Meanwhile, Gunman 1 merely serves as muscle, helping Franklin move the gold out of the vault, while Gunman 2 is shooting his way through local law enforcement with Michael to the getaway car, and thus should be the cheapest with the best stats - preferably whoever was used during the Bureau Raid. This topic functions as a database for crew/player recruitment posts. Poor: Rickie w/o experience. cheers bro, the mod loads the interior but for some reason the doors are locked and the only way to get in is using trainer and airbreak into the building, @littlefilms read install instructions. (Obvious) If his experience is low and is chosen to pilot the second helicopter, he will crash into a windmill, killing him. (Obvious) If chosen to pilot the second helicopter and Trevor fails to keep the helicopter steady so Lester can destroy the Merryweather helicopters, he'll be shot down. *If the other gunman is good, or if chosen as Gunman 2 alongside another poor gunman. During the Loud approach, not only will a poor driver (Karim) drop loot, but a poor gunman (Norm) fails at crowd control, costing Michael some time and making a clean sweep all the more difficult. Fixed! Rickie can be tolerable, more-so with the experience gained from the Vangelico stickup, making him just as effective as Christian at less than half the cost, and can still benefit from the experience earned towards a future heist. Poor: As Driver 1, drops roughly 9% of the gold when loading their half, and gets arrested at a road block, losing a quarter of the remaining take and causing a heist casualty.

If you're looking for a crew, members for your crew, or just a mate to play with, please leave a comment down below or choose one of the already existing entries. So, knowing when a low-cost crew member can perform adequately enough, or when a high-cost crew member is required, can make all the difference in attaining maximum profit. Either of the cheap gunmen will die during this heist, but even with the casualty penalty and assuming the player picks up the dropped bag, Norm ends up costing the least long-term. Gunman 2, similar to Gunman 1 in the Obvious approach, serves as muscle and just helps change the tires of the Securicar and looks after the hostages.

In the Subtle approach, Driver 1 needs to be good, as they not only help load the Gauntlets but also drives one through the streets of Los Santos with the protagonists - a poor driver (inexperienced Karim) will lose a tenth from loading, another fourth by crashing, and trigger a casualty expense. You can hire as many crew members as you like, they will follow you around and help you in gunfights. Good: Paige, or Christian after one heist, or Rickie after two heists. A gunman's skill does have a small effect outside of scripted events, as their max health, accuracy, shoot rate, and weapon choice are all very relevant to each gunman's overall usefulness in a fire fight. Therefore, he is the only 'poor' gunman who canonically survives. (Covert) May get caught in the backdraft when the locked door opens, killing him. @toyota12345 love the mod working great figured that stuff out. As Gunman 2, does a poor job changing the Securicar tires (to no ill effect) but still abduct the hostages well enough. He may choose from a variety of gunmen, hackers, and drivers, if they are needed in order to complete the specific requirements of a given heist (excluding The Merryweather Heist and Blitz Play). Taliana Martinez, a talented driver, can also be hired after helping her receive medical attention following a car crash in the median of the freeway east of Paleto Bay, after the mission Mr. Philips. Meanwhile, Driver 2 is a far less detrimental option for a driver, potentially weaving the loading truck from side to side. As Gunman 2, effectively helps to fight through the police and NOOSE to the getaway car.

As Driver 2, will drive the train successfully. Maybe their models are missing or something can I change them with a different model somehow ? None of the hackers can die in any heist. In either approach, Norm will crash his bike, becoming a casualty and raising his cost to 10.5%, while also forcing Franklin to attempt recovery of his dropped bag, or else lose a third of the take. Poor: As Gunman 1, drops roughly 9% of the gold when loading. Good: Effectively helps to fend off law enforcement, before creating a diversion to take some of the heat off the protagonists, escaping on his own. Poor: As Driver 1, crashes the helicopter in the wind farm, losing half of the overall take and causing a heist casualty. Poor: As Gunman 1, successfully removes the gold from the vault. Alternatively, during the Smart approach, using a poor gunman will result in dropped jewelry, but choosing Karim over the pricier Eddie as the driver will have no adverse consequences, save the minor challenge of driving a Bati 801RR through the sewers, rather than the preferred Sanchez. Mediocre: Has a 2 second delay in controlling the traffic lights while adequately sourcing the Gauntlets needed for the escape. Depending on the experience of chosen crew members, they may end up being killed or arrested within a scripted event, in which case their death or legal expenses will be 1.5x their original cut; e.g. Its really hard for me to hire, I cant see where they are, and when I'm directly on the person waving, its not there, are you meant to be able to see them? If Karim doesn't have previous experience, he should be selected as Driver 2 - otherwise, all the drivers are interchangeable. This potential predicament could effectively inflate the total crew cut by 7%, costing the player ~$14mil, or nearly $5mil per protagonist. Alternatively, if he has experience, and Trevor fails to keep the helicopter steady so Lester can destroy the Merryweather helicopters, he'll be shot down. (Subtle) If his experience is low and is chosen to drive the fourth Gauntlet, he will crash his car and get arrested by the police. In the end, with only a ~$10k difference in reward for each protagonist between the three ideal gunmen, the only objectively bad choices are the pragmatic Daryl and the expensive Gustavo. Note: The obvious approach does not utilize a hacker. In the Obvious approach, Driver 1 is the only good crew member that's required, as the chopper will crash otherwise, losing half the take. No casualties are expected among the gunmen, so a skilled player can easily go cheap here. Good: Controls the traffic lights with no delay while effectively sourcing the Gauntlets needed for the escape. Poor: Fails to control the store manager, forcing Michael to subdue her, and will crash his bike during the escape, causing a heist casualty while dropping a third of the jewelry - recoverable by Franklin. losing a crew member with a cut of 7% will increase their cost to 10.5%. I can only hire bugstar crew members. Poor: Has a 4 second delay in controlling the traffic lights while poorly sourcing the Gauntlets needed for the escape. The only bad choices include using any of the most expensive crew members, or choosing the Covert approach where'in Daryl dies. Any chance you can update this mod to have a disband crew feature? It doesn't matter who drives the train as Driver 2; there is no possibility of failure.

They just follow me.Help. I went to the locations from your screenshots and no one was there. Good: Avoids death-by-explosion during the escape, requiring two Good gunmen to prevent a casualty. While it is technically possible for most crew members to die during the course of a heist outside of these scripted events, it will result in an immediate mission failure, as opposed to the heist progressing relatively normally with an eventual casualty result. As Driver 2, does a poor job changing the Securicar tires (to no ill effect), and will later weave the truck from side to side, making Franklin's boarding slightly more difficult. Mediocre: Christian, or Rickie after one heist. Moreover, it's important for Rickie to start gaining experience for later heists. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Aim at your gang member, then press "G" key in your keyboard. This approach pointedly required a hacker, which Rickie can easily satisfy especially with the experience of two previous heists, as he'll be just as effective as Paige at less than a third of the cost. The protagonists will also have to face more law enforcement while making their escape. Will select. Alternatively, Chef and Packie will survive and should decrease the overall difficulty of the heist, but they cost 1.5% more and their earned experience is largely inconsequential. In setups, the player can select them when Michael selects personnel. No worries though this mod works fine it's just I can't use Lester's building which is no biggy for me. However, a new gunman being made available (Hugh) can serve as a worthy sacrifice if one is set on this approach, as long as an appropriate Gunman 1 is chosen. Poor: Neither helps hack the system nor turns off the sprinklers. Good: As Driver 1, successfully loads half the gold into the. Poor: Survives only if chosen as Gunman 1 alongside another Poor gunman. Among the drivers, Taliana is just as effective as Eddie and is the least expensive, though requires the completion of a random event beforehand. Note: The covert approach does not utilize a driver. In my game Lester's warehouse is closed so I cant use that bodyguard option, so I was wondering what line should I change to maybe move the blip outside the building, as in what line sets the coords? @toyota12345 The icons and the men don't show up. This includes their required payment (percentage cut of the net take), their starting experience (performance quality), and the earliest heist in which they may be utilized: Each time a crew member participates in a successful heist and survives, their skill ratings are increased by approximately 25% without increasing his or her pay rate. Generally, crew members with higher stats will perform better, while requiring a higher cut and thus imposing a greater expense on the protagonists. Otherwise, will die in an explosion during the escape, if chosen with a Good gunman or chosen as Gunman 2 alongside another Poor gunman. Are the icons visible on your map?

awesome mod bro! Anyways to change peds Incase u want 2-3 bodyguard n they won’t be the same characters . In either event, the crew will experience a casualty. (Either approach) Crashes his bike during the escape, incapacitating him. Good: As Gunman 1, successfully loads half the gold into the. Gunmen: Daryl Johns (6%) and Hugh Welsh (7%), Driver 1 (helicopter): Taliana Martinez† (5%), Gunman 1 (with Franklin): Hugh Welsh (7%), Gunman 2 (with Michael): Daryl Johns (6%), Driver 1 (loader / driver): Taliana Martinez† (5%), Driver 2 (tires / truck): Karim Denz (8%), Gunman 1 (loader / escort): Packie McReary† or Chef (12%), Gunman 2 (tires / hostages): Daryl Johns (6%). can you dismiss them without putting them out of there misery ? Lastly, Daryl technically costs the least with a 9% casualty expense, but he's particularly valuable during later heists. Changed bodyguard to Stretch character but when it hire another I have 2 but it was also stretch . Good: Gus, Packie, and Chef. The following is a table of all available personnel for the various heists that require additional crew members; The Jewel Store Job, The Paleto Score, The Bureau Raid and The Big Score. If the player simply plays it safe and always hires the best - and most expensive - contract criminals, one can easily find oneself giving a majority of the take to the chosen employees. Select one of the following categories to start browsing the latest GTA 5 PC mods: @tobu24 Hmm, do the crews just not appear when renting them or does nothing show up at all? Heist Crew Members are minor characters in Grand Theft Auto V who may be hired by the protagonists to assist during most Heist missions. Note: Either approach will be identical for the hacker. The player only gets one shot at making money from each heist, thus it's important to go over all the variables and generally make the most profitable choices to the benefit of each protagonist. 4,080 Downloads68 Likes4.78 / 5 stars (9 votes) With this script you can now hire a crew from any of the 3 locations on your map. This heist also benefits the most from unlocked crew members - particularly Taliana, as the player will otherwise be forced to incorporate Eddie, and the driver's crew cuts for either approach increase by a total of 9%.