Step 7- Go to the folder where you saved this webspage. Your email address will not be published. How To Hack Android Phone Using Spynote RAT. Step 10- Now you have a folder named index_files and three files named index.html, login.php and dump.txt. So, when the victim opens the link they will see facebook page and when they log in on that fake page, we will get their email and password. Facebook. You need to click on Open Command Window Here button to open command prompt in that folder. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? So keep visiting. You will see options like view, sort etc. Press CTRL+F, enter action= in find field and press enter. Do you encountered a problem? You need to share this link with your victim. Paste those three files index.html, login.php, dump.txt and one folder index_files (that you copied in last step) here in C:\xampp\htdocs folder.

Step 8- Open notepad in same folder, copy below code and paste it in notepad.

action=”″. header (‘Location:’); In Save As Type, select All Files option and finally click on save file. Now that code will look like this after editing.

You will see HTML code. So, go to, press CTRL+S and enter index in Filename : field, and click on save button. Step 5- Go to the extracted folder, you will see ngrok.exe file. How to hack facebook :- There are numerous ways of hacking into a Facebook account but phishing and keylogging worked best for me.

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You can follow me on. A blogger by passion and computer geek by heart. We will use phishing method to harvest user credentials of victim by creating facebook phishing page and hosting it on our own web server with xampp and ngrok. This is for teaching or information purpose and not meant to harm anyone or anything. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *. Step 2- Now go to and create a new account by clicking on signup button. Create a free website or blog at Facebook phishing app is a hacking application where the victim’s email and password will be sent to the number you will put to the application. Please message me here – Mark Miranda.

Copy these two files and one folder.

Delete index.html and index.php file in this folder. I will not be responsible for any harm or cause. It will start webserver and give you a link to access it from anywhere. Step 1- Download and install xampp from below and link. ( Log Out /  Je kunt altijd naar gaan of je Facebook-app openen om te kijken of wij je belangrijke berichten hebben gestuurd. NOTE: I’m not responsible to any harm and danger you will encounter by using this application.