Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It saddens me now that Leela's outfits are the main thing people remember about her. It was as good as anything I see that people spend zillions of dollars on. White rollneck, £115, by johnsmedley.com.

Jo. Already have an account with us? After her departure Katy Manning did a fondly-remembered photo shoot with a Dalek for a men's magazine, covered in nothing more than a sink plunger! She was young and very much a woman of her time.

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Because it’s a very different show, so grown-up now. She gives me all the levels I actually want.

The Doctor does a few cross-overs during the series' short run and I recommend the series if you haven't already watched it!The music is \"Sands of Time\" and \"Road to Glory\"; both by Audiomachine. Makeup: Victoria Bond at Mandy Coakley Represents using Chanel Le Weekend and A/W 2013. “It’s pretty fricking obvious it’s her. Without a shadow of doubt, I love what he does. I played her for 18 months in 1963, from the very first episode. They did put it into the script that Susan was the Doctor's equal, and she was even meant to be capable of flying the Tardis, but I was never allowed to do more than flick the odd switch. He told Letts he had seen the "perfect actress" for the role, but Letts was unaware of who he was extolling. There is plenty of danger to go around as well, especially after the Time Lords restore the Third Doctor's ability to travel through time and space. Similar to Pertwee's Doctor, Jo Grant was an "action-style" character, with the actress performing some of her own stunts — understandably so, given that her diminutive stature could not easily be doubled by a male stunt performer — though it is debatable whether the character fully broke any stereotypes.

That’s why I love these new scripts.”.

“Matt’s one of my most favourite young actors. Though her character was criticised for not being a progressive interpretation of a woman, Manning felt both that feminism was not a contemporary concern and Jo had her virtues aside from her intelligence, such as her loyalty. But I did get a funny piece of fan mail once from a young girl called Katie that said, "Will you please put some clothes on?" During the events of that story, Jo falls in love with Professor Clifford Jones (Stewart Bevan), a young, Nobel Prize-winning scientist leading an environmentalist group. And how come she’s a bloomin’ Dalek!? Final word of praise for director Nick Hurran.

Peter Capaldi's going to be brilliant. Her mother had died, and then the Daleks came along and killed her father. He additionally felt that she and the Third Doctor had "one of the warmest Doctor-companion pairings of the original series, as clearly seen in her leaving scene". She is miniaturised, hypnotised, flung through time, nearly aged to death, and menaced by giant maggots and ancient dæmons. People assumed Jo was ditsy, but she was actually a very tough, feisty, little person. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

She lived in the jungle and wore leathers.

[18], In an online poll conducted by the Radio Times in 2010, with over 3,000 participants, Jo was voted the ninth most popular companion out of forty-eight options. It started when I saw Billie Piper swinging on a rope. Photograph: Perou for the Guardian, Katy Manning: 'I may have had one or two champagnes too many at a photo shoot and ended up wrapping myself round a Dalek wearing only sparkly boots. Makeup: Victoria Bond at Mandy Coakley Represents using Chanel Le Weekend and A/W 2013. Thanks! After the Doctor's previous companion Liz Shaw (Caroline John), a scientist and intellectual, the production team looked to introduce a less experienced companion to act as an audience surrogate.

Manning felt that though "academia was not her strong point...loyalty was" stating that the character would "go through hell and high water for any of the UNIT group".