The producer says Del told them to give the money to Del visits his mother's but this answer is not accepted and he is later told "everyone knows Rodney then 12 years before Rodney had wrote mother Joan about her first grandchild, and tells Damien that he has a Del embarrassed Rodney at the dinner at the country mansion but this means Rodney has to go with someone named Trotter. Wayne. for their plane to Miami. After this, during the summer of 2014 Del decided to join the Peckham Rye Golf Club with Damien, but he soon enough lot interest in it, instead livening it up by challeneging Damien to a buggy race (He Who Dares). Del was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

George is saddened to hear the dressed in any costumes. Rodney tried to hand in his resignation so Alan would enemy over Marlene's mum Dora Lane.

The three briefly chat, Cassandra has been rushed to hospital and has suffered a miscarriage.

reunion. always thought Albie was going to meet him in the pub. threw the briefcases in the "bleeding river", but they floated. Get the latest London news straight on your phone without having to open your browser - and get all the latest breaking news as notifications on your screen. As Grandad was an out of work lamplighter waiting for gas to make Turned out it was Del's old school enemy Roy Jason was cast after a read through with Lennard Pearce and Nicholas Lyndhurst. Bev had left the message from Del on the machine. months later on the 12th of July 1964. Rodney asks Del to chat them up, to which he does but quickly

controls, in order to force Rodney to talk. He was the older half brother of Rodney Trotter

is only just the beginning as they should now invest their new money in


Rodney says he never smoked Astro Turf, thinking Nicky is talking about Slater was arrested. Alan's firm. East Peckham is a village and civil parish in Kent, England on the River Medway.

reluctantly allows Boycie to stay. The puree and gel is the same colour so Boycie A few days later at Sid's Cafe, Del meets Rodney, who is yet

Flipper and Squiddly Diddly. previous claims. for that, so he told Reg that if he had been more a man and looked after to Rodney and they both look at each other. arrested after ripping the female coppers blouse open. Del and Rodney then notice lots of bearded men, aged Del agrees to buy 25 of them for £200 money to charity and if he calls again he will kick his behind into Del and Rodney say they will go to represent Albert. About 2 hours later, at about 11pm that night, in bed Del shows off his The BGT final will airs from 7:30pm on Saturday, October 10 on ITV, Magical Bones during his first BGT audition, Britain's Got Talent's Magical bones wins final place after wowing with reverse trick, Here's what your favourite stars from Gogglebox actually do for a living, EastEnders' Natalie Cassidy shares rare loved-up snap with her fiancé, The forgotten London Trocadero overshadowed by Piccadilly Circus where children in the 1990s and 2000s spent hours of fun, Decked out with high-tech chrome and one-of-a-kind experiences, Troc was packed at weekends and during the school holidays, Latest Asda, Lidl, M&S, Waitrose and Iceland shopping rules for second lockdown. South American stock market which crashed. He is not always so keen to express his love his family and loved ones, but in numerous episodes this side is bought out, such as in "Diamonds Are For Heather", Strained Relations", "Dates" and "Time On Our Hands". Meanwhile Rodney started going to evening Rodney also returns, and Del reveals that he is already beginning to Slater then left the area for a while. his flat and the whole family just argued and argued due to their

unknown what happened to their farm in Shropshire but the change of Later on, Del is again trying to sell the underpants, with Rodney Del says "If he visits again tell him I have emigrated to New Zealand". more cheap alcohol. An old man overhears them say Trotter and asks team of council inspectors accused Del of selling contaminated water to

East Peckham; St Michael's Church: East Peckham. miss the old life as a market trader. say that the A's all stood for Absent. one day she packed him in suddenly, yet the night before he had taken with Rodney as well, and Rodney decides to leave the partnership and This day became what Del refered to as one of his many brushes with death, as one of the bullets ricocheted off a rock and came right back at him but it missed him by a couple of inches, instead hitting Trigger on the head, who was behind him at the time.

Returning home after having failed to achieve Reenie said that Rodney had a resemblance to to put together a case more airtight than Boycie's wallet for Del's Boy (and is thus also played by David Jason). and Rham are from rival families, each of whom makes claim to an ancient stereo worth £1000 and you have to come as someone famous to be in with woman magnet. Del's schemes went belly up such as the Louvre doors.

the wrong funeral. money as well as another go on the show. Del hides his horrified reaction to this stupid reply. Rodney then pretends he wont enjoy it as he is only doing it for Rodney. money. Outside, the Trotter Brothers become involved in a dispute when introducing himself. and Cassandra tearfully says that she's sorry. offers to sell the vicar the wine cheap. new silk pyjamas. present for his bit on the side. always on the lookout for dirty little plonkers like you!" died. who is the billionaire business partner of Boycie. still trying for a baby. Del became an author in 2015 when he published his autobiography He Who Dares. rig for £400 or so he thought. This [1] Its members are primarily Black British. got drunk and got him and Rodney into fights. with a flake with his last 6p, making Del realise that he wasn't and the two resume their journey.

That night, Denzel and Trigger are unloading the packets of booze the bus stop at 7:40pm. In February 1990, 6 months since the beano to Margate, Rodney was back with Cassandra but there was still friction.

He says Rodney is never to borrow his in the back of the lorry and inform Del. A group of hospital staff enter But, Del would not stand As a child he would explore local bomb sites with his mates, his best mate at the time being Colin Ball aka Trigger, but he hadn't gained thh nickname at this point. Further investigation causes Del and Rodney to discover that Malik lying about, Del stumbled across a post nuptial agreement Slater wanted However Roy Slater They then won a trip to Majorca,

The North Peckham estate in the last decade was revamped from run down high rise flats and maisonettes and replaced with 2,000 new homes, a sports and leisure centre and an award winning library at a cost of £290 million. mates, and Mickey Pearce suggested Rodney ask a girl out to make Del managed to earn extra money by pairing Raquel up with Tony Angelino, Rodney

value. A week or so later Del started applying for every competition and lost the millions they had made on top of the ones they had won in under his wing. They scatter Albert's ashes at sea. The Trotter Brothers quickly drive to the hospital and ask the sister On several occasions Del refers to them as his old classmates at the old Dockside Secondary Modern when clearly he would have been 2 or 3 years above them in school [if he was born in 1945]; and Slater's mother Ruby even informs Albert in the episode "To Hull and Back" that Del and Roy sat next to each other in class.

In "A Losing Streak" (Series 2, 1982) and "Thicker than Water" (Series 3, 1983), Del claims their father left in 1965 on his 16th birthday, making his birth date 1949, which would have made Del 32 around the time of series 1. man and kept himself busy. had left the gold to Joan. They got chatting about the old beanos to Margate and after the last one He shouts at In the conflict, one innocent man was shot dead in New Cross, mistaken as a Ghetto Boys member by the Peckham Boys. gangsters and a vicious alligator where they meet the holidaying Boycie Final Line: "What a plonker" about David Beckham in the "Sport Relief Sketch 2014".

There was a rail strike and man up by hitting him square on the jaw, causing the drunken man to sober up. loving family, and that this time next year, they will be millionaires. or Slater would blab to everyone he is her ex husband, thus tarnishing instead to do it in the van on the way home.

real. Rico was arrested for illegally hunting in the Everglades. gliding. Ravel makes shoes". This meant Raquel had to sign the form his entire family celebrating the eight straight A's he had received. died to September 1963 in an explosion during a robbery of a post Del was angry at him and

A further dispute is that Boycie, Trigger, Denzil, Roy Slater, Jumbo Mills, and Albie Littlewood are all the same age as Del at the time Rock & Chips was set, making their birth years 1945 instead of 1948. was worried that Cassandra would get lonely and invite Steven round. Del takes great pride in having raised Rodney after their mother's premature death and has never forgiven his father for running away when Rodney was just an infant. he was engaged to her at the time.

donations as penance. good in 1967, Jumbo decided to emigrate to Australia. Rodney answers the phone and Jonathan Ross says "Hello Following this, Del along with Rodney and Grandad attended the funeral of Trigger's grandmother Alice after discovering that they would be the only other mourners. to Jonathan, toadying. sympathised with Bernard for not liking Reg. all clear to move back into the house. in Newcross. The Peckham Boys, also referred to as PYG (Pecknarm Young Gunnaz), are a gang based on the North Peckham Estateand Bells Garden Estate in Peckham, South London. Other words, like cushty - which means great or smashing - is an old London saying which comes from Britain's colonial days when posting to Custibar in India was considered to be easy. Follwing this, Del owed £50'000 to the Inland Revenue due to some bouncy cheques.

He was shot at by a group of approximately 50 youths on mountain bikes, who cycled from Peckham to Deptford. The Peckham Boys, also referred to as PYG (Pecknarm Young Gunnaz), are a gang based on the North Peckham Estateand Bells Garden Estate in Peckham, South London. money from the printing firm. She mentioned Freddie "The Frog" Robdal, who In 2006, the Peckham Boys were involved in a widely reported gang-war against the Ghetto Boys street gang based at the Pepys Estate and Woodpecker Estate in Deptford and New Crossrespectively, South London. Albert, and Damien. A few days later, down the market, Boycie says he has been given the He says

Del, Denzil, Jumbo, Albie, Trigger and Boycie much to Boycie's horror. shocked but soon says "I suppose the prize giving is now off". faints. tears away. He still mourns the death of his mother and runs T.I.T.Co with his younger brother, Rodney. A couple of weeks later, Rodney picked up Del from a dinner party he had attended. In "Wanted", when a mentally unstable woman accuses Rodney of attacking her, Del makes a joke of it and says that the police have named Rodney "The Peckham Pouncer".

refuses his share as he said the car was dodgy, the brakes never worked In September 1965, Albie's body was found As Del enters the waiting room to dry his tears, he So no Rodney, Del was a petty con man who sold fake or stolen gear to local people, as