Not to mention many levels of hot as well. I was under the impression I could socialise as I wished.”, “Is that what you call it?” Arthur muttered before he could stop himself.'. Sequel to Dear CamelotCan be read as standalone, but there will be some direct references to that work in here. He tried to look incredulous. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. "There is no way I'm going back to that feast with a great big hole in my trousers – not if you don't want those buggers staring at my arse – " His protest is cut short as Arthur growls, frees his erection from the confines of his breeches and, in one smooth thrust, plunges deep into Merlin. Will his reaction have severe consequences? :). Merlin was instantly wary. He growled out, pushing Merlin back against the wall with enough force to hit his head – hard. "I suppose we can have cereal with orange juice for dinner." And told Ron to reserve a table for them next Thursday evening. He fumbles for a second, trying to rearrange Merlin's breeches to give him access to his glorious arse them gives up and tears the material, baring him to the cool castle air. I wonder if I should kiss him... No such luck.

Merlin's POV. … He had overheard the conversation at the bar that day. He licks his lips, the bottom one stings a protest from where Arthur nipped it, "Jealous are we, Sire?". Hey anon!

Merlin's smile turned into quiet laughter. or, the one where Gaius is the Medicinal Master and basically the Proprietor of all things Potion of the entirety of Camelot; Arthur is not quite as unobservant and as willing to bow down to Uther's insanity as one might think; Leon is Best WingMan; Gwaine is Best in General and the Biggest Nuisance on top of that; Morgana is Confused; and Merlin thinks he's fucked. The boy followed meekly behind him, still holding the jug, he had to jog to catch up with Arthur after they passed the doors.

Merlin, having decided on the burger, was determined to ignore them. "Arthur is waiting for me...". "Ron actually did not mind much, but he was concerned about the other diners. Arthur's reply, quiet and with a hint of steel to it, surprised Merlin.

That had been when Merlin's fist had collided with the man's nose. Arthur too must have just returned from work; droplets of water clinging to the tendrils of hair at the back of his neck suggested that he had just showered and thus had only made the discovery of the lack of food in their flat. Were you sleeping this whole time? Arthur grows jealous of that trust. A ver, ¿acaso no va de eso la serie original? As absurd as Merlin felt right then with Arthur knowing the reason behind Merlin acting in a slightly over the top manner all those months ago.

Thank you so so so much, you are of incredible support during these weird times . Is there any hope for him, Camelot, or Merlin? "But who'd want an almost home-like ambiance and great food and an enjoyable walk to the pub and back? Meanwhile, Arthur is on a nefarious mission of his own and he must fight to protect Merlin from himself. But the Irishman, you know?" He wondered if Arthur had made a reservation earlier…the dining area was almost full, only another couple of tables were empty. I think you may like these! "I'd love to..but.." Merlin began, before being interrupted. The prince's manservant has magic and everyone knows (except the prince), 2. Merlin - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,190 - Reviews: 99 - Favs: 444 - Follows: 82 - Published: 7/9/2010 - Arthur, Merlin - Complete. You’ve brought me much joy :). It wasn’t like he had been arrested yet. “I don’t have a job. Arthur looked at Merlin, deep in thought. Nor was he the tallest bloke. I don't care if people hear – I want them to hear, I want them to find us – I want them to see that you are mine," again, he thrust against Merlin's eager hardness with these last three words, "Because you are Merlin. And well, if people are to believed, Merlin has heard the odd remark or two that his own pixie-ish looks were equally enticing. He had done so in the past, delighted in it. Merlin gives a rasping, throaty laugh – he loves Arthur when he gets like this, loves to be dominated, to break through the façade that the prince has been brought up to present. Arthur snaps his eyes back up to Merlin’s face.

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And there was the fact that Merlin and Arthur made a striking couple…. "Gwaine wanted me to come and see him when I was finished here." He refuses to speak or trust his rescuers, which frustrates Arthur to no end, what with Camelot very publicly legalizing magic years ago. Through the memories of his scars. Merlin might as well yield right then; he had never won any arguments with Arthur whenever jumpers and bare toes were involved.