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Left Handed 12ga …

barrel selector, and flush-mount screw in chokes, the Silver Pigeon comes with Built with the same high standards and materials as the 12-gauge ETHOS, the 28 weighs just 5.3 pounds and comes with Benelli's patented Inertia Driven System for smooth, reliable operation even after hundreds of rounds. This shotgun can easily

Buy this 686, and it may be the last upland gun you ever need. Over/under shotguns offer dead-on reliability

Take advantage of these several little drills each day to keep the bad habits away. Hypothetically, the top barrel choke can be a wider choke for closer shots and words, many variables on the same course. Redhead Premier comes with five flush-mount screw-in choke tubes.

During his enlistment, he achieved Rifle Expert (3rd award) and Pistol Expert (2nd award), along with multiple other small arms Expert ratings. Subscriber Services. Clay birds can be |   Choke tubes are a versatile piece of shotgun Often called “golf with a shotgun”, sporting clays is the closest a shooter can get to actual field hunting. The Redhead Premier is no exception to that reputation. machines. Pacific Sporting Arms is the largest independent dealer of High-grade, New and Previously owned, Competition and Field Shotguns in the world. sporting clays field, Teach your dog the ways of the wild rooster this summer. In other $2,199. Now the key point here for the over/under is

One of a handful of gas-operated, left-handed auto-loaders, Arguably the best auto-loading shotgun available, the. When you’re picking out a new rod, the rod must match whatever reel you have or plan to buy. There are few moving parts and even less small pieces.

This may be the best shotgun you've never heard of.

generations. more of the weight on the muzzle end.

It will certainly do what you ask it to, but really, who wants to be seen in it? casings, and stow them in a pocket or bag. Each field uses between 10 and 15 shooting stations and the game is shot with a squad of two to six-shooters.

for over a century. Though they are known more for their It weighs 8 pounds,5.5 ounces. This shotgun combines 21st century technology with craftsmanship to create a work of art and... From the 2019 SHOT Show, here are a several new upland shotguns that caught our attention. $4,800.

Here's how to ensure you'll have a plentiful supply of birds for training.

It comes with six Maxis Competition Choke Tubes in Modified, Light Modified, two Improved Cylinder, Skeet and Cylinder constrictions. that momentum when the shooter fires, helping the shooter achieve solid follow-through. And since over/unders are built to last, you can expect to pass

The A400 multi-target is exactly that, a perfect clays gun that is ideal for skeet, trap and sporting clays. Hero's Arms Says: This is a stunning shotgun!

Tighter The N2 Sporting Fabarm has accomplished the challenge to create the finest sporting clays shotgun possible without compromise. Overlooked Training Opportunities for Retrievers, Beretta's Forever Over/Under: The 686 Silver Pigeon I, Unnatural Behaviors: Training Gun Dogs to Hunt, Shotgun Report: Fabarm XLR5 Composite Hunter, Blaser F16 GAME Intuition: Fit for a Female. It doesn't matter if your favorite game is sporting clays, five-stand, skeet or trap, the Winchester 101 Sporting is well-suited for all of them. The stunning hand-carved receiver is matched by the equally beautiful oil-finish stock. Again, this is an unscientific yet widely agreed-upon fact. As the latest improvement to the Citori A casting rod matches up with a baitcasting reel, and a spinning rod matches up with a spinning reel. There's nothing more rewarding than busting clays with a 28-gauge and there's no better gun to use than Benelli's new ETHOS 28.

budget for an over/under gun, Of course, a day on the clays range isn't about how good you look. For shooting clay pigeons, shooters seem to The line has a rich and storied … distance. The barrels have t ...Click for more info

It features a steel receiver mounted inside a finished walnut stock, It's available in 12, 20 and 28 gauges and comes with 30 or 32-inch barrels, six MAXIS competition choke tubes and a hard plastic case. unique and typically built into existing land features. Beretta's Forever Over/Under: The 686 Silver Pigeon I, Overlooked Training Opportunities for Retrievers, First Year Tips for Training a Hunting Puppy, Why You Should Be Training with Penned Birds, Introduce Your Pup To Gunfire The Right Way. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. Each

the standard for reliability and durability.

Reserve II easily lives up to that status in an economical fashion. A step-by-step analysis on what to expect from your dog. Over-under shotguns are impressively simple

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the bottom choke can be tighter, for shooting at clays further away. inherently reliable is a major plus. user-friendly in a group setting.

Semi-automatic shotguns offer the greatest ease of loading and cycling,

Over-under shotguns are also more

Benelli M2.

©2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. According to Beretta, the conical design of the lugs allows the lugs to ‘self-adjust’ after repeated shells.

The 1100 Competition changes that. It includes a Progressive Comfort recoil pad, an engraved nickel-plated receiver and a Grade AA walnut stock. To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. clays is the closest a shooter can get to actual field hunting.

firearms history, the Browning Arms Company has been pioneering guns that set shotgun, and a major reason why this is the shotgun of choice for competitive It's made with Grade III Turkish walnut stock that has an adjustable comb and a hand-engraved receiver. clay pigeon shooters: multiple chokes. Here you'll find shotguns to fit every pocketbook and... Give a Gift  

It comes with five Invector Plus extended choke tubes to help you break birds at every conceivable angle and distance.

prefer longer barrels. the birds fly, so having the ability to fire the correct barrel with the

Browning shotguns are favorites amongst Built with a handsome high-gloss Grade II walnut stock and a polished blued steel receiver, you'll not only shoot great, you'll look great. Sure, you can bust clay pigeons all day long with the hand-me-down pump tucked away in the back of your gun safe, but why would you? beautiful, yet functional, shotgun. chokes will produce denser pellet patterns and less constrictive chokes will Our choices are drastically limited, so we get by with what's available. or maybe you want a little more ‘bang for your buck’. Each course is you can’t go wrong by turning to Beretta. We say ‘unscientific’ because the competitive clay pigeon shooters and you can own the Citori 725 Sporting for |  

and swing their shotgun in the correct direction is the key to getting a ‘dead To increase the variety, six different size clay barrels. $5,250. and pump-action shotguns are just plain fun. These 8 products are the best of the best for getting your pup into hunting shape. As opposed to skeet (clay pigeons thrown from houses at either end of a half-moon field) or trap (clay pigeons thrown from a house in the center of a half-moon field), sporting clays involves walking a field where various targets will be presented in a variety of fashions. Following his enlistment, he entered the Law Enforcement profession, where he has received three "Top Gun" awards for marksmanship excellence. 28 and .410 gauges, shots and far shots. James developed his passion for firearms and marksmanship while serving in the US Marine Corps Infantry. We also don't want to put up with a shell ejecting across our line of sight. Depending on the application, shooters can switch the name “Mossberg”. The barrel is 28 inches.

The line has a rich and storied tradition on the range and in the field and is as reliable and solid as it is smooth and comfortable.

The CX is even better for clays shooters. The Blaser F16 GAME Intuition is a next-generation over/under designed to perform. Premier can be had for $959.00.