FRIENDSHIP is a mysterious island at the Archipiélago de las Guitecas (Chile) which does not exist on the map. Another fact that has given the international impact to the case is that the Friendship would have had the ability to predict things. As always, I invite anyone who may have their own ideas on any of this to contact me about it via email, or you may, of course, use the comments section below this post just as well. ontaining ready made phrases in Spanish regarding the purpose of his trip. According to Alberto, the members of this organization were tall, Nordic in appearance, and though somewhat oblivious to the cultural and global happenings in the world at large, were very gifted in the realms of the sciences. El misterio de la isla Friendship cercana a Chiloé - YouTube Two of the expeditions to locate it were made by the Nueva Imagen production company. Who knows, perhaps there is more to it after all… although as I stated previously, my feeling is that this case, and the grains of truth it represents, have much less to do with UFOs, aliens, angels, or miraculous healings, and instead probably represents another piece of the bigger puzzle that comprises secret, Cold War-era operations that were taking place in South America… some of which probably did, in fact, have something to do with the German presence there after World War II. Mysterious Universe is a property of 8th Kind Pty Ltd, Psychic Bats, Glow-in-the-Dark Platypuses, Happy Water Fleas and More Mysterious News Briefly — November 3, 2020, The Strange Case of the Kaikoura Lights of New Zealand. It was 1984, someplace near the Southern coast of Chile, and a mysterious distress signal had just buzzed across the receiver of ham radio operator Octavio Ortiz. “What was most striking was the peace that radiated from his presence,” he said. And to this day I do not have the certainty that they are beings from another planet, “said Ortiz.

Over the course of a year, Alberto and Octavio would have frequent discussions about life in the disquieting island and its mysterious occupants over their ham radios. Today, Josep is the senior writer for. Muy interesante, quisiera contactar con ellos o con cualquier extraterrestre, estoy muy convencido q no son malos, de serlo ya nos hubiesen destruido, con tanta tecnología. With time, Alberto, during his ham radio discussions with Octavio, would even introduce Ariel over the airwaves, who claimed to be one of these mysterious “friends,” who referred to themselves variously as “angels of the lord,” and more simply, “not of this world.”. Beings that would have announced earthquakes, natural disasters and the fall of the Challenger. Around 2:30 p.m., Cristina, who was glued to the radio along with her daughter Claudia, heard a call from the Friendship, saying: "Come out! Get the MegaPack collection now for this great price. (Friendship Island), For a time De la Fuente worked for the Friendship. For many years this base has aroused suspicions among local residents. It was created when Riley Andersen made friends with Meg and ate ice cream. The excitement caused by the sighting was such that on the following day, Aeronáutica's director, Sergio Piñeiro, ordered Rodríguez to begin an investigation. Joy describes it as being "pretty good". For more than two decades there has been speculation about the existence of the famous Friendship Island, however until now there is still no certainty of its possible location, nor of the truthfulness of the contacts with the inhabitants of that island. Eventually he moved to the north of chile to a secluded town in the interior of the country, and converted to Mormonism.

Who were they, indeed?.

More on the Matter of “Crashed UFOs” in the U.K. Holograms, UFOs, Stonehenge Acoustics and More Mysterious News Briefly — September 2, 2020, Armstrong and Aldrin: First Humans on the Moon are Still in the News. The Mitilius II was tasked under the Department of Oceanography for the nearby University of Chile, and had been in an approach for the Mitague lighthouse when a strange, bright object had appeared in the sky, then slowly began to descend.

It should be remembered that despite the efforts made by different media, it has not been possible to reach the location of the island. Curiosity over the true identities of those who conceal themselves under the guise of "angels of the Lord" disrupts the Ortiz family's life: the radio remains on at all hours and Cristina, Octavio's wife--a shrewd and restless woman--makes an effort at getting to the bottom of the greatest question: the origins of their interlocutors.

His work consisted of welcoming families and people who were invited to the island.

Some argue that it was all about a mental experiment; others say that the hands of the Nazis are behind the case and most believe that they are extraterrestrial beings who have chosen the southern end of our country as a base for their operations on Earth. That is what can be deduced by reading the transcript of the communications. Zillman, issued a press release regarding the possibility that the objects belonged to his country.

In the measure that the sun went down, Rodríguez noticed the presence of a darker sphere. Get the MegaPack collection now for this great price. Among the many contacts with people from different parts of the island, these interlocutors appeared who claimed to belong to a religious congregation called Friendship, which would have acquired an island in the Guaitecas archipelago.