoto Credit: Kieran Farr @kfarr. I thought that article was pretty interesting because it's like it made sense a little more after reading that. Rare Pepe - Rare Pepe Wallet trading cards Like us on Facebook!

So I'm not crypto-retired because I have to be responsible because I'm a parent.

How many rpepe coins are there in circulation?

I thought that was interesting.

Jason: Awesome, thanks for your time Joe! asset name: pepebushido amount issued: 100. spacexpepe. Jason: Who are some of the Rare Pepe artists I should check out? And it costs two transaction fees, because what you do is you send the Pepe to the gift card with another transaction fee so that whoever you give the gift card to can redeem it within the Wallet, and when they redeem it, it basically just uses that private key -- that's the secret code on the gift card -- to send the Pepe to them, and there’s already enough Bitcoin to do that.

Even though you don’t need PepeCash to buy Pepes, Pepe enthusiasts find it nice to own for a number of reasons. There are a handful of one-of-a-kind Pepes, and some of their owners may have lost the passphrases to their Pepe wallets or may never sell their precious rares. But JeffTheDunker also suggests there’s a real demand for unusual digital images of Pepe, even though it seems like those images should be trivial to replicate. The exchange rate of Rare Pepe is $0.000000.

Rare Pepe Wallet is a tool created by developer Joe Looney that makes it possible to buy, sell, trade, edition, gift, and destroy digital artworks. So there's kind of like a communal area where everybody can go, hang out and post memes and talk about Rare Pepes, and then the Wallet. This is a collection of Rare Pepe imagery. Users should restore their wallets to another trusted CounterParty wallet and transfer their funds to a new wallet in the meantime. “In what can be seen as a satirical jab at this growing [altcoin] culture, Rare Pepes create a metaphorical representation of the pump and dump absurdity and legitimizes it through the use of the Bitcoin blockchain’s immutability,” Bitcoinist’s Ryan Strauss wrote in November. I thought it was a pretty funny example because it's, like, here I'm taking this digital thing and making it physical. It was price discovery, right? In what can be seen as a satirical jab at this growing [altcoin] culture, Rare Pepes create a metaphorical representation of the pump and dump absurdity and legitimizes it through the use of the Bitcoin blockchain’s immutability,” Bitcoinist’s Ryan Strauss wrote in November. Jason: Safe to say you don't filter for artistic content like quality or skill or whatever, right? But imagine if -- and this is even more interesting, with Rare Pepe, especially -- if 10 to 15 years from now, say Rare Pepe Wallet is not around anymore, Rare Pepe Directory is not around anymore; as long as Bitcoin is around, your Rare Pepe is still around, and maybe there's some that the image gets lost and now it's a really rare Pepe because no one even has the image for it. Can Machine Learning Predict the Price of Art at Auction? Jason: Putting their kids through college and stuff. The max supply of Rare Pepe is 30993121.08. How many rpepe coins are there in circulation? And then it's like, aww, someone ruined Pepe! Pepecash is needed to pay your submission fee to get your Rare Pepes into this directory, and into the wallets. PROTIP: They are essentially saying “you have to have this token that goes with this art piece” because they're trying to take that physical art and make it digital; whereas Pepe kind of switched that whole thing on its head. It seems like maybe in half an hour to an hour of the auction, and I heard it cleared about $100,000 in Pepe total, I think. We have a Telegram chat which is where it started. There are 0.00 coins in circulation of rpepe. to view the gallery, or In addition, Looney stated the hack made him reconsider his practices, and he “might get a [Yubikey] now.”. Jason: People want to tell the story that it is the newly CryptoRich buying this rare digital CryptoArt.

That cutout went to the highest bidder on the DJ Pepe cards. Jason: Yeah, I love it. Traders can buy and sell the Pepes using Counterparty currency, but they prefer a cryptocurrency called PepeCash, which currently trades at 302 PepeCash to the dollar.

And I was surprised that the rate at which they were selling. At least one company, Spells of Genesis, explored the creation of digital trading cards tied to the blockchain before the invention of Rare Pepe Wallet. So now you've got that same thing, but in the digital world. These include: First blockchain community where anyone can submit artwork to be bought, sold, traded, or destroyed on the blockchain; First to offer the above service while taking zero commission; First to create a gift card system that allows for gifting artwork to people who do not own any cryptocurrency (a major innovation for improving adoption); First to conceive of VIP content like songs and games tied to the token in addition to the artwork; First to move a digitally scare artwork to a physical piece of hardware (opendime). Some of them may still be dank, but they’re no longer rare. That got people excited right away. Another thing that I demonstrated during my demo was the OpenDime Pepes, which was the physical Pepe. If you would like to request rights to post any of these on 4chan, Reddit, Tumblr, 9gag or any other social media platform or discussion board, please send a request along with the link to the Pepe you would like […] I don't know.

So that's another interesting thing with cryptocurrencies which then applies to these digital assets, is that you can provably destroy them.