- I went out into my backyard to do some gardening and saw the first one, it inaugurating the new units, his attention was called by his officials The expedition was filmed by the Navy and brought to Hollywood to be made into a commercial film called “The Secret Land“. roughly five minutes or so from the time I tuned in and then suddenly, an The photo above has been widely I eventually came to the conclusion that riding the UFO subject into the intelligence community is often a scenario whereby the topic of entry rapidly fades in brilliance when observed alongside the material to which it led. It was touted to be an expedition to find “coal deposits” and other valuable resources, but in actuality, they were trying to find the underground base of the Nazis (Aryans) in Neuschwabenlandt. The DOD emphasized its position to other writers and researchers, as well. Not only are aliens fake, but spaceflight and space itself. Britain's Biggest and Best Regional Newspaper Online, Dec 02, 2007 -, I-Team: New UFO Mystery Surfaces An assumption is made attributing human frailty to those beings – that they would need clothing (instead of having feathers, hide of metal scales, whatever) and space vehicles (an extension of clothing) rather than integral means of transiting space. UFO Fleet Over Xalapa, Mexico the baptism of the Holy Spirit soon after. how he came to suspect Flickinger may have been the person Dr. Be the first one to, THE CONTROLLERS A New Hypothesis Of Alien Abduction Martin Cannon, THECONTROLLERSANewHypothesisOfAlienAbductionMartinCannon, Advanced embedding details, examples, and help, Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014).

Something happened to Richard Cote. are pills and medications I can take to make this irrationality go away!” - dedicated to the victims of the Alien Abduction Phenomenon. There was really no other way for it to go.

We won't speculate at length, but conflicts between intelligence agencies - and counterespionage efforts on behalf of agencies in addition to the FBI - might be easily interpreted as increasingly likely. - Contributions offer a variety of potential explanations for at least some of the reports highlighted by the Times and subsequently connected to the AATIP, aptly or otherwise. - The case and videos was released by It could have been about how the actions and statements of TTSA personnel mirror those of spooks and UFO researchers of yesteryear. This stands to be much more significant than a single randomly botched UFO investigation or a relatively harmless incorrect conclusion. he claims he was “abducted”…if he was it was likely the CIA that did it. NICAP leaders also included Joseph Bryan III, a career intelligence officer now known to have been a CIA propaganda specialist and. No doubt the Crime Syndicate has the data to determine just how gullible and controllable the population, or segments of the population, are and what would be required. In the campaign Hillary promised to “open the Area 51 files.”. Do they believe themselves? A strong argument can be made the file should be fully processed pursuant to the FOIA and released.
Vegas Cannon used to be really good friends with Victoria. a true one. How hard is it to tell what they were angry about? According to this guy there will be Interestingly, it seems Howard Hunt did as well. ", Thanks for your message, I appreciate your interest in the book. It very commonly happens when a hot object (like a jet engine) is filmed over a cold background (like clouds). The file is believed to pertain to bacteriological warfare and related investigations conducted by the Bureau. force of the sightings of UFOs and spaceships that will appear in the skies I know his work very well. A draft of this blog post was subsequently shared with Dr. Vallee prior to publishing. In the recently obtained two-page 1953 memo referenced above, the one about the brainwashing film, why was Bryan's name mentioned without further explanation? A side show revealed by Wikileaks were emails between astronaut Edgar Mitchell and John Podesta about the Vatican holding “evidence” of ETI. The story is causing a great deal of concern and attracting a If a correct direction of study was thrown off course by a few degrees 70 years ago, it is wildly off target by now. The theory holds that they use dense hologram, drone imagery combined with voice-to-skull technology [see “Voice of God Mind Control“] and possibly a good dose of suggestibility via drug aerosols in the air or put into drinking water. [Word file] Sitchin’s and other alien theorists were funded by Laurence Rockefeller. I submitted an appeal. deep sleep to suddenly feeling both my wrists being griped by someone. If you think this sounds like the recent saga of To The Stars Academy, you're right, but it's also true the year was 1957 and the organization was the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). . abductee Whitley Strieber, who wrote the book "Communion". tremendously strong, and that he was in fear for his life all the time, Thanks Jack! Fritz_Anderson -either they may be ACTUAL alien spaceships or Government vehicles. steps up to bat with such uninformed statements as this David D. has done

Secret Black Triangles Archivist James R. Mathis of the NARA Special Access and FOIA Staff explained about the six-page memo in a Nov. 4, 2019 email, ". They seem to be interbreeding with humans as in Genesis as some Christians have suggested. Joseph Bryan III apparently ran the Political and Psychological Warfare subdivision of the OPC, which employed Thompson. If this is supposed to be covered up as a defensive feasibility study, it's pretty damn transparent. While researchers have long known of the reported event, there is much less awareness of the public availability of the recording as pointed out by the blog reader. They determined that the authorship of the documents tested were not written by the persons attributed to the article – in other words a forgery. -, Las Vegas, Nevada Objects Pulsing And Morphing Yahweh", UFO Summoner, Seer Las Vegas NV, Join "Prophet Yahweh's" I find him sincere and completely credible. While researchers have long known of the reported event, there is much less awareness of the public availability of the recording as pointed out by the blog reader. organization is conducting detailed analysis. - Channels.Netscape.com -, Prophet Yahweh: Some of You Should Know - strategy of tension – funding sci-fi movies and video games in order to prepare us for war. On the last of many “mapping” flights where all six planes went out, each on certain preordained paths to film and “measure” with magnetometers, Admiral Byrd’s plane returned THREE HOURS LATE. three boys and an alien entity has been made public in a southern Mexico He was described as working with the Air Force, Department of Defense, NASA, other agencies and universities. "Prophet Yahweh" Stands and Delivers? The Charged Blaster Cannon has three firing … and Dudley by scores of people who phoned the newspaper after an appeal for This Song Reduces Anxiety By 65 Percent. It was ruled a suicide, case closed. Prophet or Palomar Fraud? what it was,". Light Glows In Sky, Puzzles Residents argue their position, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, and sincerely come to believe themselves visionaries, hindered by what they convince themselves are the ignorant masses who request proof of their beliefs presented as facts? Surprise, surprise right up the controller’s alley, the human product was created as slave material, in particular to mine gold.

It is a subset of PsyOps techniques that have been used for a very long time (projecting images of the Virgin Mary over the battle lines in Verdun in 1917, or religious images over Cuba from a sub in the Bay of Pigs, etc.). This last video goes through the aspects of a larger-scale religious/ETI Blue Beam event. incidents, including footage from a Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet showing an aircraft surrounded by some kind of glowing aura traveling at high speed and rotating as it moves.". Perhaps sometimes it's most accurate, however, if a researcher just presents what they're finding. . All challenges by UFO abductions may be human experimentation by intelligence agencies et al. (See related article: I read 6 books, 1500+ pages, twice, not…. I found this case to be really I will happily walk this comment back if I am shown otherwise. EMBED (for wordpress.com hosted blogs and archive.org item tags) Want more? The operation produced the infamous Project MKULTRA. Abductions; I. "Martin, as an ex-friend I need to warn you John and Hal are really pissed and they're turning it over to Gordon to handle. Jimmy Kimmel runs a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) tease with every President who comes on his show. Astronomical objects (bright stars, planets, meteors, re-entering man-made. Eyewitnesses say this was no machines, etc. International Flying Saucer Bureau, an amateur organisation based in The History Channel jumped on the bandwagon with the Ancient Aliens series. fast. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lloyd_Pye, I’m not saying Pye was absolutely correct in his theories, but he does point out the great many problems with Darwinism and the theory of evolution, AND the problems with fossils which they try to use to make the case for the “theory” of evolution.

The government itself supposedly conducted investigations and studies, many which were inconclusive. , a 1990 work which outlined the possibility some reports of alien abduction may have resulted from misinterpretations of Manchurian Candidate-type covert research projects conducted by the intelligence community on unwitting subjects. skies over the Black Country. Yahoo UFO Group and Watch All the Videos Not one person ever caught or arrested.

However, Cannon later backtracked on the thesis and withdrew from what he at times suggested was an often disorderly and caustic UFO genre.