“When a guy like me learns the business,” Malone says, “it screws it all up.”. Says his stepdaughter, Sydney Smith, “It’s like the most dysfunctional Robin Hood story ever.”, Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephen J. Gripkey and law-enforcement- officials dismiss this notion. During a phone conversation from a D.C. jail with a friend, the friend handed the phone to a Jaspers bartender. He grew up in a modest home in Palmer Park, Md., outside Washington and didn’t play much ball beyond high school. Malone’s close childhood friend Micah Bidgell, a career criminal and one of Malone’s drug connections, used “new Nike” to refer to a fresh shipment of cocaine; “size-42 pants” meant a sale of a kilo for $42,000.
Malone quickly grasped that in the essentially unregulated youth basketball world, the key is to acquire talent, because talent provides exposure, credibility and leverage, including access to college coaches, sneaker companies and NBA agents. "Because all I saw was the positive things that he was doing with the kids that he took off the street -- the gifts and the presents, the bills that he paid.". “It makes Gary Williams look pretty good,” says former Georgetown coach Craig Esherick, now a professor of sport management at George Mason.

Bieber led the MLB in wins, strikeouts and ERA in 2020.

He wore thick-rimmed glasses, his mustache neatly trimmed, and his voice quavered as he explained his guilty plea. On May 28, Curtis Malone’s friends and family That was going to be his ticket, he was riding off into the sunset.”. Malone … Assault AAU program, producing three NBA lottery picks, helping hundreds of players land Division I scholarships, and receiving millions of dollars from apparel companies. By the time Troy Weaver left in ’96 to take an assistant coaching job at Pittsburgh, handing off leadership of the team to Malone, D.C.

Judge Huvelle sentenced Malone to 100 months in jail. This story originally appeared in the Aug. 25 issue of Sports Illustrated.
At this ...read more. Not for college team that lands prospect Diamond Stone. “He ran his as a business. Both Malone and law-enforcement officials say that he never used cocaine or heroin. “I can look in the mirror.”, One minute Malone claims purity in how he ran D.C. He’d start around 11 a.m. at the Old Towne Inn in Upper Marlboro, move to Outback Steakhouse or Jerry’s Seafood around dinner, and then to Jaspers, a bustling bar-restaurant, at night. He brags that if he weren’t in jail, McDonald’s All-American guard Romelo Trimble never would have “stepped foot on Maryland’s campus” unless Turgeon hired an Assault coach.