After receiving cryptic fortunes at a Chinese restaurant, the two wake up the next day to discover that they have somehow switched bodies.
That creepy old Mister Stitch has petnapped your beloved Sparky! It uses the Flash technology. Or you might bring real job advertisements that they can scan for important English vocabulary (and that they could even apply to, if they wanted to!). Hungry Fish. Then restart the clock at 1 minute and watch their faces drop. Here are 6 simple ways to get your students excited about activities again. Spongebob Square Pants: Flip or Flop. Ghoulia Freaky Makeover. For example, if a student taps on the word “brought,” they’ll see this: Plus, these great videos are all accompanied by interactive features and active learning tools for students, like multimedia flashcards and fun games like “fill in the blank.”. Works well with…Storytelling or Reading Time. This can be paired beautifully with a countdown timer (“Can you name 30 animals in 2 minutes?”) and can be a great introduction to any class. There are many brilliant games and lessons out there, but you don’t need to have 1000 game plans in your desk drawers to be a good teacher. The bigger the clock (and the noisier the alarm) the better. Then you’ll love FluentU! They can write, they can speak, they can gesture or ask for help.

Into the classroom, listening, reading, writing and out again. Dressup Bulma. Princesses Black Friday Fun. To proceed with comment posting, please select temporary avatar: We use cookies for advertising, content recommendations, and traffic measurement. Blox Flipp Flopp. Motor Madness.

FluentU takes real-world videos—like music videos, cartoons, documentaries and more—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons for you and your students. The students all know it inside out and they just don’t enjoy it like they used to. This goes really well with changing the setting, helping to create a more immersive lesson. Why are you doing your reading in the classroom? The students will love playing by your side, and many will watch to see how you respond to Simon’s requests. Great. Thank you, your vote was recorded and will be displayed soon.

Farm Frenzy 2. Now challenge them to get around the circle in 2 minutes. A statistic worth remembering. For example, John would start with “I like bananas,” then Alice would say “John likes bananas. Hi there! No problem. Set Targets. Frizzle Fraz 4. Hurry up and play Freaky Friday. Tickle the girl. By using this website, you consent to the. Looking for entertaining ESL videos to spice up your teaching routine? Jewel Quest. Put on these animal costumes and let’s learn animal sounds!”. Brave El.
Hey Wizard 2. Embark on a daring rescue mission through the house on the hill, probing deeper and deeper into the secret life of Mister Stitch ... and discover his most unpleasant pasttime. POG: Play Online Games (121168 games) POG makes all the Y8 games unblocked. Your students know all the animals, but once you start brainstorming they all go quiet except for that one student who will happily name 20 animals on his own. Don’t underestimate just how much difference adding a countdown timer can make.

Vote: Rebecca Whack: It's Friday. Taking the lesson out of its usual setting can really add intrigue and interest to a simple storytelling lesson. Or—even better!—take their place and play the game. “Children, today we’re going to study animals. Best of all: Libraries are silent. Monstertruck Superhero 2. Rather than just setting up an activity and then letting … Bloomin Gardens. Well, set the target for 30 animals and suddenly the class has something to work towards together. You shudder just thinking about bingo. That creepy old Mister Stitch has petnapped your beloved Sparky! Get them immersed in the lesson by injecting it with your own enthusiasm!

Frankie … POG makes all the Y8 games unblocked. Just by adding a target you can focus the classroom and pique interest effectively. Bring English immersion to your classroom! Click here to skip the ad and start game now. Introducing a new setting can really add something, especially to the less active activities. Students will even need to learn how to navigate the library’s book organization system. Alcohol and Ammo. Play Freaky friday Game. It adds some pressure, yes, but it can also add a competitive element to any activity. The students will be excited by the change—it’s a “special trip” after all!—and as an added bonus you’ll create enthusiasm for using libraries.

It uses the Flash technology. Cal’s focus in ESL teaching is developing non-conventional lesson plans to get the maximum motivation from his learners.