Lady Gaga led the way in associating her brand image with that of Beats — something that many others, including luxury carmaker Ferrari and clothes designer Alexander Wang, have since done. Apple has agreed to purchase Beats Electronics and Beats Music for $3 billion. And why was Monster trying to sue them back in 2015? How convenient that HTC purchased 50.1% of the company, right?

Justin Bieber featured them in a couple of his music videos. There’s a lot to it but the Sparknotes version is this. Walkman image credit:

October 2012 - The Beats Pill Bluetooth speaker. But as we’re all now acutely aware, it didn’t stop with the good doctor:, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and, um, Basketball legend LeBron James all have their own signature designs. If you don’t know Jimmy Iovine, he’s an audio engineer/producer/everything else who’s basically a living legend at this point. But Apple's acquisition of Beats is about more than just headphones. It was also in that year that we saw the release of the first non-Monster branded products: the Beats Executive headphones and the Beats Pill. And hey, having Trent Reznor involved in the project is never a bad thing. The reason for this acquisition will become clear a little later in the video. The new device will be widely available next month. Now, 2013 didn’t have anything too exciting in store for Beats, but there were some new developments in their partnership with HTC in September because as Beats was getting bigger and bigger, HTC was rapidly shrinking, prompting the company to sell half of its 50.1% stake in Beats, leaving them with about a quarter of the company.

"Beats by Dre and Monster have teamed up with pop music and fashion icon Lady Gaga to bring you Heart Beats." So we might as well cover the basics. 1895 – Thanks to the Electrophone system, in 1895 folks could start rocking out to the sick beats of the local opera house from the comfort of their own home. Even Lady Gaga fans got their own special edition Beats earbuds called HeartBuds. Buds, cans, on-ear, in-ear, closed back or custom-fit, there's a variety of headphone to suit every ear, every wallet and every fashion proclivity. In 2009, Beats worked with HP to include Beats Audio technology, which was basically just an equalizer with default Beats settings in a limited edition of the HP Envy 15 notebook. Well, consider the Air Jordans. Honestly, there are worse-sounding headphones than Beats on the market. MOG becomes the foundation for Beats Music, a music-streaming service launched by Iovine and Dre in January 2014. If you think about it, their corporate cultures are pretty similar because like Apple, Beats is known for combining great design and technology to create quality products for the masses, but the acquisition wasn’t without its share of controversy because in 2014, Beats was sued by Bose since they claimed that Beats stole five patented technologies from them, but the case was ultimately settled out of court in October of 2014. They also bought a music streaming company called MOG Inc. for about $10 million which resulted in everyone’s favorite music streaming service – Beats Music. These two forces combined yielded the Beats by Dre Studio headphones in the summer of 2008.

Spurred on by the pathetic headphones dished out on transatlantic flights, Dr. Amar Bose invented noise cancelling in 1979 – and made travel bearable again in the process.

Brand recognition — whether positive or negative — is at the heart of Beats' success, and it's been achieved through a series of aggressive promotional campaigns.