The fund provided more than $4 million of direct aid between April and June. Partnership [3] Carter earned a bachelor's degree in business administration from Florida A&M University. display: inline-block; Melvin Carter III is the city's first African-American mayor. Transporting children, delivering babies, finding children, assisting senior citizens.

I am a New York-based reporter covering billionaires and their wealth for Forbes. State executives | I graduated from the University of St Andrews in 2018, majoring in International Relations and Modern History.

The first protests took place in Minneapolis-St. Paul on May 26. clear: both; Public pensions | Melvin Carter III is the city's first African-American mayor. A fourth-generation Saint Paul resident, Mayor Carter leads with an unapologetic equity agenda.

background-color: grey; Courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society Press. As a student Carter wanted to run in the Olympics. Carter says his book is a reflection of not just his own story, but of how African-Americans changed America, stretching back from the living legacy of his great, great-grandmother's birth into slavery, through generations of struggle to a new, still imperfect equality. color: black; He is the son of a retired police officer Sgt. The boat's captain, Marvin Carter III, owns the Gus's Fried Chicken on Mendenhall Road. Melvin Carter Jr. joined the St. Paul Police Department in 1974 and served nearly 40 years on the force, initially one of only a handful of black officers among the ranks.

} } Follow me on Twitter @skleb1234 or email me at, I’m a San Francisco-based reporter covering breaking news at Forbes. According to the bio on his campaign website, Carter is a fourth-generation Saint Paul resident. font-weight: bold; We need to capitalize on those strengths and embrace our identity as a global microcosm, ensuring that we are welcoming and inclusive to all of our residents. "[11], Floyd's death was filmed and shared widely, leading to protests and demonstrations over racism, civil rights, and police use of force. As Mayor, I will work closely with our Chief to implement community policing best practices, including: Finally, I’ll work with our Police Chief to review documents like President Obama’s 21st Century Policing Task Force report; the Saint Paul City Attorney’s 2015 audit of the Saint Paul Police Civilian Internal Affairs Review Commission; the historic 2001 agreement between our police department and the Saint Paul NAACP; and guidelines and best practices issued by the US Department of Justice, for every opportunity to improve police practices and restore trust in Saint Paul.[3][4]. color: white; Federal courts | Michael Pfleger took place the same day, making it the first major city outside of Minneapolis to host a protest over Floyd's death.[13]. .widget-row.Green { The reversal came after a local news outlet KARE 11 examined data from the Hennepin County Jail’s roster and found nearly all the people arrested actually live in Minneapolis or the surrounding metro area.