If the householder comes out and chases you ... well, you've got to be quick off the mark to be good at soccer, so it is all good training.".

Schoolboys' International Football: England v Germany. We always have to right for bigger and better playing fields for children.

A number of the other players seemed to know how to go on, but I simply hadn't a clue and was full of anxiety in case I made a dreadful faux pas. As a youngster in Bolton I played whenever I could, sometimes with a tennis ball, sometimes with a rag ball, and, on special occasions, with a real live football.

He indicated I should stand before his desk and then said, "Well, Matthews, let me congratulate you. Harry Meads, drummer, The Days, Hunter and Ramsay introduced what was known as the "passing game". Things You May Not Have Known About The Oscars, Holiday Sports - Roller Skating Time Event At Wembley. At any rate, I never played in the position.

: School sport is out.

Some of the boys seemed to know one another. I tried to look like him, run like him, juggle the ball and body swerve like him. He had learnt the game at school in Ayr. Sir David Frost, television presenter. It didn't matter as long as we got goals; and besides, we only played with one another, picking sides among ourselves and having friendly matches in the playground.

He played for England schoolboys against Wales when he was only 13 years old. Would I cover myself in glory, or, having teamed up with those who were considered the best school-boy footballers in England and been pitted against the best Wales had to offer, find to my horror I was totally lacking?

At a meeting in 1879, Allen helped found the Sunderland and District Teacher Football Club. And we'd play on anything, the puddling most, though, because it was playable all year round. The centre-forward in the same side was Joe Mercer, who later emerged as one of the finest wing half-backs in English football history. However, he put no obstacles in the way of his son's football progress. Why, everybody in Bellshill, knew what players they were! Bolton also produced Bill Holden, that brilliant centre forward who followed in my footsteps to Burnley. The third event of the day saw England take on Scotland. Bags of sand are put in the stands to test out the safety and strength of Wembley Stadium. One of the stars of that team, Charles Buchan, was still playing at Roker Park in the early 1920s when Raich Carter first stood at the Roker End.

So he kept me behind after school, took me on to the field, and made me practise left-foot shooting. Tommy Sheridan, politician, Solidarity Party,

I was as football daft as any of the boys in the village of Bellshill, and dafter than most, and we had our idols already.

Four years later England played their first game against Scotland in Newcastle. If he saw a lad do something wrong he would call him to his study window, give the lad some advice and settle down to watch some more. Hunter moved to Birmingham in search of work in August, 1878. One of the first youngsters to emerge from this youth system was Tom Finney.

Go out with a couple of pals, chalk a goal on the nearest gable end and start some shooting or heading practice with a tennis ball.

Final score was 2-1 to Germany.

I suppose I must have been pretty good for my age, because after a period at inside-right I was moved to centre-half. I started to enjoy the game and must admit I felt totally at home at outside-right. Scotland had a long tradition of producing good young footballers. England - England Under 18 Schoolboys - Results, fixtures, squad, statistics, photos, videos and news - Soccerway

Wembley Stadium, London. James Allen, a Scot, arrived in 1871 to take tip a teaching post and introduced the Association code to Wearside where rugby had previously flourished. During the early part of the 20th century the following boys moved from Glenbuck to England to play professional football: Robert Blyth, William Blyth, William Muir, Alex Brown, George Halley, John Crosbie, Sandy Tait, Sandy Brown, Alec McConnell, Bill Shankly, John Shankly, Bob Shankly, Jimmy Shankly and Alec Shankly. - and although we only had tin cans and school caps for goalposts, it mattered not a jot. Subscribe to our Spartacus Newsletter and keep up to date with the latest articles. I felt like saying, "Sorry sir, could you repeat that. In 1892 Brighton Schools FA was formed with membership of 22 schools and games were played on Preston Park on Saturday mornings.

Schoolboys' International Football: Germany beat England 2-1 at Wembley. Paul Riley, screen and comedy actor; Still Game, Chewin’ the Fat,

However, they did attract interest from Football League clubs and Mercer signed for Everton whereas Cullis joined Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Football united the kids. In my mind, this basic field was Deepdale and I was the inside-left, Alex James.

In the early 1930's, when television was merely a madman's mirage, when empty pockets put the cinema out of bounds, youngsters manufactured their own entertainment with a tennis ball.

I didn't know anybody, no one knew me.

Soccer is a religion with the people in the industrial North, and it is due to people like Mr. Lee, Mr. Milner and Mr. The kickabouts we had in the fields and on the streets were daily events, sometimes involving dozens and dozens of kids. As the author of Sunderland: The Official History points out: "The club was formed not by shipbuilders or miners, but by school teachers, local school master James Allan having taken the initiative in organising such a venture.

As a seven-year-old, I could not afford real football boots so my Uncle John bought some studs and hammered them into an old pair of shoes. I got an early touch of the ball from the kick-off and that settled me down. In the winter we became Cliff Bastins and Dixie Deans. Thus schooling in Hendon in the 1920s took place in a tough area in a tough period. Other associations were established in other industrial areas and in May 1890, the Sheffield Schools played London Schools for the first time. Despite all their honours the real place of Glenbuck in footballing history was as a nursery of footballers. I was a big boy and he was a little man. Note: match programme and newspaper cutting on file.

That's where I first learned about close control and dribbling. They were little whippets as footballers go, but they were famous. This move rapidly increased the growth of state education and most of these new schools provided fields for the boys to play football. I was only 13, so in the physical stakes I was quite some way behind lads of 14 and 15. England Schoolboys team: Geoffrey Barnett, Edward Harrop, Alan Hignett, David Farrar, Frank Barlow, Vincent Adams, Grant McCulloch, John Hurst, Denis Bond, Michael Bullock, Aiden Maher.