Everything is always all peachy and perfect. View source. Gusmanak, the creator and owner of Apocalypse Rising, has posted many images that mock Deadzone. The Deadzone scripting is advanced by regular standards, which puts a strain on the older Roblox servers which, therefore, is almost impossible to be fixed by DeadzoneZackZak.


At the time, there was a small map and a building that the Player could rob, but the community requested more features. He managed to get all game files from Deadzone and released it publicly for anyone to take and re-release as a new Roblox game. Just a few months after Deadzone's release, the game has turned into a barren wasteland. Since then, the game has been a huge success.

View Mobile Site https://www.roblox.com/users/364727/profile, https://unturned.fandom.com/wiki/Deadzone?oldid=223597. Propane, .50 Magazine, Stanag 30, Battery, Etc. Nelson would stream development of Deadzone II on Twitch every few weeks, adding things that the viewers requested.

Silencer, Grip, Bayonette, Compact Scope, Etc.

NOTE: Add in the Comments what is missing on the list. The debate has been fueled by the fans of both games, as well as the creators. Thanks! Players were still enjoying the game very much. You can also fill in the "About" page at Project:About. Attachments. For the uninformed, the Deep Web is a division of the Internet not accessible by means of standard search engines such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

Corrupter of All, AA-12, Magna FN SCAR, G3, Etc. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ); this is one of the reasons of Deadzone's popularity.

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The closed beta version was released, requiring a key given specifically to you by Nelson himself. It was created on the Roblox engine, scripted in the Lua programming language. Because of this, discussion of the Deadzone was then exported to the Deep Web. Edit.

The former is the only occasion where people would rather go further into what they know is good for them. There are five main military loot spots: The evacuation center, the airplane crash, the airfield, and police/fire stations. Encounter other players and choose to make them your friend or foe in split second decisions.

It is an area where players can freely trade items, access the in-game bank, shop, etc. https://roblox.fandom.com/wiki/Community:DeadzoneZackZak/Deadzone?oldid=1023905, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. What lies beneath those password prompts include illegal merchandise sales, counterfeit websites, and even child pornography. Medium Bag, Winter Rucksack, SAS Pack, Coyote Backpack, Etc.

He decided he wanted to give the players more, by creating a sequel to Deadzone, titled "Deadzone II". No one's going to be involved in anything of great concern, right? Not too many people played and he wrote that he was going to attempt to Greenlight Unturned 2 on Steam. Go here for more info and updates: http://www.sdgdevelopment.blogspot.com/. Players have noted some similarities between the models within Deadzone and the models within Apocalypse Rising. When first joining the game, the Player would be presented with a tutorial showing the basics of survival and the controls. Rumors have spread stating that DeadzoneZackZak asked ZolarKeth and Gusmanak if they wanted to help update Deadzone. It's all malarkey, all of it. Weapons. Everyone has a hunger for the unknown.

The untouched by humanity, the places where no one dares to trespass.

Since the release of Apocalypse Rising 5.0.0, Apocalypse Rising had more players than Deadzone, because the Deadzone was barely updating. Since this gun is so rare, the most common way to get it is to kill its user as many players duplicate this gun. He said he was going to start developing a new game, outside of Roblox, called Unturned.

Thanks! The original Deadzone was exploited by fla https://www.roblox.com/users/364727/profile. Unturned Bunker Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. On April 1, 2013, DeadzoneZackZak pulled a prank where he renamed Deadzone to Apocalypse Rising. The debate was also fueled by multiple third parties making several comparisons to the game. But that, again, is only what's on the surface. This caused DeadzoneZackZak to get temporarily banned, causing much controversy. Deadzone was a post-apocalyptic themed game created by DeadzoneZackZak. A lack of a bandit or group system is common negativity about Deadzone, Another common problem with Deadzone is the common disconnection problems that plague many Deadzone servers.


The Deadzone is populated with zombies in every town and city. Deadzone is a game which is the predecessor of Unturned (based off of DayZ) of survival where you fight to survive and scavenge materials from the buildings around you. An odd similarity that players did not seem to notice between Apocalypse Rising and Deadzone is the date they were released. Deadzone received critical acclaim from many users upon its release. The Dead Zone Wiki. https://roblox-list.fandom.com/wiki/Deadzone_Remade?oldid=4087. I suppose it is... Why else would Roblox be such a powerhouse? The game was fully abandoned by DeadzoneZackZak sometime in September, and a user made an uncopylocked version of Deadzone, causing heaps of players to take a copy and edit the game to their own likings. He created an alte… Creator

Thanks! Others say it is has a more theater-like approach, where anyone in the game must run through incredibly difficult obbies and gauntlets in front of a crowd of demonic entities, all of which are real players that can end the life of those who do not complete said trail. And that leach is a domain of anything and everything between grief, despair, and dread. Nelson also had started playing WarZ (now known as Infestation: Survivor Stories) and moved his game into that direction. DeadzoneZackZak Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. If anything were to be exposed too much to the public, people would lose their jobs.

The M16 does lower damage than other assault rifles, however it shoots relatively fast. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. That includes the users that inhabit Roblox.

Deadzone was much, much different than the average Roblox game. Classic editor History Comments (7) Share. Deadzone is the spiritual predecessor of Unturned created by Nelson Sexton in 2012. The concept is, if the Player kills a certain reputation title, the reputation increases/decreases. As time went by, he added many things; hills, plenty more guns, loads of new items, new cities and towns, broken legs, toxicity, etc.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. History Comments Share. Deadzone features a "Morality System". https://thedeadzone.fandom.com/wiki/Main_Page?oldid=2750, If you are new to wikis, you may want to try the, There is some advice on getting this wiki started at. A … Medkit, Bloodbag, Pills, Antibiotics, Etc. At the time, there was a small map and a building that the Player could rob, but the community requested more features.

The Character wasn't customizable and there were few items.

Tapped Mags Range Finder Flash Hider Bayonette ... ROBLOX List Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Another noteworthy characteristic that many players responded positively to was the player movement system implemente… The critical reception of the Deadzone was generally mixed to positive. Many users feel that the building style of the game is "too simple." It is commonly criticized for being a copy of the popular ROBLOX game "Apocalypse Rising", and the not so popular game DeadMist. This conversation below is as old as my gramps. After a long wait, he updated the original Deadzone once more, placing a link to his blog in the description box. Deadzone Remade Bags.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. None of it is true, for these examples are elaborate descriptions made by various Roblox forum users. After about a month or two, and much anticipation, the game was finally Greenlit, and was renamed back to "Unturned". This led to multiple accusations of Deadzone being a copy of Apocalypse Rising.

It's just an online game for kids with no evil intentions, right? Please click what you're looking for.

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Pages are often encrypted with multiple passwords and such.

The game took place in Alaska (according to Nelson) and involved players gathering loot, avoiding zombies, and deciding if they want to be a villain or a hero.

Before it's closing, Deadzone receives 9.5 players a day averagely, as most players cannot connect to the game at all due to outdated scripts. He created an alternate account, named "DeadzoneZackzak" to publish the game under.

Players who side with Deadzone often the reason that Deadzone has a more realistic map and more efficient game-play, whereas Apocalypse Rising fans often accuse Deadzone of taking several models from Apocalypse Rising. He said that DeadZone I has too many glitches and bugs. If they are in the Deadzone, the button in the bottom left reads "Go to Safezone" instead, and upon clicking it, the Player's controls will be disabled and they cannot move until ten seconds have passed, to prevent combat logging. The user was initially launched by another user named ZackZak for the Deadzone game project, hence the reason why there the username starts with Deadzone and ends with ZackZak. Different reputation levels have different titles, which are used to judge whether or not a player will most likely kill them. Check out DEADZONE CLASSIC. It's anyone's game, for the unknown can range anywhere from ecstasy to eternal doom.

These forms been The Dead Zone (TV series), The Dead Zone (film) & The Dead Zone (novel) in reverse chronological order.. You can also fill in the "About" page at Project:About.. To write a new The Dead Zone Wiki article, enter the page title in the box below. Both games were released on the first day of the month (Apoc in July, and Deadzone in January). Nelson was once falsely banned from Roblox, for having a copy of. These forms been The Dead Zone (TV series), The Dead Zone (film) & The Dead Zone (novel) in reverse chronological order. Another noteworthy characteristic that many players responded positively to was the player movement system implemented in the game. Deadzone was incredibly popular, with up to 1000 people playing the game at a time.

Some say it is a full manifestation of wrath from the Roblox developers, who are taken over to release their dark side upon anyone that enters. You can help out by adding peepee hahahah, Nelson Sexton (DeadzoneZackZak) is working on a Deadzone reincarnation called Unturned. That is why Roblox lets the untrue stories float to the top. Zolarketh, the co-creator of Apocalypse Rising, has stated that he has lost respect for DeadzoneZackZak since he changed the name of his game to Deadzone: Rising Above the Apocalypse. The classic DEADZONE vibe, recreated independently from scratch. IVBM Code 080 Invisible Cloak (48) Halloween Rucksack (48) ... ROBLOX List Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. It doesn't add up for a topic such as Roblox to come to a place as twisted as the Deep Web.