Crux Dogatie | Gottn Goh, Glemy Faction Though best known as a rough man of war, Dozle is actually a family man.

The base of operations for the Zeon Earth Attack Force was the captured California Base of the Earth Federation. With the loss of Solomon and a second son, Degwin Zabi started to make a move to peace, however he took notice of the shifting ideals of his eldest son Gihren. Full Name The Delaz Fleet's Operation Stardust was a direct result of renegade Zeon soldiers' dissatisfaction with the outcome of the war. The Federation officers prepare to fire but stop short of Dozle's presence and requests permission. He was caught in the midst of Char's plan to attack the Earth Federation garrison in Guardian Banchi where he was distracted by Zenna Mia, who is sent by Char to hold him off. Christina MacKenzie sortied in the Gundam "Alex" to stop Zeon's MS-18E Kämpfer, piloted by Mikhail Kaminsky to try to prevent it from causing more damage on Libot. Duker Iq | The One Year War was a culmination of the hostility between Side 3's Principality of Zeon and the Earth Federation. Garma's charm and intelligence could continue to benefit their family outside of wartime, something which Dozle envied. It may pain him to oppose her, but he believes resisting is his way of demonstrating his true strength to Audrey. Gates Capa | On October 4, Earth Attack Force commander Garma Zabi was killed while leading an attack against the White Base in North America, while being supported by both Char Aznable, and Heirshy, whom were also on a search and destroy mission for the Trojan Horse. Gihren is his older brother and Kycilia is his younger sister. Quess Paraya, Crossbone Vanguard Gihren is able to command the forces for a while, however he is executed for the assassination of Degwin by his sister Kycilia. Dozle's comment regarding the mass production of the Big Zam is constantly re-used throughout his noncanonical appearances, especially should he appear in a video game.


Norris Packard | Zeon forces used the depopulated colony cylinder Side 2, Bunch 8 Island Iffish in an attempt to destroy the Earth Federation Forces main headquarters, Jaburo. Gihren Zabi gave the order to fire the Solar Ray at the EFSF fleet which was assembling at Geldova Line, knowing that his father was in the line of fire.

M'Quve | The mysterious planet they are on frees him from royal status since it's not the same as their home. Mashymre Cello | On the following morning, California Base sent several Dopps and Gaws to attack Jaburo, bringing a lot of MSs to be air-dropped and several marine-type MSs attacked Jaburo through river. Karius | Other groups, such as the Second Neo Zeon and "The Sleeves", are not spawned directly from the One Year War, but can trace their roots indirectly back to the conflict. Dozle's dead body can be seen floating in the opening of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: A New Translation 1st movie, "Heirs To The Stars". Denim | Within a few months, Zeon controlled most of Europe, Asia and North America. Dozle is closest to his younger brother Garma Zabi and actually looks forward to the day when Garma becomes an Admiral in his own right. Degwin's third son (the second, Sasro, was killed before the series starts in a car bombing, which is also where Dozle got those scars), Dozle Zabi is everything his older brother Gihren is not. French Tickner is a voice actor known for voicing Odin, Watari / W / Quillish Wammy, and Kagome"s Grandpa. Garma's charm and intelligence could continue to benefit their family outside of wartime, something which Dozle envied. Dozle Zabi was reluctant to ask for support from his sister Kycilia, but was able to get some reinforcements for Solomon before the Earth Federation Space Forces attacked, his reinforcements coming in the form of the MA-08 Big Zam.

Dozle Zabi POV "Lord Dozle, unit 01 is prepped and ready for launch!" Bob | The Titans were created to counter this threat, thus setting the stage for the Gryps Conflict.

Principality of Zeon Kycilia

On the one hand, she is shown to be fiercely loyal to the people of Zeon, and to the men under her command. Simus Al Bakharov | Dozle meets his end within Big Zam's explosion. After the incident, he was berated by Degwin for failing to protect Garma in the attack, citing that Garma was the sole reason he was made superintendent of the academy. The Earth Federation did have a small number of mobile suits at the battle, but they were mainly used in mopping up operations, and contributed relatively little to the battle. Paptimus Scirocco | However, Zeon miscalculated Jaburo's defenses, the Federation officers agreed that White Base's presence would lure Zeon to Jaburo. Though Gihren refused his proposal, it is later seen as a missed opportunity when the situation at Solomon becomes dire for the Zeon forces. Degwin, however fell out of power and was now little more then a figure head as his eldest son Gihren took command of not only the military but the Principality itself. Negotiations with the Earth Federation finally broke down in UC 0079, leading to the Principality of Zeon (re)declaring its independence from the Earth Federation and at the same time declaring war on the Federation.