You have mixed Central (Bumasikye) and Nothern (Budadiri) dialects. Change ), Confessions of a Basic Lugisu Speaker: Enhancing Your Eastern Uganda Experience with these Top 50 Phrases | Blog Post, The Power of Community-Driven Development in Eastern Uganda | Blog Post, The Business of Death in Eastern Uganda | Article on Medium. A supplemental written guide is …

That doesn’t mean their proclamations of love aren’t genuine. But harmony and justice are paramount to a Libra, so they make a tremendous effort to be fair and to understand their partners. First, embrace discomfort, and get to know people who look, act, and speak differently from you. So no matter which romantic locale you run off to this Valentine's Day -- and no matter which handsome stranger you spontaneously meet there -- consider yourself covered. Many people who are unfamiliar with Hawaiian culture believe "aloha" means hello and goodbye, but the word is a versatile expression that can also refer to love, fondness, affection, kindness, sympathy, and compassion. 14. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. 5. Without it, their own happiness would be impossible. The coolest librarian this side of the Hell Mouth. Uli khukola china? Otiena? Commitment freaks them out and the mere prospect of it can drive them further away from their partner when things start to get serious. 47. (How is everything?) Cancers are a passionate people and it can be overwhelming to be in a relationship with one. 3. Buulamu? We'll show you how to say "I love you" in 20 languages. You don’t want them to say something they don't mean just to please you. At Hodderscape Towers, we don’t do Hallmark Valentines. The single was released just before Valentine's Day in 1982 and publicized with an ad campaign featuring band members spray painting large graffiti hearts on the streets of Düsseldorf.

Powoda: No

They’re intensely internal individuals and have difficulty empathizing since they can’t see past their own walls. They have been updated to the correct translations. When you're ready, learn how to say thank you in many languages too. While Lugisu is only one of the African continent’s more than 2000 languages, learning the language as a foreigner will show people that you care not only about taking stunning photos at the beautiful Sipi Falls, Sisiyi Falls, or Mount Elgon National Park, but also about understanding the people in the Bugisu region and their cultural practices.

44. Although Leos are loving by nature (and dispense that love freely), it can be difficult for them to settle down, since the grass everywhere looks so darn green.

So, don’t let rain ruin your date, embrace it, or give a gift featuring a rainbow—thoughtful gestures that say you believe your love is meant to be. Peneko muyembe ni nanasi: Give me (I want to buy) a mango and a pineapple Verona, Italy is the setting of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. If, for example, you go to eastern Uganda and don’t know the Lugisu word imbalu, for the ritual that initiates “Boys to Men” through circumcision, you won’t know about one of the biggest aspects of Bagisu culture. 30. © 2015 - 2020 Hodder & Stoughton Limited. Though they tend to be charismatic and always seem to have plenty of people pursuing them, when they find someone to settle down with it’s a very deliberate decision. ( Log Out /  **: Are you sure? Pronounced bahng-WI’ shokh, this translates as “you are my love.”, … that translates as “you mean more to me than my beard.”, Which translates rather beautifully as “I burn for you.”. They love strong, hard and fast: Every time you send them a text, their heart rate starts thumping like a marching band.

13. This is the Day of Saint Dionysius (Sant Donís), known to locals as the patron saint of lovers. But if an Aquarius has conquered those aversions and professes their love to you, they’ll be as constant as a rock in a stormy sea. Registered address: Carmelite House, 50 Victoria Embankment, London EC4Y 0DZ. They can be outwardly affectionate, but they’re very selective about who they trust. Aries put their lovers on a pedestal, and just like everything else in their lives, they commit passionately. You'll never know when you might want to say those words in a different language. 19. Wadekele / Wadekele bidio? Peneko malewa, wanyambi, muchele, ni busima: Give me malewa (bamboo stew), beans, rice, and posho (a form of corn that resembles smooth grits) → Ndi umulayi: I am fine


It can be hard to make sense of your own feelings when in love—feelings that are usually overwhelming and hard to put into words. (after getting on a boda) Kodi / Karibu**: Knock-knock / You are welcome, Expressions of Slight Disapproval (use with discretion) : How are you? They tend to fall deeply, madly in love. All Rights Reserved. If you truly do love them, you should be willing to wait until they can figure out their feelings and say they love you when they really feel it. This method is the universal way to say "I love you," no matter what language you speak.

( Log Out /  You can also text this phrase to your beloved or use it to end an email to your sweetheart. So you’re traveling to eastern Uganda for fun or spending a few days in Mbale for a work conference? Myself I grew up in Central but neighbouring Southern.

Author’s Note: Updated hyperlinks on April 13th, 2020. → Ndi hutsa mu [town]: I am going to [town] : What’s up? This traditional gift is a selection of marzipan candies wrapped in a pretty silk handkerchief, which the woman keeps. (literally “what are you saying?”) In Valencia, October 9 is the most romantic day of the year. We get the galactic dictionaries out and learn a new geeky language, and woo our beloved on the day by telling them, “I love you” in Dothraki, or Klingon, or Wookie. 33. : Can I take a picture of you (singular)? Waluma si? Mulembe! Wanyala. 46.

One of the most impressive ways to show love is with a traditional French wedding cake. Libras can have a hard time relating to others.

4. People whose sun is Aquarius are energetic and idealistic, but they often have a hard time with monogamy. ( Log Out /  Here’s a list of romantic phrases in fictional languages from Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and some more of our favourite sci-fi and fantasy books, TV shows, games and films. So let’s say you do feel it, and you know you’re definitely, 100% in love. Grammar in general can get complicated if you aren’t familiar with Bantu languages — there are over ten ways to show possession and say “my,” for example — but don’t be intimidated! Thanks for reading and for this clarification! Learn this simple phrase in a language other than the one you typically use to show your loved one that they are special to you. 5 Ways To Keep Holiday Spending From Turning You Into A Total Grinch, Science Says You Should Stop Doing These Exercises, What Each Zodiac Sign Means When They Say ‘I Love You’, Login to add posts to your read later list.