He had spent five years in prison for the theft of a number of weapons and explosives, armaments he intended to use on businesses owned by black and Jewish people. Sheats, C.N., Chisolm's Company, unspecified wounds.

But they bristle if anyone calls them a militia. While the two largest militias are the Oath Keepers and the 3 Percenters, there are numerous smaller groups. Shiver, W.N.W., Poe's Company, minor side wound. ×

“They were there specifically to attack [Black Lives Matter],” Evans said.

He jumped in his truck.

Per month One Time Only. Each year since 1990, the SPLC has published an annual census of hate groups operating within the United States. As of 2020[update], the following militia groups have a national presence: Several militia organizations have since become inactive including: Only includes groups active in at least 2017, Accepts volunteers throughout the state, but operations are mostly conducted in, Considered to be a statewide group in another source, List of United States militia units in the American Revolutionary War, State defense force § Active state defense forces, Militia organizations in the United States, Occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, "Antigovernment militia groups grew by more than one-third in last year", "Active Patriot Groups in the US in 2016", "Oath Keepers militia will attend Portland 'free speech' rally, says leader", "Profiles on the Right: Three Percenters", "What Is the NFAC, and Who Is Grandmaster Jay? Chason, John, Norwood's Company, neck wound.

"In 1994, we stood up and had a big meeting, because in the state of Florida … The following week, more than 200 people requested to join its private Facebook group, Hanvey said. At least one young person was hit with a paintball in the upper thigh. Davis, John Sr., Norwood's Company, compound fracture of the thigh.

Statement of Purpose 1 - Whereas an armed citizenry can better deter crime, invasion, terrorism, and tyranny, we hereby organize the Northwest Florida Militia (NWFM) with the following intent: 1.1 - To encourage an armed citizenry, in support of, and in accordance with, the national and state Constitutions. Seth Herald / Getty Images Five states — Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Oregon — have the highest risk of seeing increased militia activity around the elections: everything from demonstrations to violence. Unknown, 2nd Maine Cavalry (minor wounds).

“This socialist agenda needs to get reined in,” Hanvey said. In the Pacific Northwest, far-right and militia-style groups have a long history, but their past standoffs and dramas tended to play out in remote rural settings. FORUMS. Unknown, 2nd Maine Cavalry (minor wounds).

Forums Topics Posts Last post; NWFM Organization, Policies, and Legalities. After a member of a civilian militia in New Mexico shot and critically injured a man, a prosecutor in Albuquerque earlier this month sued the militia in an attempt to stop it from showing up as a military unit at protests and assuming law enforcement duties. Mayor Selby’s criticism of vigilante groups – and her decision to kneel with Black Lives Matter protesters early in the movement – has sparked an outpouring of hate mail. Stanley, Gustavus, 2nd Maine Cavalry. Independently funded by patriots like you.

Civil rights groups contend that the Washington Three Percenters is an anti-government militia that promotes conspiracy theories and seeks to undermine democratic institutions. Donate to Us Support nwfm by making a donation.

Gen. Alexander Asboth set out from Fort Barrancas near the Federal-occupied city of Pensacola and rode eastward on a raid through northwest Florida. Such armed groups have been the target of criticism and, in some cases, ridicule. “We have never had the level of conservative activism that we have now,” Marshall said.

(They didn’t.). 1.3 - To resist foreign invasion.

McPherson, William, Company G, 5th Florida Cavalry, severe side wound. However, several Confederates continued to fire from the church and nearby homes. Alexander Godwin's cavalry around Campbellton, only a few miles from Marianna. It was no Marxist tract, but it pictured a Marxist on the cover.