When the challenge begins, Heather believes that they should hand each other the supplies in relay fashion. By Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Heather's hair have grow back and is tied into a short ponytail. She takes her breakfast, and smiles at Lindsay and Beth. Eventually, Gwen and Owen teamed up when Gwen asked him to give half of his freebies to her, and began whooping Heather with dares. Heather's fingers seem to be long and seemingly sharp, resembling claws, which could be attributed to her usually being seen with a nail file. The conflict continues as of Total Drama World Tour, as Gwen and Heather once again end up on the same team, but has lost some focus. While Courtney is in the confessional, Heather manages to snip off some of her hair when she is not looking. During Leshawna's interview, she is first asked whether or not she considers Heather to be a friend. Bridgette, Heather, Leshawna, and Owen all force Geoff into the electric chair for a change, in consent with Bridgette's idea. She talks about how she tried "traditional Burmese medicine", but spits it out, yelling "Loser Shaman!" When Noah criticized the lack of effort the team put in the challenge they just lost, Heather announced that for once she agreed with Gwen in wanting Noah to shut up, since he didn't even try to help the team out. Meanwhile, Heather lures Trent to the dock and proceeds to tell him several assorted lies about Gwen and how she "really" felt about him. I'm just bald.". Both characters are referred to as "The Queen Bee". Heather then comes up of a plan to cut her mother's hair while she is asleep and claim it as her own as her mother's hair has a nice volume. She then gives Gwen a fake apology for the stunt, which prompts Leshawna to retaliate by physically attacking Heather. Leshawna discusses the prospect of an alliance with Heather, to get Heather off her back. First, she tries his birthday. It is also implied that she did not vote for Gwen, despite their conflict because of her issue with Izzy. Harold uses facts as to why he needs to be the one to unlock the vault, as he gained experience from being a captain of Picky Steve's Lock Picking Camp. In the Awards Ceremony, Chris reviews everyone's reason for possibly going home, and Heather's is that she lost the badminton game to Beth. Much to her dismay, Heather learns that she will be spending her summer in a rundown camp and attempts to leave the competition only to find out she couldn't due to the fine print of her contract. Heather is one of most hated characters on the show. In her exclusive clip, Heather surprisingly isn't mad at her elimination like last time, stating that she can now have the time to to grow her hair back. When Gwen asks Leshawna to slow down her digging in the later challenge, Heather suspiciously asks Gwen why she is not being supportive of her team and questions whether she wishes to win the challenge at all. Heather is a supporting antagonist of Total Drama Action. She is still hated by the majority of the cast, with virtually nobody trusting her, with the only exception being Harold.