(BRNK-2585, BRNK-2688, BRNK-2689), The max number of times an order can be split has been increased from 10 to 25. (BBS-4915), Admin Portal would produce an error when attempting to edit a deposit after publishing a change to a different location. (BBS-5005), API - A new API call IsWithinBusinessHours is now available and will return "true" if the current time is within a location's business hours, and "false" otherwise (BRNK-6291), API - GetMasterTerminalStatus API call will now always return "true". API Documentation – Web Service Loyalty Award Type: The field “ValidTerminalTypes” has updated Notes.

API Documentation – Web Service Customer Type: The “Gender” field has an updated Type from “Gender” to ‘Gender (enum), and updated Notes. (BBS-5124), New panel design options to access buttons located off the panel screen have been added.

API Documentation - Labor2 Web Service: The “Paid” field property name has been updated to “IsPaid” in the Shift Data Structures. (BBS-4942), When publishing a new button to a panel, the publish contained data not applicable to the button change. (BBS-3129), Incorrect online/offline status was seen in Admin Portal and in the API which caused stores to show as offline when they were online. As a cloud-based POS software solution, Brink does not require a back office computer, and all your data is safe, secure, and accessible in the cloud. 4/5. (BBS-1133), The Register would crash when using the "Plain" button on item without included modifiers.

(BRNK-6948), Datacap US EMV - Store and Forward is now supported when using Datacap US EMV Devices. (BBS-4791), Sales Summary reporting in Admin Portal wouldn't load due to an error in processing report data. (BBS-5639), Users were not able to make a publish when adding a new Permission to a Security Level. Cloud POS companies are almost always API-first and even a large portion of legacy POS companies have invested in their API architecture and written it off as a cost of doing business – i.e. (BBS-4941), Trying to access Edit Shifts page caused an Admin Portal application error. (BBS-4951), The Alignment tag was only allowed to be used one time with the formatting of the Epson L90 label printer. (BBS-1747), Refunding a combo item that had been sent to the Kitchen would cause it to not be able to be bumped/closed. (BBS-5668), When searching orders in Admin Portal, a Location was incorrectly displayed as selected by default. Read More.

(BBS-4961). (BBS-5635), Orders that had multiple promotions assigned weren't able to be searched for in Admin Portal.

(BRNK-6674, BRNK-6657, BBS-5180), The Customer Portal page header in some templates wasn't able to be edited due to a 5000 character limit. (BBS-5463), Admin Portal was unavailable while End of Day was running for multiple locations. API Documentation – Web Service Item Settings Type: Added fields: “Components”, “IsCombo”. (BBS-4847, BBS-5130), In Settings Editor adding then removing an Item from an entity such as Item Groups then Publishing resulted in a message stating no changes to be Published. API Documentation - Sales2 Web Service: The “CreditCardTransactionInformation” field is no longer available in the GetOrders request. (BRNK-3670), If an employee is clocked in with a Security Level that has "Can Use Tills Owned By Others" enabled, the employee can now apply payments to any order on any register so long as a cash drawer is assigned to the register and regardless of whether or not the current employee is assigned a cash drawer. (BBS-5635), When filtering Changeset Packages picking a Location Group did not limit changesets returned. API Documentation – Web Service ModifierGroup Settings Type: Updated field from “IsFlowRequired” to “FlowRequired”. (BBS-4576, BRNK-6138, BBS-4641, BBS-3991), Admin Portal users weren't able to access their assigned locations. Reserved. (BBS-5515), Breaks added from the Register or Admin Portal were not being included in the Edited Shifts Report. (BBS-4837), A promotion was being automatically applied incorrectly when using the "Repeat" button function. (BBS-5843), Order modifier prices were not being updated when the destination changed for the order. First, POS integrations are a problem, but it’s a problem that’s rapidly disappearing. API Documentation - Sales2 Web Service: Added field “OrderAdditionalDetails” available in the Order Common Data Structures. (BBS-5079, BBS-5094, BBS-5095, BBS-5142, BBS-5140, BBS-5141, BBS-5095, BBS-5154, BBS-5185), Editing a Location Number provided access to all the locations in the group. (BBS-5613), The user interface of Admin Portal appeared to show that a user could limit locations for themselves. Configurable Reports allowing real time insights into your operation, from anywhere. (BBS-5283), A Changeset being published caused an unknown error due to null data being present in the Changeset. It is optimised to convert your visitors into repeat, loyal customers. (BBS-5924), Within Settings Editor selecting more than 1 item or clicking the 'Select All' checkbox caused the Edit button to become disabled. (BBS-4939), Unless all Tools permissions were checked, the Tools page wouldn't appear in Admin Portal. (BBS-5077), A Changesets Name and notes did not update when saving/naming a changeset then publishing the changeset with edited name/notes. (BBS-4977, BBS-4943), Item names were no longer hyperlinks in Settings Editor.

This capability connects to POS, payment, loyalty, and delivery services.

Partner Program (BBS-4752), Lab locations within a group with no register connected weren't able to receive a publish. (BBS-4945, BBS-4928, BBS-5006), Within Settings Editor -> Layout, Panels weren't able to be added when "Add Panels" was selected. Corporation and Brink Software - All Rights (BBS-5370), Long Kitchen View names were not wrapping in the dialog so would not display in the dropdown to reroute kitchen views. API Documentation – Web Service Tender Settings Type: The “TenderType” field has an updated Type from “TenderType” to “TenderType (enum)” and updated Notes.

4/5. API Documentation – Web Service LocationOptions Settings Type: Added fields “DisplayName”, “ExceptionDates”, “EnableVariablePin”, and “Language”. (BBS-4722, BBS-4716, BBS-5161), In Changeset Publisher the column heading "Name (# Changesets)" is now clearer and identifies the number of changes in the changeset as "Name (# Changes)".

(BRNK-7143, BRNK-6636), Heartland PAX - The Cardholder name is now stored and made available as part of our integration with the S300 Payment Device.

(BRNK-7115), The Edit Promotions dialog would crash and lock up Settings Editor when trying to be used along with a large number of promotions. (BBS-4952), The Menu Item name would revert back to the item name for an item. (BBS-4827, BBS-4841, BBS-4829, BBS-4831), An error would occur when trying to configure a button behavior to "add panel" in Settings Editor. API Documentation – Ordering Web Service: Added field “ResultCode” in the UpdateItemAvailability Data Structures. (BRNK-6118), When a promotion was applied the Order lane was displaying incorrect item counts and prices. (BBS-6084, BRNK-6700, BRNK-8330), Employees were displaying on the Clocked-In report after clocking out or being clocked out during End of Day.

(BBS-5575, BBS-5715), Publishing a Changeset that included a new Panel being added to a Screen resulted in the Changeset status being stuck at "Working". (BRNK-6151, BRNK-6216, BBS-4559), There is now an option to suppress the order name on the guest receipt. (BBS-4839), Group/Location names containing specific special characters could not be created/edited. Get a native Android & iOS App for your business.

(BRNK-3944), New UI for Changeset Manager with the added ability to select and publish multiple changesets. POS Integration Connect each of your digital solutions to your Point of Sale (POS) through Omnivore’s universal API.

The API allows you to display and process your online orders in the same place that your staff manage in-store orders I.E your cash point/POS system.

Press 5/5.