Fully approved for transport when full, the Abbi storage tanks are well suited as a mobile refueler, traversing around jobsites to refuel machinery and equipment onsite. AC self-priming diaphragm pump, 230 V - 50 Hz, flow rate 30 L/min. Linnyshaw Industrial Estate This means: If your fuel storage tank meets all of the above conditions, then it’s most likely classified as an IBC. EasyFuelPlus solutions are available packaged together into a built-for-purpose unit for use on mobile bowsers/tankers.. At Tanks-UK, we are focused on providing domestic, commercial and agricultural customers with only the highest quality storage tanks and accessories, at genuinely unbeatable prices and with unrivalled service levels as standard. Mobile bowsers must be stored within a suitable secondary containment system, for example a bund or a drip tray, or be a self-bunded bowser. Description. Its transparency also allows a constant sight monitoring of the fuel level. ADR compliant (Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road Regulations). The industry was given a 15-year exemption period to switch over to internationally-approved IBCs, which ran out on 9th of May 2019.
Solutions are found through iCerMax™. Filling plug with integrated non-spill vent.

An IBC’s documentation should show both its IBC status and the specifics of the type of IBC it is. HQ Manufactured in roll printed liner polyethylene a material that ensures excellent resistance against shocks temperature changes  chemical agents and the weather.

With supply depots across the country, we can deliver to any location within a few hours! Crimped EPDM suction hose, size 3/4”, length 1,5 m. SEC connector for plastic couplings or stainless steel DEF coupler for common IBC containers.

Both fuel bowser ranges offer fully bunded tanks, ADR compliant & … Irvine Top handle for easy gripping and lifting. Manufactured to the highest standards our mobile fuel bowsers are designed to designed to be utilised in both on site and highways environemnts. 230 V - 50 Hz AC diaphragm pump, flow rate 30 L/min with built-in by-pass valve.


Consumption: 22 Amp (12 V DC) - 11 Amp (24 V DC). Highway Towable Fuel Bowsers The industry standard for transporting fuel - the ultimate mobile refuelling solution Fuel Proof's range of highway towable diesel bowsers are the most innovative, secure and reliable products of their type on the market. From 205L barrels to 36,000L tanker deliveries, you can count on us. Fitted with UN approved highway features, a push-pull pump or optional petrol pump, all of our towable fuel bowsers are easy to … Side pockets, reinforced by zinc-coated carbon steel profiles, allow lifting from bottom by means of forklift (full load). KA11 5BJ, Kane House

3★ With their new status as flammable and combustible liquids, they fell under the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR). If you use a mobile bowser to store oil you must comply with the relevant requirements of the Oil Storage Regulations. For an inspection of your oil storage tanks or to discuss fuel storage solutions, call us on 0330 123 1144 and our team will be in touch. Deonar Bus Depot, Mumbai-400088, Maharashtra, India, © Gemini Power Hydraulics Private Limited. Empty weight including fluid supply unit: 52 kg. Water Absorbing Filter: Micro rating: 30 μm. England The EasyFuel Plus Mobile Bowser Unit is a purpose-built automation system designed to control the dispensing of fuel from mobile fuel trucks.
Manufacturer of Mobile Fuel Bowsers - Gemini Carry Tank-Polyethylene Diesel Tank, Gemini Hippotank- Polyethylene Diesel Bowser, Gemini Mobile Diesel Bowser Tank and Gemini Polyethylene Diesel Tank offered by Gemini Power Hydraulics Private Limited, Mumbai, Maharashtra. Trolley comes fitted whit a 220 V pump, that has a flow rate 30 L / min. There are bowser options for both site tow and road tow applications. The only exemption still in place is for tractors that have towable fuel bowsers that are pulled under 40kmph; so long as the fuel bowser is safe, roadworthy and is only filled to its maximum design capacity then the exemption applies. Oldbury