It's balanced on three other rocks about a half meter off the ground (hence the name, tripod rock).

It's called Balanced Rock and it's in the town of North Salem in Northern Westchester County near the Connecticut board (a few miles south of I-84). But will her visit to the Courtyard Yonkers Westchester County meet her rather exacting expectations? No one knows for sure the origins of North Salem, N.Y.’s landmark Balanced Rock.Photo credit: M. Ciavardini. I’d been to Italy, the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, and plenty of states. Eventually, the 3,600 ton (over 4 million kg) boulder will come tumbling down as the erosional process continues to shape the landscape. An Unlikely Way to Spend a Weekend: A Visit to Horse Country, Something Different for Date Night: Wine, Cheese & Howling with Wolves, Dining Before the Revolution in North Salem, Where to Eat in Northern Westchester and Vicinity, ← Graveyard in Saratoga: Death on a Clam Shell, Classic Cocktails at the Baccarat Hotel →. An accessible picnic area and toilet are located across the park road from Balanced Rock. The picnic area contains multiple picnic tables, covered canopy, vault toilet, and spectacular views of Salt Valley and Balanced Rock. It’s a geographic anomaly that has never, in the minds of some, been sufficiently explained. , has been entrancing generations of visitors. Try. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Contact Lori at Where is the Balanced Rock in North Salem, N.Y.? Avoid hiking in midday summer heat. I stopped letting these be excuses and started getting on planes. It’s that other Salem, the one in Massachusetts, that tends to be known more for other-worldly events, but I like to think that North Salem’s balanced rock is a beacon of sorts, a runway light full of energy leading celestial beings to their appropriate landing places, like the Nazca lines in Peru or at the pyramids in Egypt. I became the Bashful Adventurer. Carry and drink water and eat salty snacks during your hike. "Cairn clutter" can be confusing to others on the trail. I was a freelance writer and editor, a single mom, a frequent volunteer, and content. Although parking is limited, many visitors stop to complete the short hike (0.3 mi / 0.5 km roundtrip) around the rock’s base for unusual and up-close perspectives.<.p>. Read more about staying safe. [1], There is also a short loop trail leading around the base of the rock. She was talking to an unworldly woman.

Balanced Rock, one of the most iconic features in the park, stands a staggering 128 feet (39m) tall. Read more about accessibility at Arches. Feeding wildlife can be harmful and is prohibited in the park. Balanced Rock, 667 Titicus Road (near Keeler Lane), North Salem, NY 10560. This knobby, black crust is dominated by cyanobacteria, but also includes lichens, mosses, green algae, microfungi and bacteria.

A Teetering Giant. This large chunk of granite apparently does not match other rocks found in the area. While this formation may appear to be an epic balancing act, it’s actually not balanced at all. I hadn’t trekked through Europe, though, or gone to Asia or visited the Middle East. North Salem’s mysterious boulder appeared on old postcards dating from the turn of the last century. [1], The total height of Balanced Rock is 128 feet (39 m), with the balancing rock rising 55 feet (16.75 m) above the base. It is hard to believe that the structure could be man-made, or even that it has occurred naturally.

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Balanced Rock, North Salem, New York ​ There is one more stone oddity that needs to be mentioned here - Balanced Rock in North Salem, New York.

The slick rock boulder of Entrada Sandstone sits attached to its eroding pedestal of Dewey Bridge mudstone. Sign me up for the newsletter!

With so many Finger Lakes region locations to choose from, the Bashful Adventurer finds some good reasons to visit Hammondsport, NY. He died at the…, (Last Updated On: December 3, 2019)Touring Graveyards for History and Understanding I suppose if you are bashful, a cemetery is a great place to visit given that no one is likely to talk to you much. Balanced Rock defies gravity but this won’t always be the case. On a road trip and in need of caffeine, the Bashful Adventurer stops in Hoosick Falls, NY for refreshment at Lumber Jack’s Coffee and Snacks—and why you should, too. Credit: Daniel Case, Public Domain Is there an anomaly in the Hudson Valley, New York or is the boulder no dolmen despite its striking appearance? It is one of only a few prominent features clearly visible from the road. Then I decided to give a random telephone surveyor a break. The Bashful Adventurer visits the Old Southeast Church Cemetery in Brewster, N.Y. (Putnam County) and uncovers a little bit of history at this unnoticed cemetery. Tripod rock is certainly an impressive feature at the top of a small rise. [2] Balanced Rock had a smaller sibling named "Chip-Off-the-Old-Block" that collapsed in the winter of 1975–76, the eventual fate of this feature as well. The exposure of these two rock strata layers are ideal for the formation of arches and balanced rocks. But more than a century…. As an unknowing visitor to the site, it might appear to be a momentous feat, potentially put there by aliens or even giants. Rather, the former Ste. Cairns are the rock piles that you see along many of the trails in the park.

The Balanced Rock emanates its own bit of magic right here in an unlikely pocket of northern Westchester county more known for horse farms and its rural character.

The Bashful Adventurer, a regular at Peppino’s restaurant in Katonah, NY, shares one of her favorite places for Italian food in Northern Westchester.

In the winter of 1975-76, Balanced Rock’s smaller sibling “Chip-Off-the-Old-Block” collapsed (view Then and Now photos), proving that there is no better time than the present to see this awe-inspiring giant.

Not having much occasion to vacation in her own backyard, the Bashful Adventurer does what she doesn’t often do: stay at a hotel in her home county. The Balanced Rock emanates its own bit of magic right here in an unlikely pocket of. Travel for Independent Sorts, the Shy, and the Charmingly Reticent. Balanced Rock, North Salem. You might like these posts: Pumpkin Season in North Salem and Vicinity, Has all of that viewing and sensing of the Balanced Rock made you hungry? One stone in the Greenridge Cemetery in Saratoga Springs,…, (Last Updated On: October 27, 2019)Worshipping the Republic at an Almost Church Like the Pantheon in Rome, the Paris Panthéon has a mixed history, although not one that takes it from paganism to Christianity. Balanced Rock is one of the most popular features of Arches National Park, situated in Grand County, Utah, United States. Here, they share the local places they visit again and again. While this formation may appear to be an epic balancing act, it’s actually not balanced at all. Building your own cairn may be tempting but consider the how that may impact other hikers. The ninety-ton granite boulder is balancing on five smaller stones that are driven deep down to earth. (Last Updated On: October 27, 2019)A Quick Foray to Tremé Lightens our Souls Stumbling upon Our Lady of Guadalupe after a loop around St. Louis Cemetery #1, a scary trip even on a sunny day, we are grateful for the…, (Last Updated On: November 4, 2014)I’ve never really understood the American method of mourning, kicking off with a somber viewing followed by an even more somber funeral. But what will she do there? She was right. Based in the New York City vicinity, she writes about travel for a variety of publications. Copyright © 2020 To protect the park, keep yourself safe, and allow everyone to enjoy their views of these geological formations, do not walk or climb on Balanced Rock or any arches. Your email address will not be published. My life was humming along. Tired of waiting in long lines in overtouristed destinations, the Bashful Adventurer makes a less conventional choice for a vacation: Elmira, NY.

If you drive along Route 116 in North Salem you can’t help but notice this tremendous, red-granite boulder. It leads alongside Balanced Rock to a viewpoint of The Windows and the La Sal Mountains in the distance. Ever curious about a place named for a salad dressing—or is it the other way around?—the Bashful Adventurer takes a getaway to New York’s 1000 Islands. dly events, but I like to think that North Salem’s balanced rock is a beacon of sorts, a runway light full of energy leading celestial beings to their appropriate landing places, like the Nazca lines in Peru or at the pyramids in Egypt.