She named him in honour of her younger brother, Lemar, a college football player who was gunned down at 20 by a childhood friend after an argument over a rap cassette. DeMar started playing with his father around the time he began going to funerals. "I'm still me," Frank likes to say. Even in this gang-riddled pocket of south Los Angeles, where wearing red on the wrong block can get you killed, you're as likely to find a red-and-black Raptors poster as you are a Lakers jersey. If Diane recalls her brother as "a good guy who went to work every day," DeMar remembers him as "one of the biggest Crips in Compton." You never know.”, Marshall went public with his 2011 diagnosis of borderline personality disorder and has called raising mental health awareness “my purpose on this planet.”, “It’s extremely important for us to have this conversation not just in sports, but in society,” he told USA Today. It came before religion, even before race. Pulled over his blue long-sleeved sweatshirt: an NBA All-Star jersey. “We watched him close because we refused to let him be taken by the streets.”. In 2015 and 2016, it was ballhandling and passing (it's worth mentioning that he's averaging better than five assists per game). That was the time I knew he had a chance to be special.”.

He's out-thinking them.". Many of the locals believe that the persistence of Compton’s reputation is undeserved. Rather, he has long made himself clear: He wants to be the greatest Raptor of all time. "Kind of like a parade," he says. He didn't break, though, until he caught sight of DeMar at his bedside. Frank Derozan currently lives in View Park, CA; in the past Frank has also lived in Compton CA. Free agency became a Tony Robbins-like experiment in self-actualization. “I had seen him in a few parks before, but to see him do that in a game at that age? Frank Derozan, 65 New Roads, LA. It was the violence from the streets of Compton that produced DeMar DeRozan’s name: it’s a variation of the name of his mother’s younger brother, Lemar, who died in a drive-by shooting at the age of 20. It might be a cosmopolitan city in a league that fancies itself a global enterprise, but in basketball circles, it lacked cachet -- a snow-filled hockey town, a stop, not a destination.

Build your own superstar roster and try to defeat Team LeBron or Team Steph. As it happened, they didn't have a real talk -- more an acknowledgment, actually -- until the next season, after Rudy Gay had been traded. But he never left. It's his script.

Since this year's site is Staples Center, it'll inevitably be seen as a reunion for DeRozan, a Raptor by way of USC and Compton High School. Now he's worried, but he doesn't want to show it.". But before he made it there, Davian Childs was shot and killed in a dispute over a dice game. About a five-minute drive from Compton high school is Lueders Park, the place where DeRozan’s dad would bring him for late-night workouts when the high school gym was closed.

He was 17 and already committed to USC, a school renowned for its football team and film school. "It's all I knew. “If he can make it, I know I can.”, Listening to DeHughes was Xavier Williams, 24, who has worked at the gym the last six months. And each shot is a prayer, that he might hear the voice -- yes, that voice, The Hawk's -- above the din, come Sunday at Staples Center. It's just the two of them, and Frank keeps swerving right. Though Lowry was given Bosh's old locker, right next to DeRozan, their conversations were limited. “My mouth was like chalk. The tour includes a stop at the Adams Funeral Home, on Compton’s north side. The most important news stories of the day, curated by Post editors and delivered every morning. At the end of each season, DeRozan devotes himself to a tape of his every mistake in the just concluded campaign: each missed shot, turnover, bad pass, every late-game situation.

“I was comfortable talking about basketball — but that came natural. If someone wants to call me weak for asking for help, that’s their problem. And no one was taking his talents to Toronto. He said that his father has been battling “multiple” health issues, which includes a kidney ailment. He had already been to too many. Jerry Bembry is a senior writer at The Undefeated. Or pretty much anywhere.

If there's no game, he returns to the gym at night for his own private shootaround. "It's what made me.". Some take the scenic routes through the Hollywood Hills, a few do slow rolls in front of celebrity homes and others take riders to the beaches of Venice and Santa Monica. If his world seems clearer in retrospect, then so does the game.

Even the gangs that terrorized the area knew that the kid with a future in basketball was off-limits. She quit her job and eventually needed a cane, but by the time DeMar had entered his senior year and earned McDonalds All-American honours, it was his father he needed as a buffer. It recalls something his mother said: "When he was 8 years old, he promised to take care of us. Love’s description of what happened to him is terrifyingly real to anyone who has had a panic attack. Frank Derozan's Reputation Profile. “When he walked in, I sat up tall in my seat and had this big smile on my face.

"I wouldn't call it a homecoming," he says. Many of them were also from L.A., just not his L.A. DeMar is still waiting for police sirens when he finds out everyone is supposed to be shopping at a place called Whole Foods. Nikola Vucevic is likely the best player for the Magic but he’s a 7-foot, 260-pound center who wouldn’t be a good fit next to LaMarcus Aldridge. Phelps, meanwhile, has admitted that depression caused him to consider suicide at times.

"I'm no stranger to pain," he says. It is by far the farthest he's lived from the modest, fenced-in townhouse in Compton where he spent most of his life. That’s what he was to me to this day, and what he is to me forever.”. That was basically the conversation.". In fact, he can't help but show it. It's not just the weather; it's the proximity to Hollywood. And he thinks his son can be another person who can contribute to changing the perception of Compton. Hard. "I had kind of given up hope when I found out I was pregnant with DeMar," Diane says. “he said he was getting one for himself, so he bought me an Escalade.”. "I felt I couldn't communicate," he says.

Barry Svrluga: Here’s one way to clean up college basketball. By that point, I was freaking out. He gets better every season, even in this, his most difficult of seasons.

They'd been close since junior high, as their interests shifted from video games to girls. ... Get your balance. "I have no clue," he says, when asked if his father will be there this weekend. He’s happy that the spotlight, for at least another round of postseason basketball, will be shining on his son. Twenty minutes from Compton felt like light years from home. A couple of years ago, DeRozan asked his father what he wanted for Christmas. Non-subscribers can read and sort comments but will not be able to engage with them in any way. After two weeks of intensive study, he pretty much knows how he'll spend his summer vacation. I think it’s easy to assume we know ourselves, but once you peel back the layers it’s amazing how much there is to still discover.”, The rise (and fall, and rise) of Michael Phelps. And each shot is a prayer, that he might hear the voice -- yes, that voice, The Hawk's -- above the din, come Sunday at Staples Center. DeRozan made his first trip to the playoffs that spring, capping what was then his finest season at better than 22 points a game. Summary: Frank Derozan was born on 10/01/1950 and is 70 years old. My dad was my dad. Every day was a challenge for me. He has seen people die at funerals. DeRozan is also a four-time NBA All-Star and a two-time All-NBA Team member. Why Adams?

But while he's humbled and honored to be starting in yet another All-Star Game, he's not buying into the script. For Love, the death of his beloved grandmother was one long-unresolved issue. God's honest.". DeMar is in seventh grade. “For the longest time, I thought asking for help was a sign of weakness because that’s kind of what society teaches us,” he said (via USA Today). Then he started working on skills. DeRozan was recently applauded for opening up about his own struggles, telling the Toronto Star how overwhelming depression can be for him.