Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and designed like the freaking Batmobile, the $300 Ready Elite (it is wireless, for the record) had our curiosity. I'm not sure what to make of that, unless perhaps there was a batch of these that had bad batteries. Find more great buys on the CNET Deals page and check out our CNET Coupons page for the latest promo codes from Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon and more. Ideal for workouts, pool parties and just about anything in between, our lineup of waterproof sport speakers offer portable audio in the perfect range of shapes and sizes that bring the music to your next activity.
What’s more, it can charge an external device from a USB-A output from the back.

He specializes in reviewing audio products, and is obsessed with headphones, speakers, and recording gear. Waterproof, shockproof and sound … Remote control for Logitech Media Server ("Squeezeserver" etc) and players. Regardless, it should be fine for quick calls, just maybe not for business conference calls. Our team of experts work around the clock researching 100s of products and services every month to ensure that you buy not just the correct product, but the best product. Our comments over the average signal range and overdone bass response are no minor gripes.

Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives. In terms of battery life, the Ready Elite lived up to its claimed 12 hours. This is a smart design that should make for a encompassing sound. While the sound-balancing technology offers very clear sound, this model is not quite as loud as some others when used outdoors.
All Braven speakers come with one-year limited warranties. we never accept anything from product manufacturers. That said, Braven went a little too far with the bass response. If you’ve seen one of Braven’s other “Outdoor” series Bluetooth speakers, you’ll be in familiar territory with the new Ready Elite. For wireless listening no matter where you are, Braven speakers are durable and sound great. The service runs a range of DNA tests, resulting in personalized health and ancestry info that's pretty remarkable, if you ask me. Nothing happened. Zulu Alpha Wearable Bluetooth Speakers Give Your Ears A Break, Soundcast VG1 is an Affordable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker – With a Great Battery, 10 of the Best Bluetooth Speakers for Big Sound Under $300, 10 of the best Portable Bluetooth Speakers under $100, HMLink Bluepot 10,000mAh Power Bank with Built-In 6W Bluetooth Speaker, Solo 500X-EQ Bluetooth Speakers: Stylishly Built For the Home, Tribit StormBox Micro Bluetooth Speaker Review, JBL JBLCHARGE3BLKAM Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Review, Two full-range (front) and two bass passive radiators (sides), Party-ready, Space-encompassing sound (even outdoors), No USB charging (must carry charging brick). Braven estimates battery life to be roughly 18 hours, but your results will vary with your volume levels. The Braven BRV-XXL/2 is a beast. Neither its aesthetic nor its sound signature are the best fit for most bedrooms or living rooms, and you can’t precisely tailor an equalizer — something we value in a speaker. It normally sells for $199. The waterproof exterior defends against pool splashes or unexpected rainstorms. In short, we’ll always remain objective and find you the best products regardless of any monetary incentive. © 2020 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. The XXL/2 packs in four 10-watt drivers, two passive radiators and a subwoofer. This waterproof unit offers multiple stylish color options and good Bluetooth range, making this a good option for use at the pool or other outdoor gatherings. The Bluetooth connection remains reliable in all conditions as well.

All the onboard controls — volume, power, play/pause, Bluetooth, voice activation — are on the top of the speaker. I'm a tech enthusiast with a particular love for Android. The vocal performances are delivered with solid high-mid clarity, and perhaps hint of added sibilance, but they hold their own against a backdrop of seriously boosted bass. Why so big and heavy? Orchestral tracks, like the opening scene from John Adams' The Gospel According to the Other Mary, sound surprisingly wonderful through the BRV-XXL/2. This isn’t to dock the quality of the mids, as the tone and vigor of vocals and instruments can shine through the storm. We observed no connection interruption with the Ready Elite in general. The Braven arrives in style, encased within a Popemobile-esque plastic enclosure with a jagged, nonfunctional carabiner affixed to the top (amusingly inscribed with the phrase “Not for climbing”). The Ready Elite does feature voice control, routed through your phone. This worked fine in our experience, though you have to press a button on the speaker itself to use it. Getting set up is about as easy as it could possibly be. Throw in speakerphone functionality and adjustable bass/treble EQ, and you get a lot of speaker for the admittedly high $399.99 list price. An official impact rating isn’t stated, like the common MIL-STD-810G, but you’ll believe it when you get your hands on the unit.

CNET hasn't reviewed the XXL/2, but elsewhere on the interwebs (see ZDNet's Braven XXL/2 review), it earned mostly high marks. Includes the weatherproof features for which Braven is known. Gadget Review works with a variety of eCommerce partners and vendors to help monetize the site’s traffic – instead of advertisers. Braven's BRV-XXL/2 speaker delivers thunderous audio performance from a massive, outdoor-friendly frame with a powerful subwoofer and a built-in bottle opener. For users who value the aesthetics of their speaker, the pearl color and exterior design is notably attractive. The BRV-XXL/2 is indeed portable, but it's in the category of massive, tank-like portable speakers designed to output serious audio firepower. Is it possible that the extra bass response is down to it being an outdoor speaker? Unlock your DNA and discover where you fall on your family tree with 23andMe's Health + Ancestry kit. Callahan's baritone vocals get plenty of low-mid richness, as well, but there is at least a solid high-mid and high-frequency presence balancing out the sound signature. Price: Available for $299 on Amazon or direct from Braven Available: January 2018 Model: Ready Elite. Inside, the Ready Elite is equipped with twin full range drivers and dual passive radiators for enhanced bass response. Not everyone needs a portable Bluetooth speaker with a powerful subwoofer and a built-in bottle opener, but for those who do, Braven has you covered. The best outdoor Bluetooth speakers let you enjoy music anywhere. The 12 hour battery life is adequate for extended use in outdoor home environments.

Brave enough for any environment, our Outdoor Series is home to a range of rugged Bluetooth Speakers made for adventure. If you need powerful bass in a huge, robust build that can get wet and open beer for you, this speaker will not disappoint. There's a bottle-opener built right into the speaker (just below the port array). Please take our 3-minute survey, Braven debuts another size option in its rugged Outdoor series of Bluetooth speakers. USB power bank can be used to charge other devices such as smartphones and MP3 players. Plus: Save 50% on 23andMe's Health + Ancestry kit.