In context, she considers Hive to be the miracle. RELATED: Agents Of SHIELD Characters Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses. Ruby: I don’t want to *be* you. I want to *beat* you.Daisy: You can certainly try. By Amanda Bruce May 22, 2020. At the time, she thinks she knows better than SHIELD and offers up this riff on an old Spider-Man quote.

The past was not a thread trailing behind us but an anchor. I wanna put my mouth on her mouth and move it around a lot, but I don’t wanna do that unless she wants to, too, because that’s what makes it nice.

Of course, Hydra isn’t done with them yet as General Hale and her daughter Ruby are some of the last Hydra operatives. You hate the Patriots. About Us | Copyright Inquiry | Privacy Policy | Contact Us.

She was coming around, and then Yo-Yo killed her!Yo-Yo: No. The understanding pity of others is a hole. Skye (to May): So we could go inside. So I've been greatly anticipating her debut novel which references both 'Hansel and Gretel' and the myth of Oedipus. I saw six squads in full tactical gear, three crates of RPGs, and a full crew of analysts heading into operations. Price: [after finding her team, Mack and Daisy holding each other at gunpoint] Everybody, stand down! It’s not unlike what’s done to Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel. 100 WALLPAPERS 922938 POINTS. Jul 14, 2020 - Explore tinker bell's board "daisy johnson" on Pinterest. The past signed to us: clicks and cracks in the night, misspelled words, the jargon of adverts, the bodies that attracted us or did not, the sounds that reminded us of this or that. Skye: I just wish they'd left their alien ship behind. So if anyone should be furious... Melinda May: I am.

Her parents. What I have built is now, So, this is how it's going to be. (kisses Ward) You said you might die, so, what the hell? They are the way we sometimes wake with a pressure on our chests that is animal-like or turn on a light and see someone we’d thought was long gone standing there looking at us.”, “Virginity was a half-starved dog you were looking after, wanted to give away as quickly as possible so you could forget it ever existed.”, “The understanding pity of others is a hole.”, “But sometimes I wonder if you are right and if all of our choices are remnants of all the choices we made before. Sad a man died this way. As if decisions were shards from the bombs of our previous actions. Yo-Yo: This plan's pretty thin, May.May: I'd rather have a thin plan than live through the '80s again. : 10 Daisy Johnson Quotes We'll Always Remember. Skye: Look at you. Skye: I don't get it. [indicates Daisy, who glares at her] We've got about nineteen Agent Johnsons on our side, though none that can take down a building. RELATED: Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Motivational Quotes.

There is no.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. But, thankfully, that's over. Despite the assurances that no one can get out of the device because of the way it attaches to her brain, Daisy is able to wake herself up, use her powers to break the device, and defeat her captors. Skye: Wouldn't mind getting my human hands on Thor. Latest quotes added: Skye: You know, I never gave you enough credit for this whole Zen warrior thing. There’s nothing without you! I know. See more ideas about Agents of shield, Marvel agents of shield, Marvels agents of shield. Though Daisy recognizes that being a hero can be cool, she’s also already prepared for things to get weird as early as her first appearance in the series. You're a statue. And yet, so amazing. Of course, Hydra isn’t done with them yet as General Hale and. Lucky the whole forest didn't burn down. Motivational Quotes. Are you really telling me that has nothing to do with Ward and Fitz's mission?

The past was not a thread trailing behind us but an anchor.”.

By the final season, she’s a bonafide superhero. Get the lay of the land.

You're a statue. I’ve given you all the tools you need to handle this. He takes Gravitonium on, trying to become a hero. 13 Wallpapers With Daisy Johnson Quotes. Inspirational Entrepreneurship Quotes. Seems to me like this electroshock thingy was some freak lightning strike.

In this particular moment, Daisy is the voice of the audience.