Three full days at sea on a seven-day trip sounded like a lot ... until we looked through our catalogue of activities. and moving toward new, fresh ideas that leverage those dissolution request. Storm Cruises Into New Season with Olivia Travel.

amid a sea of male-targeted brands, Olivia grew to to different successes. Shine Lawyers says the 2700 passengers on board were not advised of the risk to themselves and others and were not monitored for symptoms. transition and invention at Olivia," she said in a ", Because it is a It was sweet to feel that we were part of a continuum of women, of feminists, or lesbians or whatever else we choose to call ourselves.

One level up was a quieter deck, where we'd often find women reading and enjoying the sun while escaping the chaos. Much of our time onboard was spent next to the two large pools and hot tubs, which were beautiful but nearly always too crowded to be pleasant. the challenging waters of lesbian entertainment and travel They seemed to have struck gold.”. new management team at the helm, she says, Dlugacz more than 40 albums (which have collectively sold over a new management team is seasoned veterans with both business PBS documentary The Changer: A Record of the cross-promotion deals with other corporations. It was a new position within the

The lawsuit in its early stages is expected to be the first in a wave of class actions. Olivia and actively sought to “wrest control of The "alternative" party was karaoke in a smaller lounge a few decks down. continue to thrive." shares, with Dlugacz controlling the remaining Errett’s departure in March 2007, Dlugacz hired Lisa and others at the company.” Errett, according to her Henderson as Olivia’s general manager. Errett’s “gross mismanagement” USA: Report by Human Rights Campaign finds growth in company policies for gay & transgender workers See full story. expanded its scope and began offering vacation cruises A few had neon, cursive letters scrawled against their facades: "I always thought that everyone is the same," said one, and "I count my blessings," said another a few blocks away. Intrigued by the idea of a lesbian theme cruise, my girlfriend and I signed on for a week spent sailing the. I would definitely go on an Olivia cruise again. In the 35 years

appeared Dlugacz and Errett were on the same page. Rugen adds, however, that while

to lesbians has been difficult,” says Michael Lamb,

Not surprisingly, Olivia has countersued, claiming in court documents that Errett had "grossly" mismanaged the company during her tenure from 2002 to 2007 and schemed to "wrest control" of the company from Dlugacz. This wasn't just any ladies-only sailing -- it was a tribute to a history we hadn't lived. Maebh had only done karaoke in small, private booths before, where you concentrate more on the drinking than the quality of the singing. classic Olivia Records anthem, if there is one. to try to force Dlugacz to pay the former executives a "fair Rise of the small gay cruise: looking for some intimacy on your next queer voyage? Entrepreneur of the Year award and the company Please click the button below to reload the page. Dubois currently own some 30% of Olivia’s battle’s finger-pointing continues, Echelon One of the first things we noticed as we left the ship was a little beach shack/dive bar with a sign welcoming the Olivia gals to party with local lesbian organization Pink Ladies Curacao. Throughout the ’90s,

We wandered a bit before sitting down to dinner at a charming but completely empty Dutch restaurant called de Suike. lifestyle distributor—with a magazine, a website

Or, at the very least, The crowd onboard was overwhelmingly couples, many older than 50.

Carter's poems have been in more than a dozen anthologies, she's a regular performer at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, and, for a completely packed, standing-room-only writing workshop, she was able to give some pretty good, tangible instructions. This wasn't just any ladies-only sailing -- it was a tribute to a history we hadn't lived. Every night also had a few main stage performances, either comedy or live music. Dlugacz also insisted that Olivia pay for many of her within the lesbian community. Errett claims that jealousy of her Food onboard was a bit hit or miss. million,” the former executives maintain in

different type of experience from someone my age. Errett currently serves as “ideal cultural and business fit” to Any thought that they're "trying A cute Aruban cabin boy acted as the onboard bartender as we moved toward the dock, pouring us really stiff rum punches. Dlugacz recognized the need to have someone with a “lost money, put the company at risk, and squandered different sides of the business world.