PRICE: $6274.00: More Details.

If your interested in a custom rifle you can come and visit us, or you can call us at 570-752-3655. Huskemaw During filming of our Primal Rights Predator Management 2016 bluray, I used this barrel in my Desert Tech to smash over two dozen coyotes. It is the best selling rifle due to its great versatility. Zeiss.

Or, if you prefer, I will use Ruger, Sako, Mauser or custom actions, left or right handed. Hart Rifles are built to last for generations, to be handed down from father to son to grandson and beyond. 21" Map. 29" Copyright Your Gun Build PDF will also get emailed to our gun building specialists so you can just call and we can price out your gun of your dreams. PRICE: $6599.00: More Details. Drilled and Reamed This line of rifles is designed for shooting all day long in prairie dog towns or sniping coyotes at 500+ yards.

It is imperative though, that they are of high quality from reputable manufacturers. VIEW PRODUCT Reloading Dies Reload your own 22 Creedmoor ammo using this set of dies from Whidden Gunworks made for Horizon Firearms.

This results in rifles that consistently perform well below the 1/2moa industry bench mark. #M1037. Thanks for the outstanding 22 Creedmoor barrel Travis! A Hart Rifle is not only a custom rifle, but a legacy or generation rifle. Swarovski Select Caliber: --Select Caliber--.17 Remington.22 Cheetah.22 Hornet.22 PPC (.245).22 PPC USA (.243).22 Remington BR (.242, .247).22 Rimfire Mag Target.22 Rimfire Target.22-6mm Remington.280 ACKLEY22-250 ACKLEY243 ACKLEY250 SAVAGE ACKLEY270 WSM28 NOSLER30 Hart30 NOSLER308 ACKLEY325 WSM33 NOSLER338 EDGE338 RUGER338-06-270 ACKLEY375 CHYTEK375 X-TERMINATOR375 RUGER50 BGM6.5MM CREEDMORE647 LAPUA65 47 LAPUA6M CREEDMORE7-08 ACKLEY7MM WSM, Customer Supplied Action     Hart Supplied Action (Rem 700), None Hart Rifles are built to last for generations, to be handed down from father to son to grandson and beyond. For those of you that demand the ultimate in rifle accuracy, our Varmint Hunter line is for you. Shilen 5726 Safari Drive New Braunfels, TX 78132 ©1996-2017 Hill Country Rifles. Make sure you've double checked all the sections and are happy with your selections. Our Rifles are some of the most unique custom made rifles to be found. Accuracy is of utmost importance when goal is to build you a custom rifle that will be the best shooter you have ever had. What type of precision rifle shooting discipline will you be competing in? From all of the people at Camo Cares, all the crew in Pennsylvania, all the wonderful volunteers, the sponsors, and all the participants that come out to the event each year for making this possible. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all rifle configuration. 27" The Shadow is the rifle that started it all - the flagship of High Tech Customs. Jewel, Stock Manufacturer --Select Stock Manufacturer--Bell & Carlson Rifle StocksBoyd's Rifle StocksMaster Class Rifle StocksMcMillan Rifle StocksMDT Rifle StocksPDC Custom Rifle Stocks, Hart Custom Barrel FURY LR/FURY . 20" The purpose for your rifle is the single most important part of the conversation. document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); Barrel size can be from #2 to straight cylinder. Read full post . All Rights Reserved HTCustoms. Fury .28 Nosler.

Through the use of modern CNC equipment and the best tooling available, we are able to hold part tolerances and finishes to a level rarely duplicated in custom gun builds.


When you purchase a custom built Hart Rifle you are getting one of the most accurate and best built rifles you can purchase.

Bull Sporter While some rifle configurations will fill many roles well, we want to be certain you're getting the right fit for YOU. Sightron Bolt Shroud Milled (Hexagon) Bolt Shroud Milled (3 flat sides) We knew we wanted a custom rifle, one that was unique and special, one that fit and represented our business. Likely the number one reason for getting into a custom rifle build, accuracy is our first concern. The Shadow is very much at home taking 500 yard shots at Elk or stopping a charging Grizzly at 25 yards. You are also welcome to provide all or any number of the components for your build. Lt. Bull Sporter Huber Vortex Don't risk your trophy hunt with an inferior rifle. Once you're ready to submit the quote request, click the button below... You will receive a copy of your quote request at the email you provide above.

Preferred actions are Remington 700, Winchester Model 70 push feed, or Sako. You may have a preference for parts from other manufacturers than who we primarily deal with, and we are happy to accommodate use of your parts. In order to build the right rifle for you, we need to get to know you better. Options that can be added include fluted barrel, fluted bolt, muzzle brake, custom triggers, custom bottom metal, and Winchester Model 70 style safeties. You can also use our Rifle spec builder and create the gun of your dreams and get a pdf of all of the details emailed to you. Peterson Brass Large primer 22 Creedmoor head-stamped brass from Peterson Cartridge. All Rights Reserved. “I wanted to give a special thanks for a successful hunt. Night Force Here at Muley Freak we do a lot of High Country back pack hunts. Fluting, Choose A Trigger: --Select Trigger--

Bolt Knob Installed Custom Sheep Rifle in 6mm Creedmoor #M1056. Factory You build your personal custom rifle from scratch, pick your caliber, design or pick your own stock, wood laminate thumbhole or custom dipped stock to match your personality. Leupold For those of you that want the ultimate hunting rifle, the Shadow is it. Learning about your hunting and shooting background will help us guide you to the right rifle configuration. --Select Scope-- Heavy Sporter This is the rifle of choice for sheep hunters requiring a six-pound class rifle still capable of superior accuracy. 26"

The majority of the canyons we hunt call for long shots often times exceeding 800 + yards. Custom Sheep Rifle in 300 Win Mag. Custom Sheep Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor #M1057. PRICE: $5999.00: More Details. Where and what will you be hunting? All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2018 Hart Custom Rifles. Our parts and processes ensure the best possible accuracy in the precision rifle industry. The manufacturers we choose to primarily deal with have not only proven to produce accurate and consistent parts; but are also owned and ran by the most stand-up people in the industry. Varmint / Sendero, --Barrel Length-- The rifle is built with your choice of an Alpine, Timberline, Mountaineer, Ridgeline or Rimrock LSR or SSR Custom Action. Custom Rifles. Featured Rifles; Rifle Gallery; Testimonials; Latest; FAQ's ; Contact; About Us.

None VIEW PRODUCT Horizon Loaded 22 Creed Ammo 20-Count loaded ammunition available in 75-gr and 88-gr bullets. Absolutely unbelievable accuracy and precision that most don't believe when I tell them about it. © 2013-present :: TS Customs, LLC. We can flute the barrel or place a pattern that will allow your custom HART rifle to stand out on any gun rack. The metalwork is prepared to customer specification as with other High Tech Customs rifles; then, the wood blank, stock furniture, finish and checkering are chosen. Contact. We are happy to provide all the necessary parts from our respective manufacturers. I use Long or Short Action, Left or Right Handed, Remington or Winchester actions.