As a result, we’ll… See more ideas about Lightning bolt, Lightning, Surfboard. A Bobby Digital acquisition years back when I first started collecting. Until now I still make Blacker Bolts and each one I sign “In respect to Ted D. Team Lightning Bolt Hawaii. サンダーボルト・テクノロジーの公式サイトです。 HARLEY INGLEBY FIREWIRE SURFBOARDS SKIN DOG SURFBOARDS CHANNEL ISLANDS SURFBOARDS KAI SALLAS LONGBOARD CO. He later began shaping and living in California where he shaped for G&S and later for Lynden. These boards are MODELS not hand shaped by either Gerry or Rory. Again, it’s about the vantage point… as a kid I grew up in the middle of it all, surrounded by the greats and legends of our sport and it was of no consequence, it didn’t matter… LOL I mean it is kind of funny when I tell people that Buttons was my babysitter…, Buttons with Rory Russell, winter 12/13. 1970’s wing-pintail with double lam bolts.

The Big picture is making a quality core product that can appeal to all these people and various retail outlets. Throughout this interview, I’ve referenced different vantage points… at different stages of life I feel like I’m on the same path… but I have a long way to go get to the point of retrospect… at this point I’m looking forward. I rode it from 8 feet to 12 feet, sometimes up to 15’ Good for late take offs and deep bottom turns. Halloween Special Prices SHOP NOW! Never wet or waxed but in many of our ads. Lightning Bolt boards today are more than just a board, a milestone in surfing history, a masterpiece that surfers dream of having in their homes! Maybe that’s why so many guys are going to retro boards and looks to claim a more soul-surf posture than that of a surfer who is just interested in competition. Sun, sand, surf, fun. I believe Lightning Bolt has to be the most recognized, respected brand that has ever been created and sought after as it’s not just an individual shaper but a team of the world’s best and most respected shapers/board makers and team riders. Is there any story you father told which you find important to share?

It was given to me by Duke and Jerry at an award dinner. What entities are in control of Lightning Bolt throughout the world? Rory Russell has shaped retro collectors for us, and Craig Hollingsworth has been making some fun shapes and fishes. We thank Gerry Lopez, Barry Kanaiaupuni, Tom Parrish, Rory Russell and Reno Abellira for this special collaboration. Winter in the backyard of Vic. I have a “Gerry Lopez model” and I just picked up a board that may have been shaped by Rory Russell. While it’s back pin lines and drop-shadow Bolt give it that ever so classic touch. When two powerful Hawaiian surfboard signatures that are pivotal to surfing and have made outstanding contributions to the rich history of Hawaii’s ocean culture meet… We are honored and humbled to announce the new Lightning Bolt x AIPA Surfboards’ collaboration, as a tribute to the life and work of our founders. Came across an old lightening bolt tri fin that was shaped by Hienrich Rienhard Von Der Schulenburg any ideas or info would be great. Like the movie said, “If you build it, they will come.”. We’re humbled and grateful. Check out our amazing social community. About Ben AipaAIPA JournalShaping An Icon, HQ: Huntington Beach, CA(808), COPYRIGHT 2020 AIPA SURF COMPANY.

Do you have a favorite model? But any Pintail long or short, I just love the flow from nose to tail.

The thought that this legacy is just beginning… We’re in the next chapter now… My father laid a massive foundation for his sons to individually build on, that will be passed on generation after generation. Here’s Jon Paskowitz to fill in the blanks on the past, present and future of the Bolt. Do you have the perception that when you make a surfboard you are communicating directly with someone, somewhere in the world, that attaches tremendous emotional value to this brand? He believes that in classic surf culture and Hawaiian style, it’s more about the communion with the ocean and Mother Nature. サーフボード(SURFBOARD) ショートボード SHORTBOARD SHARPEYE FIREWIRE PYZEL RUSTY INSPIRE HAYDEN SHAPES BYRNE MISFIT SHAPES BILLABONG MG Surfboard LIGHTNING BOLT ARMOND(アーモンド) It’s no secret the humble Performance Swallow Tail surfboard comes into its own in hollow power, and is a welcome inclusion in the Lightning Bolt surfboard range. Wow! FREE SHIPPING OVER $60 - except surfboards. Lightning Bolt is timeless and rooted in rich surf history. lightning bolt collector pipeliner limited series exhibit at haven. (o) 10, Sold Micky Munoz and others were shaping these. Lightning Bolt started in the early ‘70s from a combination of the inspiration of Jack Shipley and Gerry Lopez. Yet, send Photos. We spent a lot of time researching the brand and looking at the way Bolt was made in the primary years that made it famous. Lightning Bolt Brand | From Surfboards, to Silence, to Resurgence. I have a Gerry Lopez 9ft board it’s lime green with orange lighting bolts on it bought in 1978, single skig,I was wondering what it’s worth?

In 2018 we launched Aipa Brazil.