It's easier but less effective.. How is global PR industry adapting to this year’s Challenges? Te Pūtahi Whakakakau Tūmatanui o Aotearoa Date: 2000-2003 From: Gant, Phyllis, 1922-2010: Collection Ref: MS-Papers-10097-034 Description: Correspondence, mainly rejection letters from the editor of NZ Listener Quantity: 1 folder(s). Bill Ralston’s attempt (Life, January 28) to rally the nimbyist troops to protect Freemans Bay, Ponsonby, St Mary’s Bay, Herne Bay, “the harbourside suburbs of the North Shore and many old established suburbs to the south” from the bulldozers coming to clear the way for Hong Kong-like apartment towers is both mischievous and unnecessary. The Press (150 words) Christina’s response to Bill Ralston’s column in the Listener. She was a very frightened and distressed spinster, living near Florence Radcliffe.I imagine she would have known about the services Florence provided, but fortunately she chose life for me and gave me a future.I was raised by my single mother and her older spinster sister. The Public Relations Institute of New Zealand (PRINZ) has awarded Life membership to Catherine Arrow in recognition of her significant service over many years. Christina’s response to Bill Ralston’s column in the Listener. Promoted by Voice for Life, 209 Victoria Avenue, Whanganui. Tips for writing letters to the editor (with thanks to First Union NZ) Editors prefer concise letters that respond to an article, editorial, or other letter Write and submit your letter as quickly as possible, preferably the same day that the article runs, so as to be published the next day or next issue KiwiSaver will be a gift. Pamela Stirling (@PamelaStirling) has been the editor of the Listener since 2004, and under her leadership the Listener has won more awards than any other magazine in New Zealand.Pamela has won Best Editor at the Magazine Publishing Association Awards seven times during her position as editor. A writer’sfull ­res­i­den­tial­addr ess is re­quired on all let­ters, in­clud­ing emails. They rely on New Zealand Superannuation, to which every generation of New Zealanders contributes through taxes, either for their entire income post-retirement or as the basis of an income that they top up from their savings. Posted by AlanGirvan at 10:10 PM.

Wright Communications has become the New Zealand affiliate of Sydney-based FORWARD Agency, which specialises in influencer communications for consumer brands. Instead of focusing your attention at a reporter, editor, or expert who got it wrong, consider the central point you want people reading the letter to take away, Ask someone to review your letter to be sure your writing is clear and you are getting your point across, You must include your name, street address and phone number.

Dear Editor,I suspect that Redmer Yska’s article on the “brave pioneer” abortionist Florence Radcliffe is part of the campaign to allow freely available abortion up to birth.Three groups: Family Planning, Abortion Law Reform Association of NZ (ALRANZ) and the Women’s Health Action Group have combined to campaign for the 2008 Abortion Law Reform Act of Victoria in Australia to be introduced here.In 2010, they produced a strategy document which revealed extensive networking with their Victorian counterparts.Advocacy journalism like Redmer Yska’s “Flo never said no” would be published to influence public opinion.It reminded me how fortunate I was to evade Florence Radcliffe’s lethal ministrations.In Wellington in 1944, my 39-year old mother became pregnant.

People are entitled to choose the savings method they prefer, if any. Incidentally, he has lived and paid income tax in this country for 20 years and receives no NZ Superannuation. Dominion Post (200 word limit) NSPR Limited is delighted to announce the appointment of two new directors, Lynda Millward and Kate Barron, in what managing director Niki Schuck calls an…, I was both honoured and humbled to be elected President of the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communications Management at the AGM in São…, Home-grown New Zealand brands hold nine of the top 10 places in the Colmar Brunton Corporate Reputation Index 2019 released this week. Letters to the editor: For general enquiries, please phone: +649 308 2405 or email Tauranga – Bay of Plenty Times PO Box 99032, Newmarket, Auckland 1149 If her little victims could speak, they would describe her differently.Yours sincerely,Bernard Moran,National President of Voice for Life Inc. Sign up to receive the latest news straight to your inbox. The irony of Mr Ralston’s piece is that he already lives in a neighbourhood of relatively high density and avails himself of all the benefits that that brings: a five minute walk to buy his groceries; two high quality public parks also close by; plenty of cafes, shops and services; beautiful tree-lined streets; proximity to workplaces thus minimising commuting; and knowing your neighbours in a vibrant community.

Thus, everyone receives a different amount in retirement. Dear Editor, I suspect that Redmer Yska’s article on the “brave pioneer” abortionist Florence Radcliffe is part of the campaign to allow freely available abortion up to birth. People should be entitled to spend or save their money how they see fit. Managing Director Nikki Wright says the company was encouraged by increasing demand from consumer-facing brand owners to support them in an area where Wright Communications has not traditionally operated. The costs of Auckland continuing to spread beyond it’s current extent are unsustainable. Her skills lie in event management, media relations and looking for ways to put her own creative spin on things. Anita Winterstein has a passion for writing and people. PRINZ Letter to the Editor, NZ Listener.