What race is your character or will your character be or which one do you most often play? From this point forward, anyone who was Strong Imperial or Lean Imperial will be included in the term “Imperial.” Likewise, anyone who was Strong Stormcloak or Lean Stormcloak will be included in the term “Stormcloak.” Ones who show no preference will be considered “neutral” (neutral conservative). I've seen and read arguements that a united Empire could regroup and has the best chance of fighting the Thalmor and that the Stormcloaks would be unable to do anything but fall before the Thalmor. Lord Naarifin was taken by surprise by Decianus's assault, but Jonna's troops faced bitter resistance as the Aldmeri counterattacked from Bravil and Skingrad. As long as the civil war proceeds in its current indecisive fashion, we should remain hands-off. Libertarians and centrists were most likely to accuse the Imperials of being puppets of the Thalmor or too easily influenced by them. The story varies a bit depending on your source, but within most rumors are embedded a grain of truth.

Some gave a single reason; others gave many, so some of these are not mutually exclusive.

When a players type of fun isn’t the same as the rest of the table.

One good example is provided by Jarl Balgruuf's Imperial steward, Proventus, when describes the Nordic lore surrounding the Dragonborn as nonsense. When we break Imperial motives down by ideology, however, some more patterns emerge. The Imperial Empire vs. the Stormcloaks Which side? Do I have the right to voice whatever I want?

It is not recorded where his body was buried if it was buried at all. The reason for that is two-fold. Plus, you have to remember the Thalmor. By the fifth day of the battle, the Aldmeri army in the Imperial City was surrounded. They started off by adding some 'epic-ish' elements to the Stormcloak invasions and realized it was taking too much dev time.

In the end, I made the choice on racial grounds... being a "Grey skin" and all, I went with the Empire. Let us know in the comments below. And with the end of the DB storyline, the last half a century, and so forth i'm betting on falling or being re-founded. He leaves the management of his hold to his steward and thanes, while he himself only focuses on the military subjects. Acceptance of the treaty, at the very least, gives them time to consolidate and rebuild their forces to a point where they could successfully resist further incursions.

I think they did a great job depicting shades of grey, but in the end the choice seemed very unfulfilling.
He tries to spare Rikki more than once, and only kills her when forced. The xenophobia, division, chaos, and the segregationist ways of the Stormcloaks: “The empire is bad for trying to chop my head off”. Or Bosmer, Khajit, Argonian, Breton, Redguard or hell, even an Altmer.

Either, due to the Emporer's death and already weakened Empire crumbling and abandoning Skytim or choosing the Stormcloaks and being too weak to resist the Thalmor, the Thalmore will end up winning. This shows how the Empire successfully repelled the invaders.

Speaking of the Thalmor, i'd love if it was possible to join them on my high elf (I disagree that they are going on a genocide rampage based on belief from the mythic age btw, they look more like they are set on conquering and enslaving everyone to me). This no doubt triggers internal strife and political conflict that further erodes its ability to govern itself, much less Skyrim. Using liberals as a baseline, centrists were 1.07 times more likely to be Stormcloaks, while conservatives were 1.73 times more likely.
Much like sparing Elisef. The empire managed to successfully repel the Dominion during the great war and this is why the nations of Man aren’t run over by the Dominion. My comments weren't directed to anyone or anything, so the admins have nothing to worry about. I'm not going to be taking proper roleplaying characters through the game til the animation problems are sorted and some DLC is released. According to The Imperial Library. The blame against the Empire for the ban of Talos worship: How Hammerfell managed to fight the Aldmeri Dominion to a stalemate and the inaccurate comparison of Hammerfell to Skyrim. Sure, they don't mind more meat for the grinder. Just as UESP says, the Redguards should not forget the great sacrifice of Imperial blood – Breton, Nord, and Cyrodilic – at the Battle of the Red Ring that weakened the Dominion. This is almost certainly a product of both the means by which the study was promoted and the fact that a video game such as Skyrim mainly appeals to younger audiences. The Thalmor aren’t particularly nice, so this is something to be aware of before choosing. Most likely they will conquer Cyrodiil then they will continue to attack Hammerfell. He displayed immense cruelty during his liberation of Markarth from the Reachmen.

Beth slapped this together. Who do you usually side with and why? But it’s a heck of a lot better than the Stormcloaks, the short-sighted race purists who want the simple satisfaction of being ‘independent’ while allowing the Thalmor to continue growing stronger.

The Elder Scrolls wikia pages don't really explain it well, I wanna make the right choice on which one I join.

You were put in a cart with them and if you remember correctly the person who decided that you should be beheaded was the unnamed Imperial Captain which stands next to Hadvar while they acquire the names of the Stormcloak prisoners. The best selection of games which will be released in 2020 and 2021 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Google Stadia and PC - and you can watch in amazing UHD 4K and 60FPS with latest updates about all of the games in this list! He'll tell you he is trying to help the Dark Elves because Ulfric won't.