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The absolute best pork tenderloin sandwiches. Does anybody remember the name of the little candy store at the corner of Monroe and Evan's back in the 50's and early 60's? Later, near the same site they built a Cheddars Restaurant (Gourmet Burgers) 4) Dixie Manor (restaurant on Glen in Rolling Acres) was originally a freestanding wood frame structure much closer to Glen Ave and called Dixie Cafe. River Station.

They had the world’s best ham and cheese omelet.

There are some really fun photos of what Illinois looked like during the time of brown shag carpeting. I lived on McClure’-1100 blk. Growing up in the 60’s my mom would take me there on Friday nights. I became aware of Lovin's pharmacy in the 70s and believe that they went out of business.

Brown's blue 1989 Plymouth hatchback, (IL. Spartan was a K-Mart style store that later became Belscot and much later Widmers Office Supplies and Thompson's Food Basket. It’s about to get psychedelic, guys.

The Peoria Journal Star recently ran a story on Pete Pasquel, the retired owner of the George O. Pasquel Co. restaurant supply company, who recalled some of the independent restaurants of the past in central Illinois. To remember simpler times and growing up in Peoria. And that little Chinese restaurant, Chan's, on Main St. Great food! Barnaby's on N. University in yhe 70s and 80s. !yes Delicious. The tickets were all hand written with a cash drawer. We kids, enjoyed, Cilco's animated, Christmas display, in their big window. across from woodruff was howard lithographer - my recollection is that they are out of business. and going back near McClure was Ye Olde Medicine or Vitamin Shoppe. View all posts by Steve Tarter. Avanti’s was a great favorite, Davis Brothers Pizza, I hung out at the Busy Bee every morning before school in the early 70’s. Many establishments came and went, yet many are still with us today. And, oh yes, Sikes Grocery at the corner of Gale and W. Forest Hill in Elvista. Grandma ALWAYS was at the drawer if she wasn’t cooking. 1971-1972. But if the male has a longer, larger penis, he can use it to gag his mate. These 13 Photos of Illinois In The 1970s Are Mesmerizing. We believe that supporting local attractions is important now more than ever and we hope our articles inspire your future adventures! I don’t remember what the pizza was like that first time, but I have grown to appreciate it—especially the deep-dish variety, which was something I had never experienced before. I would go upstairs about every weekend. Peoria was a 24hr town. I was always intrigued by it.

Loved Hunts tenderloins! The place had gambling machines for a while. Submitted by John O'Connell on Fri, 10/09/2020 - 01:07. LOL!!

the Best!

Great paella and salmon bites. When I was stationed around the world in the military, I would always crave a Hunts tenderloin.

I remember that there was a grocery store in Sheridan village - was it A&P? Peoria is the county seat of Peoria County, Illinois, and the largest city on the Illinois River. Somewhere around Loucks and university was a laundromat called Swiss Miss. i am so glad that i could use it. PetrowsPub was owned by Char Misener and Linda Burdette. across from the Saving Center Tower on Hamilton. . My family actually did a tv commercial for Mr. Quick on Main Street. They stole money from their employees, took tables and tips away from employees without doing side work. That is according to its first listing, in the 1950 phonebook, for Romane’s Italian Foods, an establishment specializing in pizza, spaghetti and ravioli. Speaking of World War II, it is known that many servicemen who spent time in Italy were introduced to what was referred to as “Neapolitan pizza.” Their affection for the dish surely led to its proliferation in mid-century America… and in Peoria. I used to work part time at the post office you should have seen the processing area a real piece of work.I think the water tower is open at least it was a few years ago. I left Peoria in 1957 at eighteen...I remember the Elbow Room on Knoxville, J&J Style Shop at 105 S. Jefferson, Brady's Bar in the alley between Jefferson & Adams Sts., HoToyLo Chinese Restaurant, Rialto Theater,NeuMode Hosiery,Byerly's Music, Johnson's Mens Store, Jefferson Hotel, PereMarquette Hotel, Fred Brown's All-Stars (big band), Sutliff & Case Drug Store, Tucker Car Sales on upper Main St. Prim Skating Palace (upper Main St.)Thanks,Susan L. Susan L. They had rock star quality chili dogs! Right: Romane's on S. Adams was the first Peoria establishment to serve pizza.

During the mornings before she was open I would count her change.

If I could get my hands on some pizza palace pizza. Builders Square Home Improvement store located on Knoxville out in Northpoint shopping center. National Shirt Shop in the Mall, only because I worked there. The FUN is in the RUN!!! There is another area pizza franchise that survives today, but only at a single location. Fortunately, my dad attended, as a spectator, and I snagged his slide reel and was able to scan the photos! While the 1960s saw the advent of the pizza franchise in Peoria, this did not appear to dissuade new, single-location pizza places from opening. Awesome Hotdogs.

One that was mentioned was the Pizza Palace. Was owned by KMart.

I drank their wine while they drank my sperm. They include Avanti’s, The Flamingo, LaHood’s and Penguin Tap. Thompsons went out or business long ago. Phar Mor, Cardinal's Roost, Cock-doodle-doo, Leonardo's.

Now it's just a place for hoods. Anyone remember its name? Does anyone else remember Lum’s restaurants, the Scandia Room at Bergner’s in Sheridan Village, the Tartan Tray from Carson Pirie Scott when it was downtown, Bishop’s Cafeteria downtown, the Athens Restaurant downtown, and the Heritage House Smorgasboard on Knoxville?