How to Get Hrithik’s Jai Character for Free in Free Fire? By Joseph Carr - Published on October 14, 2020 Arguably the most popular sniper rifle in COD: Mobile , the Locus is a tried and true weapon. The DR-H is one of the steadiest assault rifles in COD Mobile but that doesn’t mean just any attachments will maximize your potential for kills. As compared to DL Q33, Locus is the best rifle as it has high damage and high fire rate than the other rifle.

You can use it for running-and-gunning. Improving mobility, you’ll be able to move around these smaller maps more efficiently.

So, if you don’t know about the Sniper Rifles, then here you go. 2. Now, here we are going to about one of the weapon called Sniper Rifles. The Locus is arguably the deadliest sniper rifle in COD: Mobile but with the right loadout, it can be even more lethal. Sniper rifles have always been a fan-favorite weapon class in the Call of Duty franchise. It falls short of the number one spot due to its relatively slow aim-down-sights time. Their high power and deadly accuracy are enough to draw in just about every player. The RUS-79U is one of the most popular and steady weapons in COD: Mobile but like any other gun, it still needs a solid loadout to perform well. The AK117 assault rifle is arguably the best weapon in COD: Mobile but there’s one specific loadout that puts it over the top. COD Mobile: How to Download & Device Requirements. COD Mobile Season 11 The Club: How to enter, minigames, Anniversary Points and more.

On papers, it comes with a maximum damage of 84, which in itself is a lot. If you want to claim a free Epic quality emote in COD Mobile, then we've got you covered with the redeem code. Sniper rifles are always a top-tier weapon category in any Call of Duty title. What we know so far about COD Mobile's first Mythic weapon, the Fennec Ascended, including the release date and first details. Your loadout for the sniper could easily have negative ramifications and hinder your overall performance. You can give it a try to this sniper rifle. COD Mobile Easter Egg Codes: How to find and redeem. It also allows you to move around faster and lets you to get the sniping position more easily.

We have a great time while playing Call Of Duty Mobile game with lots of different weapons available.

The bolt-action nature of the DL Q33 means that you're not going to be able to get as many shots off as you would with a semi-automatic. There's a new COD Mobile game mode called Undead Fog coming to the game soon.

This sniper rifle gives high damage and is less accurate. Using attachments on the Locus can improve its weaknesses but it's not enough to make number one on the list. For fans of COD Mobile, here’re some of the best sniper rifles you can find in the game.

If you are still unsure of the numbers mentioned above, I will discuss the 3 best Sniper weapons that you can rely on in COD Mobile. That said, the Kilo could be the best weapon in all of COD Mobile and not just the sniper/marksman rifle class.

Locus sniper with yellow snake camo is the sniper which was only available in paid crates and this season Call of Duty Mobile has made it free for players. The Locus has great base statistics but there are some we can decrease with our loadout and still have a great performing weapon. So when you do choose one, it's most likely going to make or break that specific match for you.


You can give it a try to this sniper rifle. So technically, the Kilo Bolt-Action is a Marskman Rifle and not a sniper. Thanks to leakers, we now know about a new COD Mobile map for Season 12, as well as Night Mode coming two both Summit and Crash. All the info we know so far about Season 12 inside. and when? Call of Duty fans can unlock some free Black Ops Cold War Bonus content in the form of Russell Adler for COD: Mobile and an SMG Blueprint for Cold War. COD Mobile Season 11 is set to bring back a specially themed map when it launches later this month.

Still, if you can hit your shts to the upper body, you'll have no problems using this weapon in COD Mobile.

It gives high damage, great accuracy, and fire rate. Learn how you can get the exclusive HBRa3 Red Shock skin for COD:M. Don't miss this chance to win HBRa3 Red Shock, a unique weapon skin for COD Mobile! Arguably the most popular sniper rifle in COD: Mobile, the Locus is a tried and true weapon.

All the players can use different weapons on any map. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Your standard bolt-action sniper, this Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 origin weapon really packs a punch. Check out the list of top 5 Sniper Rifles in COD Mobile. Pairing these attachments with the Stippled Grip Tape and OWC Stopping Power ammunition allows you to move quickly and do enough damage to earn a one-shot kill. Locus sniper came in Season 2 of COD mobile. Those are the areas that really make or break snipers in COD: Mobile. This sniper rifle gives high damage and is less accurate. With COD Mobile, the story is no different, as snipers often dominate casual lobbies. DL Q33 gives high damage and solid accuracy. Sniper rifles dominate long-range combat with powerful precision.

3 - Locus - Best Sniper Rifle For Beginners Locus is quite easy-to-use as compared to others in the same league and you can unlock it before reaching any further levels. Kilo Bolt-Action is not a Sniper Rifle but a Marksman Rifle. Locus. It boasts high damage, great fire rate, and tremendous accuracy. Here's how you can find the COD Mobile Easter Egg codes and redeem them for some nice rewards.

As new seasons have come, new sniper rifles have also introduced.

Overall, using the sniper rifle or any gun in COD Mobile it depends on your personal performance.

Love to share articles and news about technology. When does COD Mobile Season 12 begin? That said, we’ll be picking attachments that focus on boosting your overall damage and mobility. Perhaps the top weapon in the submachine gun category of COD: Mobile, the Razorback has a plethora of options when it comes to a loadout. As such, attachments like the OWC Skeleton Stock and YKM Lightweight Short barrel are great choices for the Locus. Take a look at the top Sniper Rifles in Call of Duty Mobile.

It falls short of the number one spot due to its relatively slow aim-down-sights time. COD Mobile Redeem Code for Epic BiSH Emote. It has a low rate of fire, but incredible accuracy and power at long range. Download COD Mobile: Second […] When it comes to aspects like Damage, Accuracy, and Range, Locus simply dominates every other Sniper in Call of Duty Mobile. Of course, this doesn't make the bolt-action sniper a horrible choice. With the current selection of maps in COD: Mobile, you don’t need to have a ton of range on your snipers. Next up is the Locus sniper, which was introduced during Season 2 of COD Mobile. Season 10 of COD: Mobile introduced the Echo to the shotgun category and there’s one loadout for it that triumphs over the rest. Free Fire: How To Get Diamonds In Free Fire?

However, we can consider it as the best sniper rifle because of its similarities. All the Logos, Trademarks and Images belongs to their Respective Owners. And also the attachments can be used strategically in the game. What you need to know about the COD Mobile device requirements and how to download the game for the first time. COD Mobile contains several sniper rifles that all are manageable to use. However, we still lump it in with the snipers due to the many similarities the categories share. As compared to DL Q33, Locus is the best rifle as it has high damage and high fire rate than the other rifle. However, its damage is much better than the DL Q33, which is why it's number two on the list and not number three.

Activision has revealed a brand-new weapon for COD Mobile called the NA-45, the first primary weapon with area damage.

COD Mobile Halloween playlist update: Undead Fog, Attack of the Undead, rewards and more. The follow up to COD: Mobile's biggest ever season has a lot to live up to. At one point, the DL Q33 was the best sniper rifle in COD Mobile.

Designed more for close to medium range gunfights, this loadout really excels at quick-scoping and killing opponents with a well-placed upper body shot. COD Mobile update: Halloween events, patch notes, rewards and more. Next up is the Locus sniper, which was introduced during Season 2 of COD Mobile.