Let's say your the original artist, and someone made me hear your work with a filter on it. All of you. Lmaooooo. I want to hear your work since you and madlib are cool.. Where was the sarcasm?!

That fleeting track, “Gregorian,” was purchased through the, .

it's more like he don't care at all. Ur making me blush. Sigh. “Watts,” the penultimate track on MadGibbs’ first record, found the alcoholic character imparting wisdom and talking his characteristic shit. Love the site.. To whoever created it. Saying no will not stop you from seeing our ads, but it may make them less relevant or more repetitive. I just live & love music/beats. , a post-prison treatise on trust and trauma, , another legendary collaboration between Kane and an era-defining producer, The Alchemist, albeit alongside, Last year, whilst waiting on their rumoured return, I decided to dive into the samples underpinning.

( hip hop lingo... some wouldn't understand 'cuz they have NO SOUL)some rode the wave when the jaylib & madvillian thing popped (rookies).We studied the greats...and didn't try to tear them down......we did the work...and for some it's paid off........now...I'm done with my ramblings...BUT LIKE I SAID....hit me with a message IF you got issues...'cuz I still haven't heard from the last chump I spoke to....."Izeytope96".

There are an enormous amount of sample packs out there, across all genres. I liked the original more. Cool dude too, met him after a show. Watch our short film inside Stones Throw’s new LA studio: Doing the world a massive service, Spotify user amplesoulphysician has added to an already “ample” catalogue of hip-hop archives with a new Madlib playlist that spans over 1,000 samples, from Gal Costa to Stevie Wonder, Asha Bohsle to the Watts Prophets. @gabstract. In others, very little. . Lmao. One of the silent rules are: make it sound much different but keep the vibe. Please don't @ me. Well put @izeytope96 .. Yea I def get it now. Whilst it would be irresponsible to claim we’d found all the samples – there’s a handful I know we’re missing, and perhaps a few beyond that – the tally it currently sits at a modest, features more reggae. @gabstract: I don't understand man, you claim your an established artist and everything, but you spend your time on comment section bad mouthing other producers and attacking members of an Internet sample website. Your sarcasm sustains me @azhar can you make beats tho?

Your not madlib either.. @gstract or whatever called me a nerd.. Man. Lmaoooo. This guy just plays the song pitched up or down. Yeah. It first appeared on the outro to Quasimoto’s, later cropping up on the Jaylib remix of Quas’, In 2010, the same elements of “Raptivity” appeared on 10 of the 32 cuts from, Madlib Medicine Show #5: History of the Loop Digga, 1990-2000, , which showcased pre-fame instrumentals. I've never heard of him. I completely understand ur point cos ur right, he very rarely does anything different to his samples but there are no rules relating to how much chopping, filtering etc has to be done. And pleaaaase let me hear your work. In teasing out the best from his collaborators, Madlib remains the Midas of the MPC: the very same fingers that rifle through records and balance blunts contain the power to turn a track to solid gold.

Ur beats r nice btw, keep it up. The trail of samples in his wake traces back two decades, and were we to follow it, we’d arrive at. Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions. I don't think anyone here cares about no-name producers and washed up has-beens. - to understand usage via Google Analytics aight loop diggas if any of yall know the hip hop sample on the track Episode X off of Medicine Show 5: The History of the Loop Digga. If you only knew.. What a comeback tho.. Lmaoooo.

U r obviously entitled to ur own opinion but I think u showed a glimpse of naivety just there.

It's cool. I still haven't heard your work BROTHER. Like I said .. You guys jus REALLY REALLY want to find fault in my work when u have NO WORK. After years of hustling, Gibbs is done toiling in acclaimed commercial obscurity: he’s arrived, ready to stake his claim to the throne. This week I have made a 10 pack of some of the dope sample chops in my collection. I'll say it again, I like ur beats, keep it up, good luck n God bless. I could NOT recreate those drums under the sample with the new bass he adds on top.. No way. He’s otherwise best known for his role on. made his mark in hip-hop with “Dust A Sound Boy,” his 1988 sophomore single that’s since been sampled on cuts from Ye, MadGibbs, “Dust A Sound Boy” was produced by reggae legend. He jus came outta no where talking about his "buddy" and messed it all up. - secure account login If u asked me who my favorite producer/beatmaker was years ago.. How many did Gibbs rap on? Hailing from Watts, Los Angeles, the malleable family outfit usually featured six of the Sylver siblings, but nine of the family’s ten children were involved in the group at some point. I actually try to reconstruct my favorite Beatmakers tracks.. And his was the easiest by FAR.. All I had to do was play part of the record. There’s no endgame for Madlib, and were there to be some kind of curtain call, it’s far too early for the ever-prolific artist. Not personal opinions about the the next man. Lmao. Check it out http://soundcloud.com/hpnotic718/change/s-zMPuD then listen to the original & madlib's "version", Peace!

Though the name might not ring any bells, Burman ranks amongst the most legendary Indian music directors of all time, pioneering the fusion of traditional and contemporary genres and scoring over 300 films. Im starting a new series of sample packs for you guys. - showing relevant, targeted ads on and off our web properties

It’s these, the ones we don’t anticipate, that so often stop us in our tracks. What would you say? sorry kan kick you a legend tho!! I hope you guys get of my dick by next year.. I may be in the minor leagues but you can't come @ me like I don't kno what I'm talkin about when you guys are jus sitting in the bleachers. s*** got interesting. wow... ok ok. i need a coffee right now. I posted links to me where we can talk.. @LAZER ..Everything on "movie scenes" vol 1-2, "deep", beat inductor vol.5, "shades of blue" the entire thing, "medicine show" he just plays Brazilian music in a different pitch on most if it.. Y'all was on my dick and now No one cares? I guess I belong in the hall of shame for my opinion. the line sample is “yo, i crush kill, destroy, enjoy war.... im a sure talent and i cant keep my silence cause im wild, yeah”. This intro is itself an interpolation of Ronnie Gee’s, a 1980 hip-hop single that’s long been a staple of Madlib’s palette. I posted beats so u can see in not just a fan.. Lmaoooooo. The first on.

I seen your profile on your mixcloud.. Btw.

@azhar bro.. U said "teena Marie is real digging?"

That's called sarcasm.. No matter what I post you'll find fault with it.. Lmao. Any way.. Madlib has a new beat out.. Go talk about that! I really wanna hear your work brother. , an unconventional pastor followed on Instagram by – you guessed it – Gibbs.

Now your just being gay.. Lmao. , a proof of concept so virtuosic it remains one of the best hip-hop albums of the decade. The first thing I would say is "MADLIB" then dilla.. Because I didn't have knowledge of rare jems.. Now I do.. Madlib is often touted as a straightforward soul sampler, but the reality is a little more complex. No one cares & NO 1 is on your dick. !don't get it twisted...loops/ sounds/breaks..C'mon son....we don't dig online ....we get our hands dirty buying RECORDS and ETC. Lmaoooo @ FlyLo sucks.. Really bro ?? I think I'm the only one who posted a link to their. I'm totally interested. That’s just the beginning: , Gibbs’ uncle and a longtime staple of his projects, lamenting his lack of beer. Now THAT's a good madlib beat.. "All caps" lol, That's for listening tho.. Ur giving me energy. Lol. But u have made urself look a bit silly. I'm not trying to go record shopping when I could jus come here, eliminate the foot work.. Then go buy the record or cd or mp3.

He was god to me In the sampling world.. I have no interest in defending Madlib, Primo, Dre or Flylo. Statik sucks? Granted, still an amazing producer and an even better crate digger. It’s easygoing, it’s arrogant, it’s self-motivated. That's a little sad man.

I'm not a hater. And thanks.. – the pack on which “2 Bars, Piano and Bass” is included – boasts original work with a distinct ‘50s feel: Incorporating elements from sample packs is, as far as I’m aware, a new approach for Madlib, who’s long preferred to dig into crates to find the elements he’s after. Detailed information can be found on our Privacy Policy page. It's been swell. No shade. If you can't live with that, don't post here. Brother please! I'm listening to "kanstrumental 1" now.. @gabstract.. I'm like "wait, this is jus the song being played with slight chops from the middle of the song" and maybe the ends.. Your totally wrong.

- personalised ads I'm just saying.. I could do this all day.. Jus leave me out it.. Yup. No back and forth brother, like you said.. Dj premier is also a tuff act to follow when it comes to sampling.. Madlib might have been behind one of those instances, as there’s a reasonable chance he was responsible for production on Yasiin Bey’s. Looks like we learn new things everyday. , is both cursory and undeniably deliberate – that’s because, whilst it doesn’t add to the track, it hints at the same sample’s appearance on album track “Cataracts.” We’ll talk more about that later. Visit today for the latest and greatest free Hip Hop sample packs to download and use in your productions 100% royalty free and legal.