But legalizing marijuana will not solve those disparities—they are related to much broader criminal justice and social issues.

Jacqueline is related to David J Berenson and Alex N Berenson. Nonprofit journalism about criminal justice, A nonprofit news organization covering the U.S. criminal justice system.

AB: To me, that's not so much obvious as irrelevant. “I am not a scientist or physician,” Mr. Berenson explains.

Richard Grenell says Trump seeing 'unprecedented' LGBTQ support: 'Gay left is in total panic'. Jacqueline is a New York State psychiatrist who specializes in evaluating the criminally insane. But beginning in the 1990’s, growers began working to increase the THC content to as much as 25%, and with that, has come an increase in mental health problems. Should it be regulated?

On top of that, it’s natural, unlike that which “Big Pharma” produces.

Here is what these scientists found, as reported in London’s Independent on October 28, 2019: “Research which combined 83 studies involving 3,000 people suggested their use for [these] six mental health conditions cannot be justified based on the current evidence. Instead she offered something neutral like, ‘I think that’s what the big studies say. No one wants to deny terminal cancer patients or people with AIDS a medicine that might help them. He says the best-case scenario is that we muddle through, adapting to marijuana as we have to the "once extraordinarily lethal innovation of the automobile." Today’s marijuana is a totally different marijuana from that of the 1960’s and 70’s when THC levels were closer to 1 to 2 %.

Tobacco companies are anxious to replace lost revenues from their prior deadly product by buying into cannabis companies. By 2020, cannabis is going to be bigger than chocolate … bigger than organic food … bigger than wine! Seven of the children were hers and the eighth child was her niece. “Most people will never have a psychotic episode while using marijuana. I know what I’m talking about.

Why? Alex lives in the Hudson Valley with his wife, Dr. Jacqueline Berenson, a forensic psychiatrist, and their children.

And what government doesn’t love a new source of tax revenue? Barack Obama smoked it.

But Mr. Berenson changed his thinking on the subject when his wife, Jacqueline, a Harvard and Columbia trained-psychiatrist who specializes in evaluating mentally ill …

The Ohio State Medical marijuana program limits participation in their program to these diverse conditions: Marijuana advocates have promoted a cure, looking for a disease. The Australian capitol of Canberra became the first city in that country to legalize recreational cannabis on September 26, 2019. Jacqueline would have been within her rights to say, I trained at Harvard and Columbia. The plain answers are inside! AB: I really liked Gladwell's piece.

Also, don’t forget to click the “like” button and subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss another Tomorrow’s World video. Alex Berenson is probably best known as the author of the John Wells espionage thrillers, 11 of them so far, but until 2010 he was a reporter, including for 11 years at The New York Times, where his assignments ranged from the pharmaceutical industry to Hurricane Katrina. “Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence” is an intensively researched and passionate dissent from the now prevailing view that marijuana is relatively harmless.

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“After more than a year of working on this book, sometimes I felt like the only people who understood the link between marijuana and psychosis were the scientists who’d studied it, the psychiatrists who’d treated it—and the people who’d seen it for themselves or their family members.” (Berenson, p. 127). And in fact there are a number of good studies showing that users have significantly higher violence rates than non-users. After all, who wants to be against medicine, especially when it is marketed as natural and safe, unlike chemical pharmaceuticals. And, before the break I said I would give you some facts you need to know before jumping on the marijuana bandwagon.


Breaking into a thought from Berenson as he traces the drug’s history: “Meanwhile, advocates continued their slow work—writing opinion pieces, highlighting the cost and racial disparities of the drug war, and offering grants to local pro-cannabis organizations.

Justice Dalton also noted that the woman had a history of the use of cannabis since she was in the 9th grade, and that all the psychiatrists thought that it is likely that it is this long-term use of cannabis that caused the mental illness schizophrenia to emerge. This well-documented resource contains source notes that allow you to do your own research.

It encourages voters to think of marijuana as something other than an intoxicant. Some will have temporary breaks from reality.

Psychiatrists expect schizophrenia and bipolar disorder to become obvious by the late twenties. He did two reporting tours in Iraq.

But an unlucky minority of users develop full-blown schizophrenia,” Mr. Berenson writes. If Marijuana Is a Problem, Why Do We Not Also Ban Alcohol? I’ve smoked it myself, I liked it fine. Sunday, January 20, 2019, NEW EPISODE! Quiz: How much do you know about U.S. presidents? Bill Clinton smoked it, too, even if he didn’t inhale. It can't be, because the FDA has never approved it to treat any disease, and there is little evidence that smoked cannabis or THC extracts help any of the diseases you mention, except pain. and View Comments, Terms of Use / Privacy Policy / Manage Newsletters.

Berenson questioned what she meant by “of course.” Not according to this 2016 Psychology Today article: “New research published online in advance of print in the journal Psychological Medicine concludes that persistent use of cannabis may cause violent behavior as a result of changes in brain function due to smoking weed over many years. She told her husband that all the big studies say this and that he should read them.

On today’s program I’ll give you four facts you probably aren’t hearing anywhere else about marijuana. We can do the same with marijuana use. Back pain, depression, nausea caused by any condition—CBD is your answer. Unlike you.

He reports that in the four states that first legalized marijuana, murders have risen 25 percent since legalization.

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A tiny number of doctors—so-called "pot doctors"—write nearly all of them. TMP: You write that you don’t believe people should go to prison for using marijuana. Pot is really out of his genre, as well as his grip on reality. Way safer that alcohol.

It’s something that Jacqueline Berenson sees first-hand in her work as a criminal psychiatrist.
If you think, “I don’t do marijuana, so it doesn’t affect me,” think again—it does! In July 2000 Nadelmann merged the Lindesmith Center with the Drug Policy Foundation—a Washington-based reform organization. “The difference between cannabis and every other drug is that an entire industry now trumpets marijuana’s benefits, promising a high with no low, a reward without risks.” (Berenson, p. xxxv). AB: This question fundamentally misunderstands medical marijuana. These activists learned from past mistakes that they could never get cannabis, or marijuana, legalized by promoting the idea that it’s good to “get high.” They’ve used different tactics at different times, such as “The war against marijuana is racially biased.” But their most recent and most successful campaign is to convince ordinary people, such as you and me, people who have no interest in “toking up,” that cannabis is medicine. The distinguished Dr. Gary Wenk was asked to sit on Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee by Governor John Kasich in 2016. This compelling account, and so much more valuable information, can be yours free of charge. Many people these days, it seems, believe that marijuana is a mostly harmless drug that helps to ease pain and relaxes people, like a good, stiff, alcoholic drink. One of the largest exporters is Tilray, which produces CBD oils (the non-hallucinogenic extract from the cannabis plant), which MAY prove to have some limited medical benefit, but it’s certainly not the cure-all that advocates are claiming it to be.

When our day-to-day lives are not fulfilling, and we are not finding pleasure in our work and our relationships with family and friends, and we seek temporary pleasure through intoxication via substances that bring all kinds of potential harm, perhaps it is time to examine our lives more closely…..

Physicians "authorize" its use, usually after very short visits by patients who have come to them specifically to receive an authorization card. She evaluates the criminally mentally ill. She told me that nearly all her patients had used marijuana heavily, many at the times of their crimes.

But the study offers less good news when it comes to mental health. Nine companies are hauling in billions of dollars, with two boasting more than $10 billion. A more recent British study investigated the effectiveness of cannabis as medicine for these six mental health conditions: The results were published in the Lancet Psychiatry journal.

They have also lived in New York, NY and Boston, MA plus 1 other location.

Stuart Wachowicz relates a letter he received from an Arkansas State prisoner who described his real-life story with marijuana and violence. 'Joe Biden is a pathological liar'

In addition to being a cure all for what ails you, cannabis is making people rich. Advocates argue cannabis can help everyone from veterans to cancer sufferers.

TMP: Your other—perhaps more contentious—conclusion is that marijuana may contribute to increases in violent crime.

Alex Berenson, a thriller writer and former New York Times reporter, has written a book that exposes the myths of marijuana at a time when many politicians are pushing for nationwide legalization. Maybe I got a little paranoid, but it didn’t last. Could society benefit from legalizing pot? In other words, in nearly all cases, medical legalization is simply a backdoor way to protect recreational users from arrest.

And the more I read, the more I realized she was right. And he did. Quiz: How much do you know about the U.S. Congress? The truth is that a lot more research ought to be done before buying the salesman’s pitch and I’ll address the reason why in a minute, but first, I must tell you about today’s vital resource: Marijuana—What They Aren’t Telling You. Many medicines do come from plants. The answer is simple—in the end, we’re dealing with an issue with moral implications and much of what you are hearing about marijuana and cannabis is nothing more than lies.